Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And she's back

We last left our heroin, knitting some mittens for her brother and writing an apology letter.

Tuesday she received some mail from her very close friend.
Actually it was a large box full of clothes for her DD #2 and the most important... YARN! So dreaming of what colors to dye the yarn but postponing the excitement Starknits waits for a friend who said she's coming for a visit and they can dye the yarn together.

Not that she had time to dye yarn anyways with her Sister coming to visit and all. They arrived Wednesday night and shortly there after the knitting started. Jessica is working on a UFO that she vows to finish before 2 more years are up. (lol just kidding Jessica)

Things went ok for a while, but unfortunately as always one if not 2 or more kids were sick on any given day. as it is almost always when ever the family gets together. Someone is always sick and getting everyone else sick. At thanksgiving the culprit was, none other than our wonderful blog owner, Allena. (that's me)

Friday bowing out of work early to get to Sit and Knit at
Knit 1 @ Blacksmith Exchange. (it happens every friday from 1-3 people stop in if your around) The ladies stopped across the street at the Village Cafe for some scrumptious coffee and a delicious wrap. It was a dreary rainy/snowy icky day but in the photo you almost can't tell. Maybe it's the LYS lighting up the day.

Saturday, was a fun half day. The photo of the day was a bribed pix of Leah. She'd been snacking on some bark (the candy variety) and was going to get her hands washed.One couldn't help but crack up. Though, she wouldn't stop and let anyone photograph her. So to get her to pose we were told we had to pay her a "quarder" which is really any kind of coin. 5 cents later we had a few funny photos. This one, if you look closely you can see a few more of the family.

Sunday, the bub got sick at church. (hopefully not spreading the love too much) Leaving promptly and spending the day at home watching all kinds of movies, was how things played out. So knitting took up a lot of time... until the early evening....

Our beautiful heroin
got sick.
But she made it through Sunday night into Monday. Still a bit sick staying home, in
and out of sleep, hardly able to take a photo for the day but managing at the last min. Oreo, didn't look like she was feeling well either.

We'll be back later on this week with more photos to entertain.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Trevor

Hey, I must apologize to you b/c your mittens are not done. In fact, I had to restart them. I was almost done with the first one then I had my DH try it on and it was tooo small, so I started to rip it out and cut the wrong string. Yup it all went downhill from there. I got so fed up I threw it away! Then I was mad for a while and needed to take a break. (this was a couple of weeks ago, maybe even a month!) So I picked them up today and decided to knit them both at the same time. I hope to be done when Jess and Joe leave so that they can hand deliver your present. But don't get your hopes up I'm going to leave the option open to knit socks or something else....
I just thought you would like an update.
Know that I am working on them and will get them to you soon. Check back later to see progress!
Love your Big (and bestest) Sister.

It's monday....

I've already signed up! Go check it out.. and on ravlery. I can't wait! I've decided that i'm not allowed to start another project for a bit, as I have too many on hook and needles as it is. I will list them for you so you can say my oh my what have you gotten yourself into Allena! (all of these I will link for you some will be to ravelry.. yeah I love to spread the love) In no particular order...
1 pac man mittens for little bro (making up pattern)
2 Babbette for my neice
3 piglet amigurumi (rav link)
4 Elisa Nest Tote
5 Child's Placket Neck Sweater (I have the book but here's the rav link)
6 Secret Prayer Swap pattern: The Firestarter
7 cabled stocking (making up pattern)
I think there may be more but those are the ones in the living room/dining room area.
Close in the wings i have the yarn and tools for my Hello Kitty Kal, that I was supposed to start in JAN!!! and a I just bought a ton of yarn to knit this wonderful Cloche hat... i love this pattern.

This week for my project 365 i'm focusing on yarn related things.. starting with sunday's photo my needle roll inside out.
I've also decided to focus on the pac man mittens that I had to restart. so that I can send them home with my sister instead of mailing them. and i'm really trying to cut down on my WIPs. I'm not sure if that is going to happen but I like to finish things.
I'm so excited tht my sister is going to be here this week. So much fun!!! if only I wasn't working. SIGH...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lock me up!

It's official, I've killed! My target Jezobel (ravelry link) is dead as of 11:34 AM today. (according to the USPS track and confirim). I am so glad that I'm still Alive!
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

playing catch up...

Today we play catch up. I've been out of it for a while. Well it seems like a while. All last week was crazy and it started with the superbowl on Sunday the 3rd. I snapped this pix while getting ready for the party I was setting up the carrots and celery and the blue cheese dressing and I was struck by the the shapes. If anyone is an Alias fan can you see the sign?

On Monday I got a new pedometer. I lost mine again. This one seems to grip better. or clip on better, I guess would be saying it right. I got it at good old wally world.

Saturday I started a fast knit for Knit 1. I finished it Monday night but I was too tired to do a photo opt for it. so Tuesday I took proper photos.

Thursday I did one of the Theme's that we have every week if we want to participate in them. It was the BFF one. I took it in the car's visor mirror.

Friday I made some chicken pot
pie for a family in our church that just had a baby. I was supposed to take it over on saturday but since Hat Attack was starting Saturday I took care of my business friday. In this photo it's not baked yet. I took it over like that so they could bake it and eat it when they wanted. It was also part of the themes for the week.

While I was out I went ahead and took a photo for Saturday in case i wasn't in the right mind set being at war and all.. I changed it to sepia tones since it was such a dreary dreay day on friday. So that was extra credit while the building was one of the themes of the week. It's a photo of the flood museum. that's what most people will know Johnstown for, the floods.
LOL I actually knit most of the day (I know dreamy) and then my DH came home and we went out for dinner at applebees. I made it home in time to finish my hat and go to bed.

Sunday I packaged up my hat and mailed it off at the APS. Automated Postal Station. or something like that. Delivery confirmation and all! I've not heard if it's killed my target yet or not. soon though soon!

Monday I was looking at a book with my daughter called every day things (or something similar) where they took photos of every day things and they're either really close o
r some other way that you don't really know what you're looking at right off. so I had the idea to do the same and see what my camera can do. So i'm sure you can tell what it is.. but if not, why not guess?

Last night it started snowing and continued on through till today. When we woke up and turned on the news we saw
that the bub didn't have school so we took it easy and I was going to go in a little later to work so the roads would hopefully be clearer. well I was completely wrong. they were pretty bad I got about 10 min out and couldn't get up the hill. so I turned around and came home and called work to let them know I wasn't able to make it in. Then I went outside to take a photo.. and thought the the bead's car was cuter than mine.

and that's all she wrote!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Christmas a little late

So Wednesday we got a package in the mail and to my DH's dismay it wasn't for him... it was for me and the girls. (happy dance)
My sister and I both are real procrastinators so we didn't get our christmas presents finished for each other's kids until recently. I sent their gifts out last week you can see what it all entailed here.
So for the bead she got a backpack with a "puggle" as she calls it. Which is really a blue bird but we'll let her call it what she wants. The bag is really cute. you'll have to see Jessica's blog for more details on them. (scroll down a bit) She really likes the bag and the puppet! Thank you Jessica! (sorry for the weird pix she was in a weird mood. )

We had to wait for the Bub to get home for her to open her present. (look I got an action photo she's so surprised!) Jessica made her a bag w/o the puppet. which the Bub Loves. she put it on and didn't take it off the rest of the day. She even put her Awana T&T books in it and used it the rest of the night. Today(friday) before school she put some books in it to read on the way to her accelerated reading feild trip. When I took some pix she wanted to pose ... she cracks me up!

As I was opening the box I said to my DH it smells like coffee, maybe the sent me a pound of coffee. He rolled his eyes a little, still upset that he hasn't gotten his Christmas exchange package. anyways Jessican and Joe surprised me with THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!! Where jessica works they have a coffee roaster and she gets to take a pound home a week I think. well she'd saved 1/2 for me! I took a photo of some of the beans as my projext 365 photo of the day for wednesday. (i'll upload the rest of the week later on) I love it.
I'm not sure how much i'll be around this weekend with Hat Attack starting Saturday and all. I'm sure I'll re-surface once I kill or I'm dead.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Got Spirit?

One of those fuzzy little drummer boys is my bro Trevor. They just started the drumline this year. I don't get to see it in person but the wonders of the internet and fuzzy photography! LOL
enjoy! GO SOUTH!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

This week's pix

Saturday I sewed my friend's Birthday gift. Her b-day was last week and I didn't have time to sew her the apron till yesterday. I hope she likes it.

Friday I finished my Octo-rattle, only as i was sewing on the legs I ran out of room for the eigth one so he only has 7 legs... go fig.

Thursday - I stuffed a new cat
toy inside the octopus before sewing it up. so when the reciepient shakes it it makes noise. I think it turned out really cute.

week we were supposed to take pix of lines, color and something black and white. (or use our photo programs to turn it B&W) I decided to take a photo of some pictures i have hanging in my living room. The middle one is me and my DH and the top right is my In-laws, the bottom right is my BIL & SIL the bottom left is my Sister and BIL and the top right is my Mom and Dad. I'm missing one more photo of my other BIL & SIL i have a frame waiting for it though...
anyways that's all for now. I've got a superbowl party to get ready for!