Tuesday, November 29, 2005

stick a fork in 'em they're done!

So this past t-day weekend we went to visit my family in MD. we stayed in a cabin on Deep Creek Lake. there were 19 of us in there at one time and we had a blast. since it was about 1-2 hour drive there look what i finished! fun fun fun! here's a pix of the words close up. if you can remember the first on says "go pittsburgh steelers" and the 2nd sock says "go pittsburgh pirates!" as you can see in the pix. (don't mind the hair! EWW) my Dh's worn them and he says he likes them. who knows with him i made him a hat last year and he's yet to wear it... i'm not sure if i'll continue to knit for him. maybe if he's lucky.
anyways. so those are done and i've started a pair of socks for myself! i'll share pix when they are done.
so there is a pix of some of "us" in the hot tub! yes that is snow. the bub is outside playing in it with full snow gear and the crazies are in the tub.. it's one of the 2 pix i actually took this weekend. yes i did actually go in there no i didn't stay in too long!
it was cold. we had tons o fun and it was nice seeing everyone. i wanted to up date ya'll as to what is going on in my life. which is not much more than looking for a job. I do have an interview tomorrow! we'll see how that goes! i don't have too much time here so i've gotta jet.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gobble Gobble YUM YUMMY

So look I was baking! YUM! Look what I made...

can you not figure it out? It's pumpkin bread. YUM! I made it for tomorrow. I haven't tried it yet I'm not sure if is actually yummy so we'll see. It's a new recipe. We're traveling to MD to meet my family and spend the weekend with them. We're excited and they're excited. They haven't seen my DH since before Iraq so that's over 2 years now! And they haven't met the booty yet so that should be super fun!
so on to the crafty goodness here's a star blanket I made yes another baby gift. Don't mind the booty's feet there. It's for a close friend of mine who's having a boy any day now! Yes I should send it some time! I'm such a procrastinator.

I'm also almost done with my DH's go team socks! Only like 3 more inches so I should be done with it by tomorrow or so. I'll def share pix!
well I've gotta go! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2005

ollie ollie ox 'n free

Hey there. what is up out there in blog-land? here we're moving, not so fun. well we're really just looking at houses. it's been a crazy i'd say! i have been knitting and crochetting! i'm starving for a lys though can't seem to find one. though my MIL said that the Y in the area was advertizing for knitting lessons.. maybe i'll go check that out. now that our Car is finally here! YIPPIE!

so here is a jacket and hat that i made for my DH's friends who after 4 boys finally had a girl! she's sooo tiny and cute! these clothes i made her are for 12 mo or so. i figured she's going to grow into them. i'm also working on a pair of bootie/socks for her. they're looking pretty cute i'll have a pix when i'm done with them.
since moving here my little bubba has started in school here's a pix of her on the first day of her new school. she wanted to wear a dress! so i let her i figured she would be more comfy in something she wanted to wear. she has 5 other kids in her 1st grade class and then 5-8 kids in the 2nd grade that come and join her class in the afternoon. she absolutely loves it! i'm glad, i was worried. i don't know why but i guess as a mother i worry.

in the mail today i got a present from my sis! look what she sent me!!!!

some awesome stitch markers and sock yarn and a sticky note pad! i love it thank you Jess! here's the stitch markers up close.. awesome!

well gotta jet the booty's throwing a fit! UGH just got to love when they're teething! stop and leave me a note! i love them! thanks!

Saturday, November 5, 2005


So check this button my friend Pam made me.
the shunky pattern will be available after the 1st of Jan or if I am able to do it earlier, I will let you know. It is an intermediate crochet pattern. If you're willing to follow the directions and try a few new things you'll do fine with this pattern! The bags (that I make for you) are available click on that button on the side bar to email me for more information! Be thinking what colors you'd like!

things are going well here we're in the process of moving back to the states so my posts will be few and far between. It's crazy as we start again. Exciting that we'll be buying our first house but sad that we'll be moving away from friends. there's always internet huh? I can't say that it was easy for me to come to grips that we'll be moving and living near the Inlaws.. not that they're bad people. We've just been on "our own" for so long it's hard to think that we'll be living down the street. but in the same sense it's nice to know that there's always someone there and they're not that far away.
well gotta go times up!