Monday, October 3, 2005

Weight loss ponderings

So as i said before i'm pondering a weight loss exchange type thing! here's what i've come up with so far! LMK what you think!
here’s some stuff I’ve typed out so far.
We’re going to set goals (reasonable ones ie: 1-2 lbs a week) and help each other reach them. Every one will have an accountability partner for 3 months each. I’ll assign partners with similar goals. The accountability partner agrees to stay in constant contact with their partner and ask them every other day if not daily if they’ve worked out and ate healthily for the day. Of course we’ll be sad if we didn’t do well that day but we really want to encourage each other like sending post cards or greeting cards to say good job on your loss or you can do it start over with a new day etc. at the end of the each month you can send your pal goodies for reaching their goal. There will be a limit of $15 a month spent on goodies (ie yarney goodness) for your partner…or $45 total over the 3 months. (postage does not count so budget around $12 for the total 3 months for postage about $3.85 each month)
At the end of the 3 months if you still have more poundage than yarn we can exchange again with different names.
I’ve not actually set a start date for this group yet b/c I’m in the middle of moving but I think it will be soon.

I’m still deciding if I should start a yahoo group or another blog for organizing this. If you have a clever name for this exchange please share!
I’m not sure how to start a web ring but I’d like to so if you have any of that info please LMK!

Also LMK what kinds of questions I should put on the survey for the group so we can get to know our partners better.

so i don't leave you with NO pix. (the horror) this weekend we went to a family day and they had a jumping panda and a pirate slide type thing. There wasn't that many kiddos there since it was 12ish. but the girls had fun here's my fav pix it's the bub in mid air and the booty just having some fun!


Catherine Kerth said...

okay, here are my suggestions: i think you should do blogger and let all the participants beable to post (like they do in knit a longs). that puts alot of pressure off of you...then we can put it on our bloglines to keep up with each other posting.. we can have people post low cal recipes too... also you can pair us and put our buttons on the blog so we can get to know our partner and other people too:)a yahoo group would be a lot more private, that is something to thing about... there are advantages and dis advantages i guess:)

Megan said...

I finally got a Blogger account, so now I can comment on your journal :) Count me in for this venture, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Pamela Foreman said...

I'm there! A blog sounds cool. Either way, I will be there. I have lots to lose!

Christy said...

thanks for those last comments on my blog. I really appreciate them! I got "The Strong Willed Child" by Dr. Dobson from the library and so far it is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Good luck on your upcoming move! Having just done that a few months ago, I don't envy you. Even having professional movers didn't take off the majority of the stress.