Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An addiction? or Obsession?

I think I may need some help... you see it all started by reading Farmgirl. I loved all the photos of her farm life and then of course her wonderful recipes. Then her blog lead me to Kitchenmage and more recently Seriously Good. All three of them have great blogs. And if you click their "labels" you can find some awesome posts about baking and other fun things. A couple of days ago all 3 of them started another blog together called A Year in Bread. I was sooo excited to see that there are a few posts on the new blog about pizza dough/crust. I'm making pizza tomorrow I'm sure the crust will pass the DH test.
The other day i found some rye flour at the local wally world so i picked it up. B/c anyone who really knows me knows i love rye bread and I thought that it couldn't hurt to try and make some. So Yesterday I made a "sponge" of sorts. I also looked for some recipes online. I found a lot of bread machine recipes but BLAH, i don't like bread machines. when I bake bread I do it by hand in the oven. I had a bread machine for like a week back when my DH and I married, but I despised it and never got it to make a good loaf of bread so I went to the regular bread baking and haven't looked back. anyways i can use the recipes but the one I got calls for molasses, and I thought that I had some but I don't. So I made do. The sponge I made i used the rye flour and yeast and water. Then I set it out, after work I mixed up a basic bread recipe and then mixed in the sponge and let it rise. Well if you're like me Hot fresh bread is awesome. sooo i cut into it before taking a pix of the whole loaf. It was a light rye flavor, I'd also mixed in some caraway seeds for authenticity. I have to say it was good the crust is crusty and crunchy and oh it's yummy! I made it in my loaf pan b/c i wanted to make sandwiches or toast it. Anyways I have to say I'm happy that it turned out wonderfully! I will def be making it again. I do want to try the recipe but I'll have to hit the store first.
To fuel my addiction I've found this wonderful forum.. sigh. it's so wonderful! They even have lessons for baking if you've never made bread before. I hope if i haven't made you hungry I've made you want to bake! If you have any fave recipes LMK!

Monday, March 26, 2007

If you're Happy and you know it Leave a Comment!

It was so nice out today that the ice cream truck came by the neighborhood today. i took this pix from my back yard with the zoom. (yeah it's good) it played this really annoying version of if you're happy and you know it.. but the kids were running. you can't see them in the pix b/c i edited it. While it's nice out the ground is still really WET! so it's pretty gross. but the girls enjoyed playing outside regardless. but I've not met a kid that doesn't enjoy it. We even played tag. Did i tell y'all that I Joined Weight Watchers 4 weeks ago? It was really hard to step on that scale the first time. But I've been following their plan and guidelines and it's working. I'm excited. so far I've lost 6.4 pounds!!! Happy Dance! Well last week was trying to get more motion into your week so the plan is to add 3 points of activity to your routine a week. So to why i went on this tangent is b/c the playing tag earned me 1 point. there are only 3 of us sooo it didn't work so well. Beady the destroyer decided she wanted to swing and the bub wanted to dig holes and plant seed. (what seeds?? not sure) While i was out there i sewed in some ends to a hat I finished making for my friends new baby. OK so he wont' be wearing it this year as it's spring and warm weather is upon us. not to mention it's a little BIG.. here's the destroyer modeling it for you.. she's just like her dad with the funny faces!

Pam, I hope you like it. t
hat's all your going to see until I come to visit FRIDAY!! (said in a sing song voice)
So F
riday the Bub was part of a speech meet for her school. She memorized one of Aesop's fables, The lion and the mouse. Then she recited it and got graded on it.. she got an excellent ribbon. They weren't graded against each other but only on their public speaking and memorization. she's decided that next year she's going to memorize some poetry. LOL. I'm so proud of her!!

I've been wanting to write this for a while now.. I have been trying to keep the house looking better and i just run out of time. but I'm working on posting more often. If I'm not around much leave me a comments and I'll make sure to update my blog.
Anyways i also finished the Bub's apron last week. Sorry it's kinda a dark pix but it was night time.(the only alone time and crafty time i get.) She loves it and Beady the destroyer has been hounding me for her apron... SIGH. I'm working on it! Just a little slow! And b/c you can't bring the camera out with out the girls posing.. Here they are in all their teethy smiles.
so that's it.. you're up to date on my life. Leave me a comment and LMK what is going on with you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RIP Brother

Before i forget please go and do your BSE and maybe join club 17 while you're at it. I know it's not the 17th anymore. I'm really slow at getting around to blogging. UGH I'm always thinking about it thought and saying to myself oh i so need a pix of that so I can blog about it. LOL I've got to start making my thoughts about blogging and actual blogging connect. Sorry I'm such a slacker.
So last week as I was sewing along making the bub an apron, my sewing machine broke. Yesterday I took it to Jo-Ann's to get it looked at. I'm not sure about your local Jo-Ann's but ours has a sewing machine guy who is (separate from the store) there to fix and sell sewing machines. He's really nice and explained to me why my machine was broken. The timing mechanism was off and it wasn't catching the thread from the bobbin. OK I see you, who do not sew, zoning out and your eyes glazing over. Anyways the cost to fix the Brother machine was about $100. I'm told b/c it's made of plastic and the insides are plastic. So they sewing machine guy showed me this machine (a necchi) that someone had returned b/c they wanted more stitch options. So for just a few bucks ($20) more than it would've cost me to fix the old machine I got a NEW one! Which is wonderful for me b/c I've been wanting a new machine for like ever! But I couldn't justify it until my old one broke. so it was good i haven't used it yet i keep meaning to but haven't had time this week yet. I think the neatest part of the machine so far, b/c i haven't used it yet.... is the removable arm well not that really but the secret compartment for all the gadgets! I even took a pix!
OK that's all for now folks! time to sleep!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 10

Across the street from my house is an old Mobil station. It's not used anymore I think maybe it's used only for hobby purposes. Not that I blame the owner, I'd love to have a wonderful building, heck I'd settle for my own room. Anyways the guy who owns it is real crotchety and not so nice. He doesn't like anyone to park there. I'm not even sure if he likes anyone to look at his little area. in fact someone is getting towed right now. If it were mine I'd put up parking meters and let people park there b/c it's basically a parking lot and people see it and want to park there. So why not get some money? Anyways that's my 2 cents on the subject.

Now on to what I wanted to share. this past weekend I bought some fabric. I plan on making some aprons. I got The Apron Book, remember beady the destroyer? So it's dry now and I've been reading it and looking through it. I'm going to use the fabric to the right for my apron. I haven't decided on the pattern yet. they're all so great! I do know that I'll have to make one that covers my shirt b/c that is what seems to get so dirty for me. (I'm a real mess in the kitchen.) I had the bub look through it so that I could figure out what to make her. It's a surprise so I just showed her the book and talked with her about it. She decided she like the Basic Smock Apron. I just have to scale it down to make her one and the beady one. I'm going to use the fabric to the left for the girls. I think they will like the surprise I'm going to make for them. Every time I go into the kitchen to make something they come a running wanting to help and they both want their own apron. I only have an old pampered chef apron from when I sold PC. But it's really boring and I wanted something way more girlie. I guess now that I am getting older I'm embracing my inner girlie-ness. Lets just say I'm not the girlie-est girl. Ask my mom or my sister. And I still really don't like too much girlie things, but I'm learning to like different things. I blame it on the girls. They're so in to dress up and barbie, pink and purple the frillier the better. Anything girlie they like, and it's weird b/c they didn't get it from me!
Today I was wishing I had my new apron made already. I received some Amish friendship bread a while ago and the last time I sent some starters to my mom and sister and then I gave some to my neighbor. If you don't know what Amish friendship bread is, here's the lowdown. You get a starter and instructions on day one. You go thru a couple of days an then add stuff (flour, sugar and milk) to it and then wait a few more day then on day 10 you add more stuff and separate it to give to friends and make a batch of bread. But not with out saving some for your self to make more bread in another 10 days. (vicious cycle) So today was day 10 and I didn't have anyone to give starters to, b/c everyone I know has a bunch or they didn't want any. So I made double batches of muffins with the bananas that were taking over the freezer. The one double batch I made banana oat bread in regular sized muffins. The other I made chocolate chocolate chip banana bread in Texas sized muffins. I plan on sharing some with work and then freezing some for a quick breakfast. So if in 10 days or so you'd like to have a starter leave me a comment with your email and I'll get back to you and send you a starter..
Oh my look at the time, I should be sleeping. I have to get up and work you know. PTL for coffee. TA TA

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just talking.

Last night was "the" night. LOL not anything that was over the top but the DH and I celebrating our annv. Before our date and night away i got a package in the mail. I received the Whirly Pop popcorn popper that i ordered. I've been wanting it since I'd seen an episode on the food network about popcorn. I think it was the show unwrapped. They talked about this popper and said that you could make popcorn with less than a tablespoon of oil and still have that stove top taste. plus they said almost all of the kernels pop. Since i don't really enjoy microwave popcorn, it's easy and fast but also plasticy. GROSS! anyways I bought it off off amazon, but you can also get it here. they had it in the red so i bought it b/c this girl loves color! Now my DH is sooo upset b/c he ordered a hat the same time i ordered the popcorn popper and he paid more for shipping and still hasn't received his hat. I'm sure it will come on Monday.
With that order we also got two books for us to read to the girls and a DVD, Stranger Safety. it's for kids and parents to watch together so that you can get talking about being safe around strangers. Let me say this movie is GREAT though at parts the voices are quiet and the music loud. but that doesn't really matter. It's a fun way for kids to learn about safety and what to do in different situations. And they did it in a FUN way for kids my DH and I were cracking up b/c it's so silly and funny. really it's fun to watch. The bub loved it and really wanted to "talk" about it and discuss what they "taught" us in the show. Beady (the destroyer) was riveted by the show, she watched it straight thru. And for a 2 year old that's great. So I would suggest it to anyone with kids!
My close friend Pam had her baby boy on Wednesday. He's so cute (I've only see pix). I'm not going to share any pix I'll let her do that. I'm going to go visit her on the 31st it's going to be great!
well with that I'll let you go. thanks for stopping l do so love comments! Hugs!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


I love a good party and normally I'm on time. So does fashionably late count?

Welcome to my blog! Come in and stay a while. mostly i talk about my kids and my crafts. Occasionally I'll talk about other things..
I love coffee and if i meet you in person you're going to bet I brew a pot and sit there talking your ear off. Something about needing adult conversation. LOL
Go on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and get their invitation, you still have a few hours. if you're a night owl like me that is.
I'm sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out what recipe to share with Ya'll and for the life of me i can't even bring one to mind... at least not one I've not shared before.. sigh.
it's a party though so I'll share with you my salsa/pico recipe off the top of my head.
Ok so it's all about how you feel.
Allena's Make It (up as you go) Salsa.
take 2 or 3 good sized tomatoes
2 jalapeno peppers and one habenero (i don't know how to spell it, the really hot small ones) pepper and maybe a yellow banana pepper. depending on how HOT you want this salsa/pico
one or two onions. depending on the size.
you'll also need a lime and some cilantro fresh is always best but dry works too.
oh and some salt and pepper.

so dice and chop up those tomatoes and put them in the bowl. Sometimes I'll blanch and peel the tomatoes but if I'm in a hurry or wanting a real fresh taste I won't. (what ever bowl you plan on serving this salsa in I'm all about less is best with dishes)
chop up the onion ( i use my PC food chopper) add it to the bowl.
now is when we get serious take your peppers and cut them in half and seed them. (this means removing the seeds, i know you know that but what about the others?)
Now chop and dice these peppers very small. And while you're doing this don't touch your eyes or nose b/c the juices will burn them and you'll regret it! Now add them to the bowl.
Stir it up add some salt and pepper to taste. Cut your lime in half and juice half of it over your mixture. Half should be good but if you want to add the rest. chop up some cilantro or measure out some from your spice rack. mix up your salsa and let it set in the fridge for an hour or so.
then take it out and enjoy with chips or pretzels. it should stay good in the fridge for 2 days or so.
Hint: If you mix some with an egg and cook it up in the skillet and then wrap it up in a tortilla it makes a really YUMMY breakfast!

Anyways Enjoy! i hope you have a wonderful rest of the PARTY!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

8th Anniversary

Today is my DH's and my Anniversary. We've been married 8 years. Really, it seems like the past 8 years went by really fast. But isn't that how looking back at things seem like they went by fast.
I'm excited for this weekend, we're going to a local holiday inn and just having a grand old time!
He had these beautiful roses for me. He knows how much i love roses and he's so thoughtful. I'm so fortunate!
I just had to brag some.. thanks for listening.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The most useful 6 bucks ever spent!

I bought this wonderful staple gun yesterday and some wonderful
upholstery fabric. I've been meaning to get a staple gun for a while now. They come in so handy and useful. I covered my old computer chair to this wonderful stripey one. (hey friends remember what it used to look like? all grubby and scrappy looking) We moved our computer into the spare room so I needed to revamp the computer chair it was red and raveling.. so not pretty! And the spare room is my Dh's room, he decorates it with his sports stuff. I like my "new" chair.
What do you think?

I also picked up some other stripey fabric but I'm not sure what to cover now. I'm leaning more towards the glider rocker but our hand me down dining room set sorely needs attention. I thought I could ask you my readers to help me out. I just love stripes. I'm also pondering going a solid neutral color for the dining room chairs so that no matter what color we paint the walls it will blend. And if we ever get around to getting new couches and such I can plan around this wonderful striped fabric, I love how the red pops out around the cream and tan. the fabric immediately caught my eye and I had to have it. I've been pondering painting my living room that red color but also pondering painting it a shade of brown. Color is wonderful isn't it? All these wonderful choices.
sorry no pix of knitting or crochet they're all surprises. soon enough! I am working on them I assure you!
Thanks for listening to my ramblings.