Thursday, October 20, 2005

Socktober 1/2 way complete

So I have one half of a pair done. I'm a really slow knitter but since there's not too much else to do these days I've been getting things done. see the toe of the next sock next to the sock? Yeah I'm on my way to a pair. So I'm showing you a pix of the words it says go Pittsburgh Steelers. The other one will say go Pittsburgh pirates. That way I only have to make my DH one pair of socks and he can wear them in any season... LOL yeah I'm that lazy but have you see the pix??
You know what they
say about men with big feet right? You have to knit them big socks. and my DH has size 13 feet so that's a big sock. Which is why we're at only one pair of these socks.. Maybe I'll make him another pair soon but for the time being just one pair.
so I'm sure you're asking why do I have tons of time?? Well our orders got changed... Yes so we're here in an empty house with nothing for the next 2 weeks or so! We've been lucky though for some great friends who've let us borrow the things we need. And it gives us more time to spend with our friends! Luckily it's not raining and we can walk where we need to. The girls are of course bundled up in their winter outfits since it's been really freezing. Ok so I wanted to update all of my fans.. Not that there are many of you.
also about the weight loss exchange that is kinda on hold right now b/c I've been soo not being where I was thinking that I haven't given it much thought. sorry.. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment. I think I'm leaning more toward another blog that all the members can post to and then also I'll match members up so that they have an accountability partner. Anyways those are my thoughts I'm trying to leave a quick update since I'm using friend's internet since we shut everything off while we thought we were leaving. UGH the annoying part of change. LOL
that's all for now!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

O dark 30

That's what time I got up this AM! Sleeping on an air mattress is not so fun! anyways SOCKTBERFEST update... See that button? My friend Catherine made it. I love it it's round and fun! So see that funny pix that looks like a suitcase full o yarn? Why that is a suitcase full of yarn! My yarn.... And you can see that there are a lease 4 skeins of sock yarn visible... Enough for 2 pair o' socks. In that red and white bag is more yarn most of it is for a sweater I'm making but there are 2 more skeins of sock yarn enough for 2 more pairs of socks! Since I can't take my knitting on the plane I had to pack it all. There's also a felted bag knitting in there...Well not knitting. Waiting to be knit I should say.
so here's a close up of all my knitting needles and such that I can't take on the plane
I can't leave my needles to the movers and be without them for 2 months. Yes I said it 2 months till we will get our stuff in the states! So here's a progress photo of my DH's socks i'm reknitting from the toe up! sorry the pix isn't that clear it's the best i can get with little light in the AM! lol I'm loving that blogger put their own pix uploader thingy up it helps me out a ton! esp while moving.
Anyways enough of that. So I took a little internet test and this is what they said about my inner hair color. I really didn't know you could have an inner hair color but obviously you can!

Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.
You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices.

and what does my hair look like? Well it's reddish.. My hair naturally is a red but the other day I died it a deep red and I got this awesome funky color reddish purpley pink, at first I was like OH that's bright. for like 5 min that is. then I was like Oh this is FUN! well speaking of fun I've gotta go clean this empty house! I'm sure i'llbe on later b/c there is NOTHING to do but clean so I'm going to get board of that soon!

Have a great Day!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

I'll take an order of bubble wrap!

So this is what is happening in our neck of the woods today.......
bubble wrap galore! It's funny b/c when we moved over here they hardly bothered and now almost everything is wrapped and then double wrapped in bubble wrap. That is just a fun set of words to say... Go a head say it BUBBLE WRAP LOL it's funny isn't it?
the littlest things amuse me huh?
so this is our last couple of days in our house....It's wierd seeing everything you own save 5-6 suitcases packed up and ready to move. This small apartment/house def seems bigger now that everything is concealed in boxes. On to other things... So that I don't bore you with moving I'll show you what I've been doing....

so over at Lolly's blog I signed up for Socktoberfest. It's an informal KAL socks and I figured since I just restarted my DH's socks (toe up) and packed a whole suitcase full of knitting projects which 6-7 of them are socks I could join. It will keep me sane for this move! So if you're over there go ahead and sign up for Socktoberfest. She has some awesome buttons over there. Speaking of buttons I just got one! look

Thanks to Pam and her trusty computer abilities! Thank you Pam you're the bomb!! (yes you can hear my DH saying "does anyone say that anymore?" and rolling his eyes) The Shunky pattern is almost done and ready for sale. If you can't crochet and you still want a bag I can make one for you... I've already made 3 for a friend and I h ave 3 more orders coming in! how fun is that? I'm also about 50% of the way done with the knit pattern for a similar bag but I don't think it's going to turn out as wonderful.. We'll see. Anyways I've got a ton of projects to do and I'm excited to have so much at one time! And I've been saving some crochet projects for on the plane so I don't get too wigged out! I don't really like flying and all.... And with 2 kiddos...Well let's just say that's not going to be fun! I'm going to keep trying to stay up to date with my blog and reading bloglines. I don't think I could really miss a day b/c I would be in withdrawal.. LOL

Yes I am addicted!

on another note, my friend Pam showed me this site. And I just thought it was hilarious. Of course you'd have to be part of the military to know what it's about.. Still funny though.

Only 6 more days till I'm in the States.... YIPPIE!!!

Monday, October 3, 2005

Weight loss ponderings

So as i said before i'm pondering a weight loss exchange type thing! here's what i've come up with so far! LMK what you think!
here’s some stuff I’ve typed out so far.
We’re going to set goals (reasonable ones ie: 1-2 lbs a week) and help each other reach them. Every one will have an accountability partner for 3 months each. I’ll assign partners with similar goals. The accountability partner agrees to stay in constant contact with their partner and ask them every other day if not daily if they’ve worked out and ate healthily for the day. Of course we’ll be sad if we didn’t do well that day but we really want to encourage each other like sending post cards or greeting cards to say good job on your loss or you can do it start over with a new day etc. at the end of the each month you can send your pal goodies for reaching their goal. There will be a limit of $15 a month spent on goodies (ie yarney goodness) for your partner…or $45 total over the 3 months. (postage does not count so budget around $12 for the total 3 months for postage about $3.85 each month)
At the end of the 3 months if you still have more poundage than yarn we can exchange again with different names.
I’ve not actually set a start date for this group yet b/c I’m in the middle of moving but I think it will be soon.

I’m still deciding if I should start a yahoo group or another blog for organizing this. If you have a clever name for this exchange please share!
I’m not sure how to start a web ring but I’d like to so if you have any of that info please LMK!

Also LMK what kinds of questions I should put on the survey for the group so we can get to know our partners better.

so i don't leave you with NO pix. (the horror) this weekend we went to a family day and they had a jumping panda and a pirate slide type thing. There wasn't that many kiddos there since it was 12ish. but the girls had fun here's my fav pix it's the bub in mid air and the booty just having some fun!