Saturday, December 31, 2005

last FO of the year

and just in time! here's my Panta! i found the pattern from craftster. and just finished it this AM.

i like it!
my dh and i went and saw King Kong today. i liked it. and i'm going to make a hat similar to the main girl in the first few scenes! i loved it! i'm also on a hunt for those blue shoes she wore. that 1930's ish style just rocks. once i slim down i intend on wearing flapper clothes too they're HOT!
i'm off to watch a movie and drink some wine with my DH tonight. i'll see you next year.
have a good one

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm a Loser!

If you'd like to be a loser too, while you go all out on your craftiness and get support from other like minded people click here to join! Crafty Losers, Juli started the group and I was hip to join! There's even a blog. It's totally cool! props to KIKI, she has like 4 or so blogs all about different things and she's super fab with the computer. She like speaks it man!

Upon joining I got to pick out which cute little guy I wanted for my sig line! There he is. What a cute dragon he is! He's going to help me lose all that weight. My goal is to be a smaller ME by Jan 2007! That's one year from Sunday. I'm going to join Weight Watchers and use Dr. Phil's book to lose the weight for good! NO MORE EXCUSES!

so here's a pix of the kiddos that I took with my new camera! Cool huh? How fab is my Dh (even though he pisses me off sometimes) to get me that. All I'd asked for was a year subscription to weight watchers. And that's really all I wanted. But sadly my old camera I've dropped a few too many times and I think I've hurt her. She's a little slow and well cranky and held together with tape. Sad I know. so here's the new baby, and it also came with the camera dock so I can recharge the batteries and download pix with a push of a button! It really is EASY! (not that my camera is loose) LOL so what should I name my new camera? I think naming it will help me to not drop it. That and the neck/shoulder strap! LOL this one has 10 times zoom 5 megapixles and it rocks. I mean it's a rockstar! esp for how well priced it was!

SUNDAY is the day. My LYS is having a football widow's sale. I can't wait to go blow all my Christmas moolah there! Everything will be from 20-50% off. How awesome is that? I'm pumped it's all I'm dreaming about!

I will def share my S.E.X. (stash enhancement expedition) with you! How fun is that going to be? SUPER FUN!

well that's about it for today folks. So until then.... Same bat channel, same bat time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

10 things I hate about living here

Question of the day: why is it when women are home during the day that they are expected to keep the house clean and orderly doing dishes, floors, beds laundry and anything else that needs doing, yet when a man stays home during the day he doesn't do crap but sit on the couch?

1 working to make ends meet. (not that I mind working just that we're scraping around even though I'm working)
2 throwing money away by renting vs paying to own a house.
3 living in an apartment that is too small for anything and half of our things are in storage at BIL's.
4 paying for laundry and sometimes double for the dryer when my washer and dryer sit in (you guessed it) STORAGE!!!
5 living 12 or more hours away from my family.
6 no friends.
7 no dishwasher.
8 DH working with family
9 living with in 30 min from IL's (there are advantages of this also but it's not what I pictured for our life 2-4 hours away is the closest I think)
10 not having my own walls/front door/yard or much storage in the apartment

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to stop in today and say that! I found this quiz as I was surfing bloglines this AM.

I hope you had a wonderful morning and will have a wonderful reast of the day...

ps.. my dh loved the wrist bands! (they're not the onlything i got him but the only thing i made him)

he got me a NEW digital camera with a dock. it's awesome!

well TTYL have a great day!

Your Elf Name Is...

Freckles Snow Bunny

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Something about SDH (sexy dear hubby)

**Warning** this is super full of pix! Ok so I've been super busy and now it's time for an update!
so first for my SDH who's always loosing his carmex I made this

I got the pattern here. under free patterns in bags. I used yellow and black left over WW yarn b/c here in PA are there any other colors?
so that hooks to his key chain and he shouldn't loose it again. Hopefully he won't loose his keys!
then secretly while my SDH was at work I made him these

they're wristbands. No pattern I made it up. If a lot of you are interested I can write it up and post it to my blog. Just leave a comment and LMK! I hope he likes them, they're a surprise gift for him to open on Christmas. Since he picked out everything I'm giving him. I like surprises! He always tries to tell me what he got me. I don't let him though. LOL

next thing is a 1930's ish cloche. (exactly how is that word pronounced? Anyone? Comment me with the answer.) the pattern for that is found at craftster here. I changed the flower though b/c I didn't like the other one. But isn't that the fun of making our own clothing and accessories. We can DO what we want!
anyways I've been asked by my SDH if I could make this. HARRUMPH!!!! (AS IF) really, Non-knitters.. What are we going to do with them? (*rolling my eyes*)
I told him I could. So I've gotta get the yarn for that scrumptious stripey sweater! like I was saying before the fun of being able to knit is that we can make what we want and not have to buy manufactured things! how fun is that? I love it!
so look what I found.... I'm going to visit it on sat hopefully it's open... woah better check the times. Yeah so I'm pumped a LYS my first ever! (well English speaking that is)
I'm so super duper excited!
I've been craving some like minded folk around here. Now hopefully I'll get connected!
now for the rest of this I'm talking baking/cooking.. yum yum give me some goodies.
this is how it all starts. Doesn't look too scrumptious huh? Then it turns in to this
chocolate almond fudge or this (my ultimate fav!) pb fudge. YUM I can't wait for it to cool down so I can eat up. I only make this killer stuff once a yearn and it's that time of year. I also made these for my SDH. And anyone else who wants a bite of yummy sweet salty pretzels
man you'd think I like the man, this whole post has been all about him.. geeeesh! LOL
oh well I guess that's why I married him!
so yeah.

hey check out Julie's jots she's started a crafty weight loss yahoo group. Remember I was going to do something of the sort? I just never got around to it b/c of moving and now holidays so I joined up and I'm waiting for approval..It should be grand. So if you want click on over there and join!
LOL first I tempt you then I tell you to loose some weight. All the while talking about this guy whom I'm married to. LOL sorry about that. Does anyone else find that funny?
well with that I'll cut outta here!
have a great Christmas....(if I'm not on here before that)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Crafty goodies!

Ok so it's Christmas time and all the other blogs I've been visiting are sharing their goodies. We're a little behind this year b/c of the move but I thought I would share with ya the ornaments we made this year. As a tradition each year we make an ornament and give it to friends and family. this one we bough clear/irridencent glass bulbs and some metallic paint. Since the Bub was helping we picked blue, silver, pink and purple. We swirled the paint inside and came up with these. They're drying now. By Monday I'll be sending them off hopefully. I wrote on the outside 2005 and all our names. Here's a pix of the bub painting it. and while we were doing that the booty was dancing to the Christmas music we had playing. also I thought I would share some goodies I got over thanksgiving. I don't remember if I mentioned we went to my grandma's house and raided her attic and closet for knitting and crochet things. Most stuff we found was yucky rug yarn for pot holders or what ever. We informed her that cotton is better for that type of things...Not that she's making those things anymore. But if she's on crafty jeopardy or something now she knows! LOL anyways here's what I came anyways with... some really awesome fabric. I love the colors. Two crochet hooks sizes I and F I think, and a pair of straight needles size 8 and circular needles size 9. (they're really retro) then you can kinda see on the side the yarn. some ends which are good for the dishcloth KAL I'm a part of. We've been doing different colors. And then some full skeins! and then also some knitted dishcloths SHE made. They're def replacing my horrible store bought dishcloths! Which I never knew how much I hated till we moved here and don't have a dishwasher and are washing things by hand now. homemade is the way to go! How great did I make out? Well if you ask me I love it!
then as if that's not enough my lovely sis gave me this book I love it! I've been making some ankle socks from one of the patterns in there. Actually just using a part of the pattern... You know me picky picky.. LOL it's a great book I love the patterns in it. I'm going to explore it more now that I've got my stuff!
I'm also making myself this hat I found on craftster last night. ok so since I've got some work to do and laundry to do also... So I've got jet.
don't hurt yourself!

so i almost forgot.. to replace my broken stone (see post below) i'm haveing a catalog/online PC show. if you'd like to order leave me a comment with your email and i'll let you know how to order and give me some credit for the order. that would really help me out btw..... so please do!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

terror in the kitchen!

SO can you see what is wrong with the pix above? Oh did i mention that i unpacked it this way?
yup it's broken. SNIF my stone! eek and it's the one i used the most and had the longest. you see i used to sell PC but now i don't. though i'm thinking about getting back into it. i put in a request for a consultant in my area. so hopefully i'll be able to replace my stone. i can't look too much at the catalog b/c i'll want everything! and we're broke. just like the stone.... let me remind you what that looks like now....
so i'm sorry i don't have much to tell you about, knitting or crochet wise. well i did go to the local michaels and asked if they knew about any knitting groups... no such luck! they did inform me that they had classes on how to. which i already know thank you. i guess they train them and set them free. i may have to look into starting a group... we'll see i'm not having much time for anything right now. but who does with christmas looming? anyways i just wanted to write something sorry it's not too interesting. if you've read this far why not stop and leave me nice comments to cheer me up? that would be great! i'm not in a capitalizing letters mood today so live with it.

ps... i'm not spell checking either hope i got it all right the first time. woah i'm pretty lazy today and living on the wild side....uh oh better watch out! the hash slinging slasher may get you! eeek run away!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

oh holy cow!

hey there i'm actually online... and hopefully for good!

so get ready sit back and look at my pix......

well ok so i don't have that many knitted or crochetted things to show you. but for heavens sake i was MOVING so i was also unpacking and therefore

i didn't get much knitting done. though i did make this scarf.. i'd originally started making it as a feather boa for the bub... but then i lost my really long scarf an since this one is long i decided it would be nice for me to keep my neck warm. i did knit it after all! ok so here's a pix of the bub modeling it for me.....what do you think? ok so i also crochetted these 3 ornaments and i'm debating whether to do more or not.... i haven't decided.. that thread is small! they did go fast though i think i made all 3 of them in like 1-1 1/2 hours or so! anyways note in that last pix of the bub her hair... and now look....she did it herself. well almost. we got a call from her school the other day and the teacher was upset b/c it seems that the bub was secretly cutting her hair as the teacher had her back to her. well she came home looking like a feathered mullet kid it was so funny i was almost peeing my pants. NO is didn't take a pix I KNOW i'm an idiot! so i had to fix it for her and cut it all one length. cute huh? she's only 6 and i think it makes her look so much older. NOT GOOD! anyways. moving right before christmas SUX big time! i can't even begin to explain it. but anyways we're setteling in so that is good!

well anyways i guess i should wrap it up.... i'm sure i'll be on more and more now that we're hooked up!

i'll see you soon!