Monday, December 27, 2004

it finally fell apart

Hey I just wanted to ask for pray from my fellow Christian knitters out there. I've been kinda down lately like I was telling my hubby it's hard this time of year to be alone, I'm sure it's that much harder for him! But such is the life of a military wife. My friends have been great though we've been hanging out a lot and doing dinner and stuff like that together so that's relieved some of the depression but the hardest is trying to sleep!. Anyways enough of that. since I couldn't sleep last night I was rearranging my living room. Something I do on a regular basis. (I get so board if it stays the same too long) well I was moving the tv cabinet and it fell apart! Piece of junk! NOTE to self don't buy furniture from aafes anymore! Darn particle board crap. Anyways my hubby was wanting to know if the tv broke with it. LOL no I unloaded it so I could move it easier. Anyways I guess when he gets home and we go to IKEA we can find something else I'm holding out for real wood for sure this time. I hate investing money into something for it to fall apart. So yeah. I'm still watching the Dr Quinn series. I"m on season 3 right now. So I'm going back to that and knitting. TTYL

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