Monday, December 25, 2006

Well received!

I just thought I would share the other presents I made for my niece and nephew. Of course I have to show them actually playing with them! Here's my nephew right after opening the lion I made. It's a small one as you can tell but rather cutes. I took a pix of his body, he's perched here on top of the couch. And then of course his face. it's a wild one with crazy hair. But oh so cute you just want to cuddle him!

I know I made the giraffe for my niece but I
also made the Fairy tales at your finger tips finger puppets from crochet me. I added a frog b/c what fairy tale doesn't have some poor guy who was cursed or something? The frog I copied off a pix from one of my amigurumi books. I have my niece really likes them here she is running around the house with them. She likes the "ribbet" one the best even with his lopsided eyes. The whole embroidery their eyes and mouths wasn't my best work. I hope I'll get better as I practice. Not that the kid minds she just loves them. I have to say my heart swelled when I saw her actually playing with them.
anyways I must go finish the HP sweater I'm making for my other nephew. I just hope he likes it. I'm thinking if I have time I may make him a stuffed frog or something. We'll see.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


For Christmas we drove all day Sat and arrived at my parents house around 5:30 or so. As a HUGE surprise to them when we came to the door. They knew nothing. (my sister was in on it) and they were so surprised. This pix is a posed pix b/c I forgot in all the excitement to take a pix of their faces when we rang the doorbell. At first it didn't register that we were there they just looked at us and then WOAH HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??!!! It was so fun!

Today after church we went to the LYS that my sister teaches a few classes and shops regularly at. The lady who owns it also has lamas and she spins their wool and sells the yarn.. It's awesome. They are lovely aren't they? I wanted one of everything and I wasn't able to get that so reluctantly I left empty handed. I so wish I had something similar near me. I must still search! The lamas are sooo cute! I will now call them the kissing lamas here's a pix of jess being kissed by one. I guess if you hold your head down they come over and "kiss" it. Rather cute! I'm so happy I was able to come and visit. I must go spend time with the family. I also have to finish my nephew's Lion that I'm making him. I have to have it done by tomorrow morning. Yes I'm that much of a procrastinator.. Sigh... I'm off to right all wrong... er something like that.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One day closer to Christmas.

Not that I needed to remind you how close it's getting to Christmas. I may however need to remind MYSELF how close it's getting I still have half a sweater for my nephew and another present for my niece and something for my nephew. I have finished this cute little giraffe what do you think? I don't think I stuffed his neck enough. He kinda hangs his head. LOL anyways what do you think? If you were say 2 would you like it? I followed a Japanese pattern book. I think I did rather well. esp for not being able to read a LICK of Japanese. Thankfully they have these wonderful diagrams and beautiful pix and charts to follow. I'm already thinking of the next one I'm going to make.... I love looking at the books.. Sigh...
tomorrow is cookie day... yippie. I love making cookies. I was thinking about making some snicker doodles... And sugar cookies. Of course some of the ginger snaps I made before and maybe some gingerbread men. YUMMY.. Most of them will be given away for "gifts" and then of course some will be sent in to school for the party. So not all of them will sit on my hips after the new year. LOL

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cold weather warm kitchen?

What is it about the cold weather that gets the baking urge going in me? Well have you ever been over to Farmgirl's blog? She always has some wonderful recipes and awesome pix... Anyways she has a recipe for ginger snaps over there and just HAD to try them b/c I love ginger snaps. They are AWESOME! Go a head try them. YUMMO! (she also had a post a couple of months ago with a pita bread recipe which is awesome too)
when I was done baking, I got to work on another one of my Christmas presents. It's for one of my nephews or my niece.. Shh don't tell them.. And Jess if they're around don't let them look LOL!! For inspiration I put in hello kitty that the beady picked out and got to work on this cute little amigurumi. It's going well so far. Yes I'm a super procrastinator. There's like 2 weeks till Christmas and I'm still working on the presents... ahh well you live and you learn right?

Friday, December 8, 2006

Flash your tree.

Ok soo I keep meaning to show my tree to everyone and I seriously thought I had and told some friends I had (Hi Katie and Megan!) and then they said wait a min where is it? LOL sorry about that guys!
so here it is...
there are all different ornaments. One for each Christmas that we've been a family (that we made) and also one for each Christmas year that the girls are alive.. It's pretty cool. There are a few others that we've been given and a couple of glass ornament sets. All notmatching... LOL I like it.. What does your tree look like leave me a comment and I'll come check it out! Go a head you know you wanna..
Flash your Tree!!

Thursday, December 7, 2006


send coffee and chocolate and we won't have a problem!

SO stupid! I totally feel like Homer over here. I finished the letter and I was getting ready to start on the neck when I actually started thinking. "um hey allena, do you think you should've left room for the arms?" DOH sooo I'm off to insert a needle and a thread to FROG over 3 inches.. so one word for you UGH!

Monday, December 4, 2006


If dogs are man's best friend, then are cat's woman's best friend? (I know it's supposed be diamonds.. But we'll forget that for now..) I give you a pix. It's of our cat Simba and as he's waiting at the window for the bub to get off the bus. It's pretty cute. He does it everyday. The bus lets her off right in front of our house so I open up the door and wait inside b/c it's now COLD! Last week it was 65 out and today it was 25! What a change. I'm just waiting for the snow. What is it about the colder weather that causes me to knit faster? Or is it that I'm doing smaller projects and getting done faster?
today has been a normal Monday. For the most part but everyone counting down to Christmas has kinda got me on edge.. But with the help of my trusty side kick the cappuccino machine and some syrup from Wally world and a grinder I've been able to just be calm... You may think a cuppa + countdown doesn't equal calm. But for me it does. I love love LOVE coffee! And about 5 years ago my DH got me a cappuccino maker and I don't use it all the time b/c it does take time to make them of the quality worth drinking. But I pulled it out the other day b/c I was craving some. It's fueling me and helping me to finish my Christmas projects.. Yes I did just get started. SUCH a procrastinator! I can't post tooo much of what I'm making b/c I have a few people who check out my blog that would ruin the surprise. But I hope that they like what I'm making. We're only getting gifts for the kiddos. I'm sure you can tell what I'm working on. Yup it's the HP sweater.. I'm switching the initial for the name of the recipient. The bub would like one in pink and purple.... LOL I guess I'll make her one to surprise her and then do the opposite colors for the beady. I think that they would really enjoy them. I don't know why sweaters freak me out I've been knitting for like 3 years now and I've made tons of baby sweaters for gifts. One would think that just b/c I'm knitting a child's size sweater I wouldn't be so nervous... hmm what is up with this knitting doubt? Am I alone at this? It could be from the fact that it's going to be a present. I've got to stop this crazy thinking.