Thursday, October 26, 2006

A parade at night?

Yup that's what we did Tues night. It was a Halloween parade. (pretty cold out there.) as you can tell the girls are all bundled up. But not before dressing up in their costumes. My dh said that no one dresses up but I asked if they wanted to b/c why just have the costumes for one night. They did so we got all dolled up. The bub is an Asian barbie princess and the beady is a unicorn.
I have a pix of the kids at the parade and a little pony to show that there really was a parade at night. I guess it's a tradition here in town. It was fun. There's one for Christmas too so I'm pumped. but I was surprise not one of the clowns or the floats gave out candy. A Halloween parade with out candy?? What's up with that? Well we had fun anyways.
I've also finished a baby hat that I needed to make for a gal I know who's expecting. I'll show you a pix later on. b/c I haven't taken one yet. So I hope you're staying warm and enjoying fall!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Where has the time gone? Well my dearest beady is now two! Can you believe it just 2 short years ago my DH was home from Iraq on R&R and I was in the hospital having a baby. Crazy how time flies. Here is is modeling the dress that my parents sent her for her b-day. It's cake cake as she would say. Strawberry shortcake for those of you who don't speak twosey she's happy. Wait a min what is that on her feet?
look a little closer. Heck I'll just give you a close up pix. Yup that's a pair of felted slippers. I wanted to see how paton's classic wool felted. It does very well in the washing machine. I'm working on a pattern for the class I'm teaching at my Michaels for how to knit (toe up) socks. We're using wool yarn and bigger needles so they can learn the technique and then felt out any problems they may have and also have a pair of wearable slippers. I'm working on a normal size now. (for myself that is) while I type up the pattern. Here's a pix of her putting on the slipper. And that WAS the last time that I saw the slippers I'm not sure where they are now. I'm sure if I hunted I'd find them but ya know.. Why would I do that while I'm blogging? Anyways just wanted to say Happy Birthday Beady!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


SO my friend Katie shared this sign that is up at a local store. She lives in Alaska. I've always wanted to go there! One day. Anyways Katie said the shop owner had a problem with kids running amok sooo she put up this sign and hasn't had a problem since. HILARIOUS! I just wanted to share it with ya'll

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Wedding in the Family?

My BIL is getting married at the end of Dec. His fiance is really sweet. I've only gotten to meet her once. But I did like her. So I think She will be a great addition to the family. With a wedding in the air it's making me look around for wedding stuff. I found a great site where you can order wedding invitations online I browsed some of the invitations and just loved them! If you order over 100 wedding invitations you get thank you notes! Makes me want to get married again. Anyways if you're interested here's the link.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Sock Sighting!

Before I start my Sock History for Socktoberfest. (I know I know I'm a little late) I wanted to share the scarf I made for my beginning crochet class. The fun fur one, a couple of posts ago, is for my advanced beginners class. I Calll this one the LTC scarf. (learn to crochet) what do you think? I'm pondering if I should enter it into the crochet pattern a day calendar for next year. Any comments are welcomed! Sorry the pix are a little dark. At least they look dark on my computer. I used a hunter green color of caron simply soft yarn.
I'm also working on a pair of wool socks to be shrunk for slipper for the beady. She likes the purple and I hope that it will work for me. We'll see soon enough. The ones on the needles in the pix are finished I'm working on the second sock/slipper now. Oh and AWESOME news. I got my socks back from my DH's friends house. WHOO HOO now I've just got to get done with what I'm working on now to finish the socks for myself. Ok now on to my Sock History
1 When did you start making socks? shortly after learning to knit, about 2 years ago now.
2 Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? Or in a class? I taught myself, using internet tutes and books
3 What was your first pair? they were to be a pair for a friend.
4 How have they "held up" over time? not so good I frogged them b/c they were being made out of rec yarn. And I started them again with different yarn here's a pix of the cuff of the frogged socks..
5 What would you have done differently? used different yarn and short row heel. I got stuck on the heel flap. So I switched yarns and to DPNs instead of 2 circs here's a pix of the finished 2nd sock. I understood the heel flap better with DPNs

6 What yarns have you particularly enjoyed? I really really like them all. esp if they're soft and I haven't been able to use a lot of yarn so I won't pick.
7 Do you like to crochet your socks? I have only tried once and it was for felting a pair it didn't work but I would like to try again for just regular socks.
8 Or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method? I love to knit on DPNs with magic loop next 2 circs after that but I prefer DPNs all the time! They just seem more fun to me.
9 Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? Or short-row?) I know how to do the heel flap but I don't enjoy it. I LOVE short row heels and toes. Though I did find a new toe that looks like a start that I've been dying to try! On my next pair.
10 How many pairs have you made? um **blush** under 10. I just have tons of stuff that I'm working on and socks get put aside but I collect sock yarn. I plan on doing more socks now!

so that's my sock history. Not too interesting though. Sorry about that. Anyways I'm off to finish my slipper socks for the beady.
anyways have a wonderful day.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

4 days and 20 hours?

I have to admit I love to play the PC game Warcraft! I think my lil bro got one of the games when I was in high school and we played it forever. I remember staying up late at night playing the game.
The newer game World of Warcraft is also fun. I don't get to play as much as I was younger with having 2 kids and having to work and all but I did find this site rather fun! I poked around it for a while. I think I may be playing the game more often now that I've found all this info for it. It's a newer site with World of Warcraft news, tips, secrets,links, you name it! I found a link to a player who'd made it from level 1 to 60 in 4 days 20 hours. What a record! Over all the site is really informative and has some great links and blog posts. If you're a fan of the game Go check it out and LMK what you think!

Saturday, October 7, 2006

How to hurt your back

So this past week I've been busy. On Tuesday I decided to paint my kitchen. We had the paint down in the basement so why not right? I'd picked out the color when we first moved in and then hadn't give it much thought. As I was painting it I was loving it and now every time I walk into the kitchen I LOVE IT! It's crazy how a color can just change your mood! I started this venture on Tuesday and only painted 2 of the 4 walls in our kitchen. I didn't paint anything on Wednesday b/c that is our busiest day. So Thurs I was going to finish but to get ready for the rest of the kitchen I first had to do some re-arranging. To start I was going to move some of my craft supplies upstairs to my bedroom but to make a place for them, I needed to re-arrange my bedroom. So as I was doing that I hurt my back. And I wasn't able to finish painting the kitchen, or re-arranging the guest room. I did however finish our bedroom (for the most part) But I am also angry at myself for not listening to my body. And not lifting with my legs... Well you know I'll be listening next time that's for sure.
Look, I made a scarf, and I'm working on another one too. They're for my Crochet classes at Michaels. I was un-willing on line with Wendy. I "met" her after posting about my classes the other day. She also teaches crochet and knitting at her Michaels. And we got to talking b/c Michaels doesn't tell you what you have to teach etc. So we were talking about how it is hard to come up with exactly how to teach. So after talking with her I decided to change my classes for Oct and Nov to making scarves. Wendy changes here's monthly. I'd never even thought of that! So smart! So it got me thinking with the colder weather coming up what do you need? Now I don't like fun fur but many people who come to my classes to and they want to know how to make scarves... sooo the purple fuzzy scarf on the left is the result of that... It's a curly q/squiggly scarf I adapted the pattern I found here. I used totally different yarn than they asked for and a different hook and I added about 50 more stitches. And I'm pondering if I should've made it wider.. It's a simple pattern so it was easy to adj to what I wanted. I'm also working on another scarf that I'm making up. I wanted to make them to show at Michaels for people to look at. I think for Dec and Jan we'll be making hats. What do you think? What did you like when you learned how to knit or crochet? I'm always looking for ideas to improve so leave a comment LMK. Thank you I'd appreciate it.
anyways that's what my week was like. Crazy yet not so. It's getting colder here. We actually turned the heat on. how about where you live?

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Making eBay easier!

Do you have a ton of crap that you want to get rid of? Have you tried eBay? If you're like me you can easily get lost on eBay. (and that's not just looking at all the great stuff to buy) that is unless you're experienced seller not always do you have luck unloading your stuff right away. In steps List'd express. Check out this site. eBay listing tool I just found it. I haven't tried it but I poked around their site a bit. It was very informative and looked really easy. (even a dummy like me can do it!) I'm a mom of 2 kids and I work outside the home so anything that makes my life easier is great! So here's the lowdown...
you just put in some keywords, select a category and write up a description. They have templates for you to choose from, like this one.
then you add pix and figure out what you want to get paid. Then you're done. You're on your way to getting rid of your stuff and making some cash. Promised to be easy. I'm thinking about selling some DVD seasons I have laying around, so I'm def going to try List'd express out for sure. If you've used List'd LMK I'd love to talk shop!
When I do it, I'll update Ya'll

Monday, October 2, 2006

Forgetful me.

As you know I teach crochet at my local Michaels. I also just added a Knitting socks class. I'm so pumped about it I hope I get some people signed up for it! Saturday was my store's fall sign up. The class instructors who could make it, demonstrated what they taught. This was so people could see what is available and then sign up for a class. I met some wonderful people. I think I may have gotten hooked into some other hobbies though... LOL I met the beading instructor she was super nice and her jewelry was beautiful. And I met the Bob Ross painting instructor. It was really great watching him. The instructor for the wiltons cake decorating was also there and the one stroke painting class. They were also great. So while I was there I worked on an afghan that I'm crocheting. I also worked on my Socks! (I wanted to get a head start on my socktober.) It was great.
Sunday we went over to some friends to have lunch and watch some football. I also had my socks there. And they're still there. YUP I forgot them what a dork!