Wednesday, December 29, 2004

blah blah blah

So my cat boots finally showing her face again! LOL you see about 4 or 5 months ago I tried getting a dog……he was psycho and it didn’t work out but my cat hid for like ever and I think she’s just now forgiving us. b/c she’s been hanging out a lot. I brushed her for like 20 min today before she got board…LOL cats they crack me up. But poor boots her hair has to itch. Since she hasn’t been around we haven’t been able to pet her to get her shedding hair off. So I’ve been trying to brush her so that it goes away. I’m glad she’s finally forgiven us! LOL she’s such a good cat! She lets Maddy do a whole lot to her! I’ve not seen her bite which is good. The only problem is she still has her front claws so she scratches on my couch. I usually shoo her away to her post but sometimes….I think she does it just to piss me off! LOL she’s good cat though!
Anyways I absolutely love the Amazing race. It’s the best. Only living here we get the stuff a day or two late. So it’s on wed nights here. not a problem we all just tape it b/c we’re usually at church. But this week since they having a watch night service for new years (which I’m still not sure if I’m going) on Friday so they’re not having the wed night bible study. Anyways tonight we’re thinking (some friends of mine and me) of doing an amazing race night…ya know popcorn etc. fun for everyone! LOL
So I’ve been knitting away on my 2nd pair of felted “clogs” LOL I’ve got to make 3 total. As I was making Danielle’s I told my friend Stacie I would make her some. And then when I felted Danielle’s my friend Kelly said she’d like some so I’m going to make her a pair too! They are super easy to make and they look really great done! I should probably change the WIP thingy over there…. If I think of it I suppose…LOL
Well I’ve gotta go I’m sure I’ll write more at another time!

Monday, December 27, 2004

it finally fell apart

Hey I just wanted to ask for pray from my fellow Christian knitters out there. I've been kinda down lately like I was telling my hubby it's hard this time of year to be alone, I'm sure it's that much harder for him! But such is the life of a military wife. My friends have been great though we've been hanging out a lot and doing dinner and stuff like that together so that's relieved some of the depression but the hardest is trying to sleep!. Anyways enough of that. since I couldn't sleep last night I was rearranging my living room. Something I do on a regular basis. (I get so board if it stays the same too long) well I was moving the tv cabinet and it fell apart! Piece of junk! NOTE to self don't buy furniture from aafes anymore! Darn particle board crap. Anyways my hubby was wanting to know if the tv broke with it. LOL no I unloaded it so I could move it easier. Anyways I guess when he gets home and we go to IKEA we can find something else I'm holding out for real wood for sure this time. I hate investing money into something for it to fall apart. So yeah. I'm still watching the Dr Quinn series. I"m on season 3 right now. So I'm going back to that and knitting. TTYL


Here are the slippers i made for my friend Danielle. she wears size 5 shoe so she doesn't always find things in her size and her house is always cold. i forgot to take a before pix b/c iw as so excited to make them shrink! LOL they turned out really cool i have 2 more pairs i've gotta make for friends......i love it though... i still haven't made anything for myself. i'm thinking about making a poncho for me....also a turtle neck sweater! we'll see i've got other things i wanna make first!
well off to finish some more projects I will write more another day i just wanted to share my finished project! i love them!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

That is the coolest Knitting gift i got for Christmas! it's a bag with compartments for the yarn needles and notions and side pockets for magazines or books. and a big inside pocke for what ever else you want to put in there. It's the best!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. mine was okay i went to my friend kelly's house (she's the one who gave me the bag) it's hard with out all your family and your hubby being gone. not soo fun on that part but a bunch of us gals got together and had a "family" Christmas. so it was good. i haven't posted for a while wich i feel totally bad about. i've almost finished some of the stuff. like those felted slippers all i've gotta do is felt them.....i'll send before and after pix...LOL
Knitting is going good. i got to talk my family yesterday and my inlaws today. it was good to talk with my younger bro who i haven't seen in 3 years. he's in the marines so we always just miss each other. not so fun. he's getting stationed in Korea soon so he's not too excited about that. please pray for him! i appreciate it!
well i should try to get some sleep.
TTYL that is if anyone is reading LOL

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Addicted to Knitting!!!

Okay so I'm totally knitting like crazy today......Could it be that I'm addicted? Or just running out of time? Maybe both! LOL who knows these days. With only 5 days left.........ARUGH! LOL I've been watching DR Quinn season 2 and just a knitting away btwn and during nursing that is....LOL Ya know it's like you start one of those DVD's and can't stop until it's all done with all 4 episodes....oh well I'm getting done though! BUT I'm totally still waiting for my circular needles! ARUGH! I need them to make those felted slippers I wanna make for my friend......Maybe I should find a patter not using circular....but then I don't want to have to seam them...not that it would be bad though...I'm going searching! all my yahoo groups I'm emailing them....LOL I know they'll come thru!
Tomorrow a bunch of us gals from church and our kiddos, (cause who can go anywhere without them? we love them so much!) are going to Ikea! I'm excited It's my 1st time ever! it's supposed to be great!
well I should get back to DR Quinn and Knitting!
TTYL (all of you who are out there that is) LOL

this is the bag after felting. it looks great. the pix doesn't do it justice. i'm giving it to my friend for christmas.  Posted by Hello

here is my swatch for felting. i figured i didn't want to waste the yarn so i made a small bag!  Posted by Hello

Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas is soooo close and i'm sooo far from done....

I think I’m getting a cold! My throat has been hurting tons! Not good. I don’t want to be sick thru this Christmas!
I got a b-day present from my sis. It’s great it’s a knitting book and I got 2 from my hubby. Yeah I know my b-day isn’t until next month but my sis said I could open hers early and my hubby had send them and they weren’t wrapped so I figured fair game right? I sent a pix in of them! I’m so pumped!
Well I got some knitting done today. The other day I got my order from and I’m going to try felting so I was knitting a practice swatch and I figured I’m not wasting that yarn so I mad a small bag. It will be small when it’s done but I can use it for a gift. So I’m going to attempt making a bigger bag and actually a pair of slippers first. We’ll see how that turns out….i’ll take a before and after pix for sure!
With Christmas coming I’ve gotta get cracking! So gotta go!

the green book is from my sis the other 2 are from my hubby Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

need more COFFEE!

Today I tried to sleep in but the phone just wouldn’t stop ringing. I’d forgotten to bring the phone upstairs last night and when my friend called I didn’t answer it and went back to sleep for a while…or tried too. I have a voicemail that calls to notify you that you’ve got a message and it just about calls every 5 min….ARUGH! sooo annoying so I didn’t sleep in much. b/c Madison comes in “MOM are you going to get the phone? Because it KEEPS ON RINGING” LOL she cracks me up! I guess that’s what I get for not walking this AM! LOL. I got my order from today so I’m super excited! i love yarn! LOL of course I do since I love knitting
Anyways check out this website under patterns is a booga bag pattern( it's free) click on it (the words at the bottom). pretty cool bag i’m thinking about making one! I found a pattern for some felted slippers that I want to make for my friend who’s house is super cold! I hope that they turn out! My friend Danielle let me borrow her Dr Quin series on DVD so I’ve been watching them knitting away. I’m about ½ way done with that sarf I’m making and I’m starting another present (the slippers) tonight. here i go to watch DR Quin again love that show!
well i need to get going baby crying must nurse! TTYAL (that is if anyone is reading these)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


well today i got some knitting done and not much else. i'm totally bowing out of my walk tomorrow am. i'm pooped and with christmas looming i wanna get a jump on my projects. i did get most of the ornaments i'm making for everyone done. well almost done i still have to add a bit. Iszabella was cranking all day so i pretty much only did knitting all day. i feel so lazy. which is part of the reason i'm skipping the walk. but i feel even more lazy doing that. i'm not sure how the email post works so i'm trying that today. well anyways i'll write more another time. TTYL if anyone is actually reading that is. LOL

Phil 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God! And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Monday, December 13, 2004

scarf i'm knitting for kelly. looks kinda blue but really grey and white Posted by Hello

monday movie and game night

I didn’t get to knit as much as I would’ve liked today……but I did get other stuff done though. LOL I guess that’s good. I’ve still got a lot to get done. I mailed my hubby a package today the last one I’m allowed to send. L but that just means he’ll soon be home…..whenever that is. Not that I would tell anyone on the net anywho….not good OPSEC (operational security for all you non military LOL we use a lot of acronyms! Way too many.). I did do the dishwasher today and I hate doing that. I also got some laundry done…HMM maybe I should not knit more often.. WHAT am I saying! LOL I’ve just got to have some discipline and do both. I try but then I get so caught up. I’m either on the net or knitting in my free time, I should really try sleeping. My friends and I have been walking again. (we did before I got prego and then during the pregnancy then we stopped for a while) so we recently like this week started again. there’s a bunch of us… like 5 or so ladies plus our youngins. so that’s good exercise. I’m waiting for my Pilates DVD’s that I ordered. Hopefully they’ll get here soon I wanna work on my ‘core’ before andy gets home. Lets just say it’s not what it used to be. It’s been so cold here though I just wish it would snow already. I want a white Christmas! Speaking of Christmas I’m really going to miss my family this year. Of course I have my wonderful friends and my closest friend Kelly is having “Christmas at Kelly’s” we’re all going over there for dinner and fun and sleeping over so we can have a big “family” Christmas morn… should be great. We’re also going to make Jesus a b-day cake on Christmas eve and sing happy b-day to him then open presents on Christmas day. It should be really fun. But like I said I’m still going to miss the fam….. I keep telling myself next year we’ll be home and we can do the family thing for the rest of our lives. Just make it thru this year (we’ll be separating from the military when andy gets back)
That’s me doing the happy dance right there Don’t look it’s pretty scary! LOL
Is anyone even reading this? Who knows but its sooo nice to journal and just blab and blab.
Anyways today during the movie I was working on a scarf for Kelly I’m using white yarn and some fancy frilly yarn that changes colors from white to grey to dark grey. It’s looking pretty good. I’ll try adding a pix. I’m still not sure how to do that in my message. I’ll figure it out one day.
Which I meant to apologize at the beginning I’m still really new to this whole thing and I’m not sure how to do everything. I’ll figure it out eventually! I’m going to try putting it in the text already and see if that works. We’ll see. I’m sure you do b/c you’re looking at the site right now and well anyways duh I’ll shut up now. LOL anyways this is getting long
I think the scarf is turning out well don’t ya’ll? It looks a little blueish. Well it’s really grey and white. I had originally tried pink for the base yarn but I really didn’t like how it was turning out so I restarted using the white. It looks so much better. Well baby crying gotta go

Sunday, December 12, 2004

madison and iszabella Posted by Hello


Hey this is my first blog ever. Not really sure what's going on though! LOL I figured I'm on the computer enough and when I'm not I'm knitting so I should join the two!
Anyways My name is Allena, I just learned to knit like a couple of months ago. My Lil Sis got me interested when she sent me a hat she made my daughter. (she's 2 months old) I'm married to a military man. He's deployed right now. :( We have 2 daughters the Bub (5) and the Beady. that's a pix of them i put on here! We're living in Germany right now. (so a lot of my posts may be complaining about how long the mail takes, I've got to order everything on the net) We've been here for over 2 years now. And we only have 1 left! We're so looking forward to moving back to the States!
We go to a great church here! I've made many friends here. One's I'd prayed for and finally made when I moved here. PTL! Check out their website
I'm a big crafter I can do a lot with my hands! I love it!
anyways I guess this is all I do is write and then I post and my blog is up. Not real sure how it works! I'm just getting the hang of this blog thingy. anyways I'm looking forward to getting to know other knitters and interacting with them on the net!
well take care until next time.......