Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To my friends and family:

Please start coordinating when you have babies so that I have enough time to make each of you something. I'm feeling rushed and that I'm not able to do what I really want to do. And that is spoil each of your babies with lavish and wonderfully made gifts. I can't show much of my progress but I do have a few hints of what I've been working on. No of course not! I will not tell you what they are.. try and figure out for yourselves.

The other day I received a book I'd ordered from amazon like a month or so ago and I'm really loving it! I ordered it b/c on my sew I knit group we're making kitchen items and I'd love to make an apron, not just any apron though, but a really awesome one! This book was the best way I can prepare myself for that.
Yesterday Beady the destroyer (as I'm calling her now) decided that my wonderfully new book needed a bath and doused it with some water that she was drinking. so now it looks really saggy and wrinkly as a book that went swimming usually does. Luckily enough I can still read it.

I've been busy I made a corner of the girl's room a dress up
I thought i would show you pix of how it turned out. the girls just love it and that is how i got this pix that i think is really sweet of the girls in the mirror. they were jumping up and down and up and down. You see that is what girls do when they get excited.
OK and with that I'll leave you to your thoughts.

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Pamela Foreman said...

I wish my girls had enough room for a dressup area! It looks cute!! I'm so excited to see what you are making...you'll have to get here soon so I can see them! LOL!