Monday, March 31, 2008


My life has been crazy lately. It all started with Easter weekend and visiting my parents at my Grandma's house. We had a lot of fun. My cousin brought his Wii so we played some bowling, minus the smokey atmosphere and too small finger holes it was really fun!
We came home on Monday and started getting ready for my friend Pam to come into town. She arrived on Tuesday and let me play with her new Iphone. (can you say green with envy?) I took a photo of my blog (and my ravelry) on her Iphone, it's pretty cool. so now there's a Photo of Star Knits on the Iphone on Starknits. It's the small things that excite me I guess.
My daughter had school last week so we had to stay around the house. Wednesday it was really nice out, but a little chilly, so we bundled the kiddos up and took them to the park. They really enjoyed the merry-go-round. Round and round they went, I'm surprised they didn't puke. we had to keep telling the little ones to hold on b/c they got excited and kept standing up. And I really didn't want to see little girls flying off of that thing.
It was a pretty mellow week, but the kids did get a little crazy. Partly I think due to the fact it was cold and rainy most of the week (besides Wednesday). I really miss Pam and I know the kids miss each other, so it was really great to just chill with them. Thursday we had pizza and a movie. I stuck in Enchanted (the bub got it for Easter in her basket) and snapped a photo while they were all entranced by the movie. It was one of the only times they weren't running around like crazy persons. (PTL for movie breaks)
Friday was my LYS's knitting night out. I was able to find a babysitter willing to watch all 6 kiddos for 4 hours. It was lovely to go and knit and not worry about kids running around. I had a lot of fun. I think Pam enjoyed it too. Though it's a little different from her knitting nights, they just take over Barnes and Nobel's cafe and knit every week. my LYS only has knitting night once a month, but there's wonderful food and atmosphere involved, so it's all good.
Sadly, Pam and her friends had to leave Saturday morning. We'd stayed up till 3 AM Friday just chatting and trying to make it last. it was fun but we all were tired Saturday so as a family we all chilled and even took a nap. sometimes you just need to lay around. I know we haven't done that in a long long time. Saturday was also spent working on my Secret Prayer Sock Swap Socks. I'm not going to make my Tuesday deadline but I'm positive I'll finish them this week! I'm writing the pattern so I'll be sharing via ravelry once I'm done.
Sunday we went to a friend's house and they made my DH a cake. B/c Wednesday is my DH's 30th! it was sooo good! Laura, she's really good at decorating cakes. It was wonderful, she's sending me a photo before cutting and eating. like a good project365er, I forgot my camera and wasn't able to take a photo till we got home.. sorry about that.
I'm also really got at posting more often too aren't I?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eggs, Easter and a FO

Will you believe me if I tell you that I'm still sick. well I am, and I'm extremely tired.
I'm going to try and distract you from my lack of posting with pix! first is a FO! it's a placket neck sweater from Joelle Hoverson's book Last Min Knitted Gifts. I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool, it's lovely to
work with! i love the pattern, it's a really quick knit. (when you actually work on it that is) I knit this for my LYS.

And since Easter is coming up we have eggs for you!
our church has an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and I signed us up for 6 dozen eggs. so I had a little egg dying
factory going. And they're very serious about it.
we had a lot of fun. I even picked up these thinks called color snaps that basically were hollow Q-tips filled with dye and you snapped off the
tip and then painted your eggs with them. They worked really well. I made a zig-zag one and ended up with a star at the top of the egg. and you know how much I heart stars!
Of course we're going to my Grandma's for Easter, my parents are coming into town along with my uncle and
cousins. it should be a fun Easter. I got some great stuff for the girls baskets and for my DH's basket. I can't wait to hide them. In my family our Easter baskets are always hidden and we have to find them Easter Morning if we want the goodies inside. when we were young they were easy to find but as we got older it got harder and harder. the first year my DH and I were married and went to visit my family he had to search long and hard to find his basket. it was hilarious. It's a fun tradition that we're continuing with our kids. any traditions that you like to carry on?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This little piggy went all the way home.

I've been really quiet lately and I must say sorry about that. I came down with a cold and I can't seem to get rid of it. my voice is all scratchy and I'm coughing up a lung or so it feels. One advantage of being sick I'm trying to stay home to get better, and that means more knitting/crocheting time. In case you've never noticed I'm such a huge procrastinator. I get so excited about new projects I kinda forget what I'm working on. (Ravelry is really bad for this habit b/c I'm always finding new things I want to make.) Lately though I've told myself I need to finish my WIPs before i start anything new.

One of my WIP is this cute little pig. This little piggy is for a swap. the pattern is piglet (rav link) in the Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute, by Elisabethe A. Doherty. It's a great book. I'm a member of the yahoo group Amigurumi. My partner and I decided since we both had the book we should make something from it. We were supposed to do the swap in the month of February. but my partner and I were super busy so we got our packages out late. Mine is being picked up by the postman tomorrow. I received my package today.

So in trade for my piggy. I found a beautiful wiener dog.(rav link) sooo cute! almost immediately the bead snatched him up and started playing with him. I had to cajole her into letting me take him back for photos.
I hope that she likes my pig and other things I've added to the package.

As for what's next, I've got like 10 more rows (or less) on my child's placket neck sweater (rav link) for the LYS
I hope to have that done by this weekend. Then I need to get to work on my SPS socks. But I can talk about that more later. If you're interested in my project 365 photos you can go check them out on flickr. well that's all she wrote!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm a little sick. My throat is KILLING me and I've lost most of my voice. It's all raspy and yucky sounding now. luckily I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully he can help me out. I've been sucking on halls and drinking down lemon tea like they're water, yet I still feel like crap! My monday photo I took at work at some of my weapons.

one advantage of being sick I'm knitting like crazy.
(note:this isn't the delirious sick this is just the miserable sick)
I'm almost done with my Child's Placket Neck Sweater! I'm just doing the placket neck part. I thought I could use a flower so I snapped a photo of a stitch marker I'm using. My sister made it for me a while ago....(thanks jess)
I just love using pretty stitch markers. Esp how they dangle and click while knitting. I guess the littlest things amuse me!