Thursday, April 28, 2005

Not a Secret any more!!!

YIPPIE! is all i can say I'm so pumped! i got an email from my SP4 the other day and she wanted to know if i wanted to know who she was before the 30th or after in may some time. LIKE i'd want to wait! Of course not! I already loved my SP4 without knowing who she was b/c how can you NOT like someone who sends you goodies? (or rather how can I not like) So today i got an email with her blog addy and all i can say is i am sooo excited to meet her finally properly that is!
here's her blog check her out!
well that's all for now folks
until next time.........
same bat channel same bat time...well around there
happy knitting!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What did I eat?

look what i got in the mail yesterday

pretty neat huh? see the chibi just patiently waiting by the bottom right of the box? while iwas opening up the stuff i took some pix... yes i'm a little weird... Well for all ya'll who don't really know what a chibi is and are afraid to ya go! enjoy!

Meet Chibi
Chibi hungry!
look Chibi found yummy needles...

Chibi loves needles....

whoops Chibi gobbled up his bent tip needles he came with!
wait Chibi still hungry!

Sneaky Chibi he spied other needles.

yumm dig in Chibi
don't fret needles like Chibi!

Happy Chibi
now back to your regular blogging....sorry soo weird today!

Monday, April 25, 2005


I recieved a RAOK i was sooo excited i ripped it right open.

inside was some yummy treats, a egg dying kit (for dying my own yarn) and a CHIBI to replace the one i lost! how sweet!

I just wanted to send out my thanks to Beth from it's awesome and I PROMISE i won't loose this chibi!!! you totally made my day! i LOVE it! now off to find some yarn to dye! yippie!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Life thru the eyes of a 5 year old...

So on our vacay a while ago I gave Maddy a camera. here's a pix of her and her BFF (maddy's in red) The reason this is sooo late is b/c i just got back the film from the place i sent it out too. or rather i just remembered to pick it up and then finally got around to putting the pix from the disk to the puter.....YES I'm a bit slow at these things.

Of course when you give a kid a camera....well you see.

still a pretty cool pix though!
and a pix of the fam in the elevator

and what big sis couldn't resist to take a pix of her Lil sis?

remember that carriage ride we took? check out the scenery of this one!

I meant the mountians...not the butts....LOL
on this trip we also got a waterproof camera and went swimming. sadly whom ever thought to make the camera waterproof wasn't so smart as to put a flash on the camera so most of the pix were kinda dark. so we went swimming at the pool in Amberg... and we finished up the film there. here's a pix of the lovely babe we call bella.....

ok on the Knitting front... i almost had a heart attack....i have been knitting some washclothes for my Secret Sister from church. (our reveal is coming up) and i went to finish and GASP on of the needles was missing... I KNOW!
it was under the fault for leaving it down low. and i recovered all the stitches so NO worries. Now to finish before the 30th....arugh why oh why am i such a procrastinator.
i wanted to inform Keri of that she won my little contest of guess what i'm making the other day... i'm sending her a package! so Keri, be expecting it! just a little thanks for stopping by and a few goodies to enjoy! at least i hope you do! I've also been working on some true RAOK things to send out. true i mean by not doing a contest just reading a blog and thinking HEY i'll send this person something. so those will be sent out soon also! other than that i've been knitting on that sock for's my 1st sock and sadly it's not so good as everyone else who has ever knitted a sock before. i'll have to post pix later on..... i'm also knitting away on miss dashwood for my dd i'm hoping to be done before her 18th b-day...LOL but seriously i've gotta just knit on one thing till i'm done.....
yeah we'll see how that goes
Happy Knitting

Sunday, April 17, 2005


THANK YOU all for your comments on my blog i try to get to your blogs or email you back but sometimes i'm really slow at that! but i love reading the comments it's wonderful!
i forgot to mention the other day that i WON a prize for going to the reintegration family day they had when my DH first got back from Iraq. so the other day they call me saying hey you won come get it. i got some italian wine and a cd not the one pictured. it was crappy stuff so i took it to the power zone and traded it for Matthew West :Happy. i like it sooo far i've only listened to it 2 times so i can't tell you for sure!

see my awesome bright new table cloth. even though it looks like blue that's purple very bright colors! i like it alot but that BEAST that lives with us (aka the cat) already got up on the table and ripped it. ARUGH i'm aggrivated b/c she's not allowed on the table and get's squirted for it. along with the cabnets. arugh it's unsanitary.
she's been meowing to go outside so we'd had the door open and she went out and then I closed the door, well let me tell you she howled (oh boy did she) so i opened the door and she ran back in with a huge busy tail and hasn't meowed to go out since. ok if that wasn't a huge tangent i don't know what is. anyways look here's a pix of the beautiful Pam and one of the things i gave her (my fav) it's a Rebozo. you tie it around you and put the baby in. check out (i think that's the site....) i really enjoy mine.

now baby showers are fun. at least the one's i've been too. now why when you mention the name men all of the sudden freak out? yesterday it was supposed to be a shower for couples. but the guys go uhh if he's not going to be there i'm not staying. almost every husband said that yesterday it was funny! but like i said you mention the words baby and shower together and UHH i got something to do......
so they just think Guys don't go to showers.....but in reality their fear of celebrating the baby's coming, creates the myth that men don't go to showers. when if they just went they'd have fun! i mean really there's food and games and prizes! and presents! LOL speaking of good things....
NOTE: if you are weak of heart or weak in the Knees please sit before reading on.......
so i'm always talking about the bookstore they don't ever have any knitting mags or books. well this week they decided to prove me wrong. LOOK!!!

I told you to sit! LOL i know i was shocked too! the magazine i went and was surprised to see them they had maybe 2. then today i walked in thinking well i'll check for At Knit's End but i doubt they had it and so i looked and looked and looked then when i'd just about given up hope waaaayyyy in the corner i spied it and squealing with glee i grabbed it so that anyone around me wouldn't (not that there was anyone close to me) though my squealing caused a guy looking at the travel books to look at me and wonder what planet i'm from..... lol oh well i'm happy so i happily bought it along with other books one for maddy an strawberry shortcake book and bella a fabric book that she's already slobered all over and claimed for her self. LOL and a cute book for my Secret Sister from church. our reveal is coming up on teh 30th and i think she already may know who I am... my DD already gave it away some. and can you believe it I still don't know who my SS is or who my SP4 is.... i'm anxious to recieve her next spoil me thingy! I LOVE surprises but i also love finding out things like a detective....LOL anyways off to start reading the wonderful new book i picked up.... i'll chat at ya'll later
happy knitting!

Friday, April 15, 2005

something Blue and something Green

Look what came in the mail for me! HMMMM what could it be.

Yes that's a blue box!
well I can tell you it's not something I expected.
My DH bought me this

pretty ain't it? I thought so and I was very surprised. he said it was just because or for mothers day.... I Choose just because b/c that just sounds better doesn't it? LOL
I'm still sad that my spongebob tin was missing I went to one of the stores closest to where I left it to see if they had it... Unfortunately they looked at me like I was crazy....bummer
oh remember this?

those of you who guess miss dashwood from surprise were totally right. I'm making it with cotton and tweeking it by not doing the ear flaps for a floppy summer sun hat for this cutie pie's head

i'll be drawing (names outta a hat) at random for those of you who guess correctly I'll let you know soon who won! I have to admit since there were so few who guessed I may just send ya'll something...... I haven't decided yet! we'll see.
today I have a baby shower to go to! how exciting! I am pumped! my friend Pam is the lucky mom. now it's not her first and most people think throwing a baby shower for the 2nd or 3rd baby is well not supposed to be a go. Ya know just 1st babies should be special. Now WHY should only the 1st be special? I ask you? I happen to think that baby's being a gift from God should be celebrated. no matter what order they come in. (and we wonder why us middle children have complexes that we NEVER get anything LOL) plus most people I know could benefit from extra free stuff for their baby. even if it's just diapers. those jokers are expensive! and lets not even go to the breastfeeding topic. (I'm already annoyed with most people over that) Boobs are functional not just decoration. ok like I said I won't go there.
so like I was saying a baby shower. and she's been having contractions lately I shoulda started a contest of if we're going to see the baby at the shower or there after....HMMM that would be funny! I'm sure most of the men there would freak. but maybe not b/c it's not thier wife I know pam's DH would probably freak. LOL it's funny to see dads in action. I really like seeing them with their little girls. LOL esp when they are wanting to do "beauty shop" lol with all the hair clippies in their hair. or playing tea party with them. LOL it's cute. I know when I catch my DH doing that I fall in love all over again!
anyways gotta get going baby shower to get ready for!
happy knitting!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

sad sad day

Today I'm soooo sad! I lost my spongebog squarepants tin. well it's not the tin that is important. it was what's inside. all my little knitting handmade stitchmarkers, my needles my **SOB**CHIBI that beth sent cable needles, my smal scissors, and some other things that i know i'll remember when i need them. all gone. and why you may ask b/c i'm a forgetful little one i am! waaaaahh! I was knitting you see on a bench waiting for my DH's haircut to finish and my appt time to come. and then i got up to go get my hair trimmed (yes it looks nice) and forgot to grab it. still sitting on the bench. (or so my DD swears that she saw it there) and i have to trust her b/c what child can forget spongebob except me that is... i'm going to go tomorrow to check and see if my tin is in the lost and found and i'm praying it is! so there is a small sparkle of hope there.
sooo sad... ***SNIF ***

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Save The Boobs!!

Hey there are you doing your part? I just sponsored Nancy over at in her 3 day walk. you can too! click her link and then click her knit one walk three pix to sponsor! come on it only takes 5 min to sponsor someone and we all know someone who has boobs so why not get in there and help fight the war on cancer?
ok on to knitting i'm done decreasing my heel/gusset (don't really know what it's called) on my numero uno sock. then it's on to the next... as soon as i finish it! LOL
look at me
pink aluminum
You are pink aluminum.
Retro, straightforward and fun, you love classic
things. If they're 99 cents at Goodwill all the
better! You are moved by striking colors and
tasty morsels, and you like a stitch-n-bitch
session in the sun. Just remember, while
you're being kitschy cool, don't get too cold.
Ice cubes are best kept in your cocktails,

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by

yup that sounds like me....i heart goodwill!!! and i miss it oh sooo much. don't get me wrong the VCSC thrift shop here is ok but it's not goodwill. snif. enough i'm not complaining. i'm not! we went to the thrift shop today and got a cute sweater for bella as a jacket b/d the one she's using now has velcro and scratches her chin up. so now i got (for $1) mind you or i would've knit it myself. it has buttons. oh so cute! see look

very cute! did i mention that the other day we went to the zoo we like the zoo! we went and saw the dolphins. i tried snapping pix of them flipping and such but this is what i got!

still pretty cool huh? this is the last week of my DH's leave... so we've been chillin and doing things together like the rest of his leave. he likes the zoo as much as i do. plus maddy enjoyed it. our friend Duane and Daylin came with us. their son kept falling and busting up his lip or mouth or teeth. poor kiddo. (he's 1 1/2) i felt sooo bad. it was fun seeing him look at the animals he was like woah just standing there all cute! speaking of cute look at the girls. we got them dresses that match. and i know i said i'd never to that and this is the last time. they were on sale so good thing b/c see those flowers. they fell off annoying! but makes for a cute pix huh?

well enough of jabbering off your ears.
happy knitting
go and save the boobs!

Friday, April 8, 2005

jibber jabber and a contest!

Does anyone else get sick of their blog template as fast as i do? i wanna make one of my own but i've got no clue how to even start that.... that's just a random thought BTW... well kinda
SO what have i been craving lately? just take a look all that yummy goodness!

I think it's the combination of the PB and the chocolate! YUM
as i promised here's a pix of the scenery from edelweiss! beautiful huh? this pix was taken just as the sun was getting ready to start setting. soooo pretty! Amazing what God has created!

so yesterday we went swimming. i'd bought a waterproof disposable camera on our vacay to take pixl in the water.. DUH! lol so i finished it up yesterday at the pool and now i've gotta take it to be developed.... they have a 2 hour (supposidly) place to develop here but it's totally cracked on prices. i mean really and it's not really 2 hours it's more like 2 days.... and i'm sure you're thinking how can they do that promise 2 hours then take 2 days with out going under... well it's probably b/c people like me are stupid enough to go there. (it probably also has something to do with that they're contracted thru aafes too but i'm not too clear on that part) then just last night we stopped at the shopette to rent a movie and quench our munchies after church (it's missions confrence week) and what did i see.......... a little place to drop of film for way under 1/2 the price of the cracked place in the PX mall area. using the term mall lightly that is. don't get excited we really don't have a mall here.. well there's talk of a german on in regansburg but i've not been there so i can't tell you if that's true or not. anyways so with this waterproof film i think i'll go with shopette drop off we'll see how it works out!
for all of you out there not sure what a shopette is... it's basically a gas station along with a liquor store and a movie rental place for us military folk. oh and the PX is the department store minus the garden, electronics, movies, toys part....oh nevermind you probably don't care on with my post.....
Did i mention after swimming i went to that LYS i found a couple posts ago and look! i remembered the camera and took a pix.

UHHH i was tooo chicken to take a pix inside b/c well it's like really small and i don't speak enough german to even begin to know how to ask if i could pix the place up for my blog.... so you get too see it from the outside.... cool huh? YES it is! i was there b/c the swimming pool isn't far from there and i needed to get 2.5mm DPN's for my DH's socks b/c the bigger 3.5mm ones were well too big...

Oh look that purple wonder is one of my finished washcloths! pretty isn't it? well i think it's quite nice. i'm going to make more to try different stitches and techniques! smart huh?
yesterday i casted on for this........ well i'm not going to tell you lets make it a

can you tell what it is? i'm not going to tell you, i told you that already. if you can guess it i'm going to pick at random someone to send a little somen' somen' to! so just leave a comment or email me with your answer. ( i know i don't allow anonomys comments but that's b/c then i get nasty posts and spam sorry) and kelly (pizzyknits) you're not allowed to guess b/c you already know b/c i told you! which BTW it's coming along nicely! i'll have to show you later.
so yeah my friend pam finally gave me her blog addy.... here it is check it out she crochets! so she's smart with the puter i think i'm going to have her come and help me make a new template all my own! speaking of all my own on the RAOK list some ladies are talking about their own buttons... so i'm looking at the sites they posted about them to make my own.. we'll see. soon you'll be able to take a star knits button home with you free of charge! wonderful huh? (that is if i can figure it out)
well anyway gotta get to the commisary (aka grocery store) TTYAL
happy knitting

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

T. M. I.

Ok so I've been gone sooo long that I've got soooo much to talk about that it's probably tooo much info for Ya'll.... so bear with me! first I want to share with you I finally finished my DH's hat

and I'm not thrilled with it. decreasing a single rib is not pretty...infact it looks yucky. so I'm going to make him another one that it's double ribbed and will look much better decreased! But my DH likes it... and it's not so cold to wear it but I got him to wear it the other day while we were on our little vacay!

Don't mind the crazy person wearing the hat...he's just goofy. As you can tell by our tourist sweatshirts....we're at Edelweiss. it's an AFRC resort for military people. (AFRC = Armed Forces Recreation Center) it's in Germany near beautiful mountains that I kept snapping pic of them b/c they were just that pretty! but I didn't post one b/c I figured that this post has so many pix you're in sensory overload by now. and I'm not even half way done.....arugh run away run away screaming!
LOL ok now to catch your attention again and call you back to the dark side:Look what I got in the mail yesterday! Knitting BOOKS!

The kids knitting is way cool I got it for my DD so that as she wants to knit she has some colorful knitting photos to look at. the Last min gift is everything you've heard about it and more. I've already got a mental list in my head of what I want to make from it.... starting with a cardigan for a baby. who knows where we'll go from there. The hot HOT!!! some really sexy sweaters in there...I can't wait to make one...but which one I'm not sure you know me (well I'm sure you can gather from my posts) I'm really good at making things for other people not so good at doing it for myself....oh well it's fun to make things for other people. speaking of making things for other people
***ATTENTION ***I've just turned my first heel.
(begin happy dance now)

and unfortunately I don't really know how I did it. I totally didn't understand the directions so I just kinda looked at the heel flap and made it up and then repositioned the stitched according to the directions.....I need some one to show me maybe at my next Knit Wit's meeting coming up on the 28th! anyways so you can see the sock on a foot.... I put it on hopefully I didn't ruin it.
Yes I was in the car and I'm one of the lucky people who DON'T get sick doing things in the car. see the car in front of us...hey that's the autobahn.... Experience the German Highway. BTW there isn't a speed limit only a recommended speed limit of 120 K or 70-75 MPH so don't get all excited at zooming at speeds that are super fast. Oh you can stop the happy dance now...un less you want to keep it up look here!

my friend Danielle picke these up for me on her recent trip to the States..... they're glass beads for me to make things with... what I've not decided but you can bet some stitch markers are going to be on the top of that list!
LOL I just realized I'm one of those annoying people who use ! a lot! arugh I've gotta stop that!!!!! OH and she also picked me up some dowel rods to make well you can guess look.....

NO I'm not Buffy and I don't slay vampires....LOL but I do Knit and I'm trying to make knitting needles.... i'll keep you posted as to my progress. Oh as a side note in that kid's knitting book pictured above there's directions in there to make needles and kool aid dye yarn....but I got the idea of making my own needles from this site... .check it out!
Oh and here's a funny pix of the girls from edelweiss... bella's just fasinated with her tongue..

pretty cute huh? My friend Diane gave me the idea of giving Maddy a camera (disposable of course) to take pix to make a scrapbook of our vacay.. we got the pix back yesterday and they are funny! I got them on a disk but I've not uploaded them to the puter yet so i'll have to share them some other time. she was sooo happy to do that. and when we got home I found a camera with pix left on it from who knows when so I'm letting her finish the roll and then we'll get the film developed. Oh and just so you don't leave my post feeling in want look what other yarn I got..from herrschners.. it was on sale! I love a good sale

they're pretty spring colors I think I may make bella a cute spring hat or something. I haven't decided yet.... oh and I also got this yarn

which you can see I've already started knitting it. it's a very pretty purple. I'm making washcloths with it for my final secret sister gift at my church.... OH CRAP I hope she doesn't read this.. oh well... it's turning out really pretty. it's a basket weave this one is. I'm not sure what I'm going to make next. I figured I could practice some stitches that look hard or get better at knitting by making washclothes....
well look at this....

NO more pix that must mean I'm done with my post.... I guess I should catch up on my RAOK reads b/c we've just got a ton and I mean a TON of new members. soooo exciting! Oh and my friend Pam finally started a blog but she's not shared her blog addy with me yet b/c she said she want's to get it looking the way she wants and stuff. so when she does I'm linking her here so all ya'll who read this can check her out too! well I've gone on long enough... off to read or maybe knit... we'll see
happy knitting