Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Something about SDH (sexy dear hubby)

**Warning** this is super full of pix! Ok so I've been super busy and now it's time for an update!
so first for my SDH who's always loosing his carmex I made this

I got the pattern here. under free patterns in bags. I used yellow and black left over WW yarn b/c here in PA are there any other colors?
so that hooks to his key chain and he shouldn't loose it again. Hopefully he won't loose his keys!
then secretly while my SDH was at work I made him these

they're wristbands. No pattern I made it up. If a lot of you are interested I can write it up and post it to my blog. Just leave a comment and LMK! I hope he likes them, they're a surprise gift for him to open on Christmas. Since he picked out everything I'm giving him. I like surprises! He always tries to tell me what he got me. I don't let him though. LOL

next thing is a 1930's ish cloche. (exactly how is that word pronounced? Anyone? Comment me with the answer.) the pattern for that is found at craftster here. I changed the flower though b/c I didn't like the other one. But isn't that the fun of making our own clothing and accessories. We can DO what we want!
anyways I've been asked by my SDH if I could make this. HARRUMPH!!!! (AS IF) really, Non-knitters.. What are we going to do with them? (*rolling my eyes*)
I told him I could. So I've gotta get the yarn for that scrumptious stripey sweater! like I was saying before the fun of being able to knit is that we can make what we want and not have to buy manufactured things! how fun is that? I love it!
so look what I found.... I'm going to visit it on sat hopefully it's open... woah better check the times. Yeah so I'm pumped a LYS my first ever! (well English speaking that is)
I'm so super duper excited!
I've been craving some like minded folk around here. Now hopefully I'll get connected!
now for the rest of this I'm talking baking/cooking.. yum yum give me some goodies.
this is how it all starts. Doesn't look too scrumptious huh? Then it turns in to this
chocolate almond fudge or this (my ultimate fav!) pb fudge. YUM I can't wait for it to cool down so I can eat up. I only make this killer stuff once a yearn and it's that time of year. I also made these for my SDH. And anyone else who wants a bite of yummy sweet salty pretzels
man you'd think I like the man, this whole post has been all about him.. geeeesh! LOL
oh well I guess that's why I married him!
so yeah.

hey check out Julie's jots she's started a crafty weight loss yahoo group. Remember I was going to do something of the sort? I just never got around to it b/c of moving and now holidays so I joined up and I'm waiting for approval..It should be grand. So if you want click on over there and join!
LOL first I tempt you then I tell you to loose some weight. All the while talking about this guy whom I'm married to. LOL sorry about that. Does anyone else find that funny?
well with that I'll cut outta here!
have a great Christmas....(if I'm not on here before that)


Sarah said...

Cloche is pronounced with a long "o" like in close but with an sh at the end.

I am sure that makes it crystal clear!

Garnet said...

My favorite brownies:

Make your favorite browines (I usually also put 1/3 of a cup of MircleWhip in mine to make them very moist!)

once out of the oven top with York Peppermint Patties. Let sit for about a minute and then sworl the mints over the brownies.

Let cool and cut!

You now have Minty Chocolate Brownies! Nummy!

We make these for our Women's Retreat and a plate of 4 large brownies usually go for about $5.00!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Pamela Foreman said...

Allena - I wish I was in PA right now!!! Those things look so good and I'd love to dive right into those brownies! You are doing awesome on all the projects. I miss coming over and crocheting/knitting with you! TTYL!

jessica said...

Hey, I knew you were making fudge when i saw that bubbly goodness before i even scrolled down:-)Mom and dad mad it this year and i just haven't gotten aroung to it yet. I did however make sugar cookie cut outs today... Gabe helped... it was... fun!?! But i forgot to take pics. I'm going to decorate them tomorrow. Hope DH likes his surprises!