Monday, March 23, 2009

D is for Done

I've finished my bag. it's now felted and drying. I wasn't sure if I would finish in time. (it's an OWL for my HPHC over at ravelry) but it DONE. and with an added pocket inside! the bottom ended up being 51/2 " wide by 101/2" long with being 121/2" high. (and the opening at the top is bigger)

Of course my fave part of this process is having my 4 year old wearing the before felting and the after felting. It's really funny to me b/c the before is so HUGE and the after is... well um.. a bag. LOL
I think it turned out rather good!
what do you think?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yup I bought it.

So um yeah I did buy it.
and I watched it
again, then I watched all the special features. now I've got to watch it with the commentary. I'm trying to get myself off this thinking that it needs to be exactly what the book says... I'm having a hard time convincing myself of that though. Not sure why. B/c i can do ok with the HP movies and books.
so that's my photo of the day.
But while i was at wally world
getting the movie, i also got new batteries for my watches. (i have been forgetting them every time I'm out.) so last week i got smart and finally shoved them into my purse. that way I only needed to remember they were in the bottom of my purse waiting for their insides to be replaced. I also picked up some heavy fabric to make a lining for my sheer curtains in my bedroom. Since Walmart is getting rid of all their fabric i got it 1/2 priced. And I'm not going to get into how stupid it is that they're doing away with their fabric... sigh.
anyways I've been visiting people for the UBP'09 and I'm loving it! You can still join if you'd like.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Party time.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009It's that time again. Time for the UBP!!!
i had so much fun last year browsing blogs and leaving comments. this year it's totally bigger. You can check it out here.
I'm glad to meet everyone and I'll bounce back to the blogs of people that leave me a comment. I'm on Facebook Here.
I'm not a twitter person. I'm not sure what twitter is but it's all the rage. feel free to clue me in

and there's a whole bunch of prizes! i'm not able to fathom it all. so may generous people and it's possible I may win something. I'm going to make a list of the prizes I would love to win.....

First of all I'd love to win #58 the Kitchen Aid! In red i think.. I LOVE IT!

I think i'd also like to win #49 b/c i love jillian michaels

also #20 the goat milk soap. we can always use a bit of pampering!

and who can pass up #21 the target gift card?

#60 the Pepsi tote filled with goodies sounds like a great prize too.

there's sooo much more but i can't decide.
why not join the party and go look at the prizes for yourself?
feel free to look around and leave a comment or two.
thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

B is for Beautiful

Over at Ravelry Project 365 we're doing an ABC challenge. and today I have B.
I've got 2 beautiful girls (thank my dh for that), the bub and the bead. so that fits with B also... it was a beautiful day yesterday too. Today it was yucky cold again.
The girls were "painting" with their chalk. they scribble a big patch (outside of the photo) and then use some paint brushes to paint a pix in another part of the driveway. pretty funny. they also like to use the paint brushes in the sandbox to uncover fossils. but someone left the lid off the sandbox and the sand got wet and yucky. so I've got to get new sand this year. I'm thinking about buying some fossil toys and some shells and hiding it in the sand box with the new sand.... how fun will that be for them when they're at the "dig" LOL.
not sure where I'd find some fossil toys though.
any ideas? TIA

Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Cool

So lately I've been crazy busy. This past week FLEW by.
On Wednesdays i take the girls to awanas and then since there's nothing for me to do I usually go to walmart and do the grocery shopping. This past week I stopped at goodwill b/c the bub needed some new pants. (she's growing sooo tall lately) I walked away with much much more. for only $24 I got my DH 2 new pairs of jeans (one is from the gap), a pair of sketcher shoes and a sweater (also gap) for me, and a pair of dress boots and 2 pairs of pants for the bub. Nothing for the bead but she got stuff last time. I love it! for what I would've paid for one pair of jeans or shoes i got 7 items. Gotta love it!

This Friday I put some knitting bling up in the LYS. I wasn't sure if Margaret would want to hang up the bling or put it in a basket or what so Thursday I packaged some up with tabs so they could be hung or put in something on display. So now if you're in the area and you want to pick some up stop by the store and get some bling! If you don't live in PA I have some available at my etsy store. Contact me for shipping outside of the US. (I do ship outside of the US i just have to get you a price)
Another exciting thing that has happened is I joined the Etsymom street team. What that means is I've joined a group of moms who have etsy stores. We support each other by browsing, buying and referring people to their shops and also we have some forums where we can inspire each other, help with our shops and encourage each other with mom-related things. here's a quote from the etsymom blog "EtsyMom Street Team is dedicated to promoting women artists and crafters who also share the joy of being mothers. Some of our members work from home, some work from other places, but we all share a love of creating beautiful, useful, artful things. Our goal is to create a forum where these creative EtsyMoms can inspire each other, discuss our work, share the success of juggling kids at home, with housework, jobs and creating for our etsy shops, as well as marketing ideas for, advertising and promotional opportunities, and maybe make a few friends along the way."
If you'd like to join here's a link. If you'd like to buy handmade you can go to etsy and search etsymom or you can click here as I've done it for you! there are some great things in that group! go take a look! It's super exciting.

For Project 365 I've decided to also photograph the ABC's. One a week. My first week was this week so....A is for anniversary. Friday was our 10th anniversary! My Dh and I got a whirlpool room at the local Hampton Inn. It's something we do every year. Well every year since he's been out of the army. We figured we spent so many annv apart and away from each other we're going to make it a tradition to spend it together in the nicest way possible. so my In-laws had the girls sleep over and we got to "sleep" over at a hotel. Pretty nice. we also went out to dinner and watched a movie that we wouldn't recommend. We went to see the watchmen and from the previews we thought it would be a good action movie, maybe a little bloody and some swearing. maybe if you follow the comic book maybe you know what to expect. here's my short overview:The one guy walks around the whole movie naked. Yes he's CGI but he's anatomically correct (if not a little bigger than normal) . and then there's some sex scenes in there that leave nothing to the imagination. I guess we're used to watching PG-13, PG and G movies and had NO idea that R ratings showed so much. I personally think they pushed it a bit. And the storyline was ok, it seemed to jump around a bit not really explaining some things like the should've been. The bloody parts some were normal and others were just weird. like one part there's this kid he jumps on another kid punches him and then bites his cheek. totally gross! but i guess b/c it's a comic book it probably was written in there like that and it just translates more gross on screen. I'm seriously wondering why we didn't leave the theater. We felt really bad b/c some guy brought his 6-8 year old little kid in there. I'm sure he thought like us, it'd be an action/superhero flick nothing too major. that poor kid will probably have nightmares.
I think if they took out the porno-ish parts it would've been better. but that's my taste. Anyways we wouldn't recommend it to anyone. it was kinda funny to see all the comic book geeks crawling out of their parent's basement to watch the movie.