Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 10

Across the street from my house is an old Mobil station. It's not used anymore I think maybe it's used only for hobby purposes. Not that I blame the owner, I'd love to have a wonderful building, heck I'd settle for my own room. Anyways the guy who owns it is real crotchety and not so nice. He doesn't like anyone to park there. I'm not even sure if he likes anyone to look at his little area. in fact someone is getting towed right now. If it were mine I'd put up parking meters and let people park there b/c it's basically a parking lot and people see it and want to park there. So why not get some money? Anyways that's my 2 cents on the subject.

Now on to what I wanted to share. this past weekend I bought some fabric. I plan on making some aprons. I got The Apron Book, remember beady the destroyer? So it's dry now and I've been reading it and looking through it. I'm going to use the fabric to the right for my apron. I haven't decided on the pattern yet. they're all so great! I do know that I'll have to make one that covers my shirt b/c that is what seems to get so dirty for me. (I'm a real mess in the kitchen.) I had the bub look through it so that I could figure out what to make her. It's a surprise so I just showed her the book and talked with her about it. She decided she like the Basic Smock Apron. I just have to scale it down to make her one and the beady one. I'm going to use the fabric to the left for the girls. I think they will like the surprise I'm going to make for them. Every time I go into the kitchen to make something they come a running wanting to help and they both want their own apron. I only have an old pampered chef apron from when I sold PC. But it's really boring and I wanted something way more girlie. I guess now that I am getting older I'm embracing my inner girlie-ness. Lets just say I'm not the girlie-est girl. Ask my mom or my sister. And I still really don't like too much girlie things, but I'm learning to like different things. I blame it on the girls. They're so in to dress up and barbie, pink and purple the frillier the better. Anything girlie they like, and it's weird b/c they didn't get it from me!
Today I was wishing I had my new apron made already. I received some Amish friendship bread a while ago and the last time I sent some starters to my mom and sister and then I gave some to my neighbor. If you don't know what Amish friendship bread is, here's the lowdown. You get a starter and instructions on day one. You go thru a couple of days an then add stuff (flour, sugar and milk) to it and then wait a few more day then on day 10 you add more stuff and separate it to give to friends and make a batch of bread. But not with out saving some for your self to make more bread in another 10 days. (vicious cycle) So today was day 10 and I didn't have anyone to give starters to, b/c everyone I know has a bunch or they didn't want any. So I made double batches of muffins with the bananas that were taking over the freezer. The one double batch I made banana oat bread in regular sized muffins. The other I made chocolate chocolate chip banana bread in Texas sized muffins. I plan on sharing some with work and then freezing some for a quick breakfast. So if in 10 days or so you'd like to have a starter leave me a comment with your email and I'll get back to you and send you a starter..
Oh my look at the time, I should be sleeping. I have to get up and work you know. PTL for coffee. TA TA

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blackpurl said...

I wish I lived near by and could have gotten a starter... I have always wanted to try that bread!