Monday, October 29, 2007

Got Clutter?

When we moved to our new house we also got our things out of storage. It's all sitting in the basement now waiting to be unpacked. Sometimes when we need something we look through it, but most of the time it looks like a tornado came through and dropped of a ton of clutter. We're planning on building a garage soon and I'm thinking of using some of these storage solutions . We could organize and store all of our outside toys. My husband would love to have a place to store his tools. Lets not forget our outside tools and lawn equipment. I'm even dreaming of getting some of those cabinets and drawers for my yarn and craft supplies. Oh imagine making the garage my own personal crafting room/building. That would be heaven! carries over 1,000 products to make the garage another room in your house. so what do you have that needs storage solutions?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gift complete!

I actually finished this sweater on Monday! I know don't fall off your chair! It was a really quick knit I just had to make myself work on it. Don't get me wrong, I love this pattern, I just wanted to start so many other projects and I've been trying to teach myself to finish first then start... (it's not going over so well) Ravelry doesn't help much! (not that I'm complaining though) I just have to wash it and then I'll be gifting it to a friend. I'm of course worried it won't fit! I know I'm such a goober. I got these really cute sports related buttons at Joann's a couple of weeks ago so I used the hat. it looks really cute don't you think?
I'm also going to be testing some Ugg booties for a gal over at crochetville. They're really cute. so I think when those are done I'll be giving them to my friend also. I plan on doing them this weekend.
My neighbor had a baby girl. I quick whipped up a hat for her and I'm working on booties also. I love being able to knit up a hat and booties (if that doesn't work go here and on the right hand side are the saartje's booties click on it) sooo quickly. they make such a nice gift!
Tonight i was going to go to my LYS and knit but my sitter backed out at the last min so I've been scrambling around all day trying to find another sitter. Hopefully I can find one b/c I'd really like to go tonight!
Well I'd better pretend I'm working again!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Smells Good!

Yesterday when my husband and I got home from work we walked into the house and said "it smells good!" and it wasn't the BBQ chicken I had in the crock pot. It smelled nice and clean, so at first we thought it was the carpet. (we'd just cleaned them with a carpet machine Wednesday) But really it didn't smell like the carpet machine stuff so I continued to search for the smell. I found it when I went upstairs to my bathroom! The culprit: the glade air thingy. (I forget what it's called) Here's the problem... this particular one I have in my bathroom I noticed wasn't working so I'd put new batteries in it about a week or 2 or so ago. Well it still wasn't spritzing the air freshener. So to tell you the truth I didn't give it another thought. that is until... yesterday. The wonderful thing malfunctioned and all day yesterday began spraying every 1 min or so the whole day. It went through that brand new 60 day air freshener in ONE DAY!!! How do I know this? well when I went upstairs I heard it spritzing but not really b/c the can was empty. Then walking further into the bathroom I noticed the floor and counter was wet from the air freshener! It's crazy! sooo i threw away the now empty can and the malfunctioning air spritzer thingy... Bummer. Though it is nice b/c the house smells sooo good b/c our bathroom is now an air freshener all by it's self!
The craziness!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mom's Overture by Anita Renfroe

This is hilarious! I laughed so hard. I know this has been running around fwds lately but it's too funny not to post

Friday, October 12, 2007

Knitters' Coffee Swap 3

Here's my Questions!
1. Whole bean or ground? I love to grind my own beans, so whole beans it is!
2. Fully-loaded or decaf? Fully loaded please (i really don't see the point in decaf)
3. Regular or flavored? Both. but i don't like chocolate flavored (it gives me headaches)
4. How do you drink your coffee? Well first I pick the mug I want to use, then I pour the coffee into the mug and add just a little bit of low fat or fat free creamer and sit down and enjoy the coffee
5. Favorite coffee ever? My fave coffee to enjoy is from California coffee roasters their Moka Java blend is my favorite
6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? I'm pretty much a coffee snob.
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? OK this may sound really weird but I love to have popcorn with coffee. OH and chocolate!
8. Anything else about your coffee preferences? Um...what would you like to know?
9. Yarn/fiber you love? I love it all!
10. Yarn/fiber you hate? OK I lied in that last question, I really don't like the squeaky scratchy and yucky acrylic.
11. What's on your needles? I've always got socks on the needles, along with multiple baby gifts, right now it's a baby sweater.
12. Favorite colors? I love browns and greens and blues. Also deep rich purple.
13. Allergies? nope
14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? I really love this swap!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Oh I just have to share this sandwich with you.... before it was grilled and then after... YUMMO! I first saw the pix of this sandwich on Tried and Trues blog. Then I followed the link to the Pioneer Woman Cooks' blog and had to make it. I love rye bread so I knew this was going to be good! I did skip a stage and just used dijonaise and I couldn't find the whole green chilis so I used diced. But it is AWESOME!!! look at that picture just delish! Though I made it for the girls too.... and they picked apart the sandwich and didn't do the onions. (they take after their father that way) But it was so good I had to make it again. I'm pondering making it again today! I just can't get enough of it. Though I'm also pondering using only 2 slices of cheese to cut back on the points. But I've def been getting my milk requirements for the past few days.
So what are you waiting for?? Go and make one for yourself, you'll be glad you did!

On to other things....
remember last year when I submitted my patterns to the Pattern a day calendars? Well when you submit your patterns to the calendars you get a free calendar. (the deadline this year is Dec 15th, 2007 for the 2009 calendars) Well they shipped their calendars out in July/Aug time frame and I never got mine. so I kindly emailed the editors and asked what happened thinking they probably overlooked me since there were SOOO many contributors.I really didn't mind I just wanted to find out what happened. They were very kind and got on it right away. A couple of weeks ago I received my crochet calendar, there are quite a few projects I'd like to make. Then yesterday I got my Knitting one! and the editors are soooo nice they sent a handwritten note with it apologizing for the delay. I'm sooo happy to have gotten them now, there is just something sweet about seeing your patterns published! I've got to remember to email and thank them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Actual Knitting Proof

I'm trying to be more update-ish on my blog b/c who likes to read a blog that isn't updated weekly if not every couple of days? So my goal is to post at least weekly if not bi-weekly. But ever since I got my ravelry invite I've been consumed every waking online hour with getting that squared away. I'm adding my finished projects and the ones I'm working on and I'm now working on my stash! It's so wonderful! I love ravelry! I'm StarKnits there if you're interested in hooking up.

Anyways to prove that I've been knitting I took pix.. OK really I took them to put them in ravelry but I figured since I've got them on flickr I might-as-well blog! LOL So first we have my Toasty Toosties that I knitted for my LYS as a shop model and to adjust the pattern for Cascade 220. 100_2622Here they are in their natural habitat. I took them on Friday when I went to my 1st Knitting night out at the LYS. It was fun! (Remember I now teach knitting at Knit 1 at Blacksmith Exchange.) If you live in J-town the shop is in Moxham. So going to the knitting night was good for business so to speak. It enabled me to meet the people taking classes and let them get to know me. (being the new knitting teacher and all) Though I went to knit for myself I found myself helping a bunch of people with their problems. But that didn't bother me, I'm a teacher. It was a fun night and I got to meet a great bunch of knitters. 100_2629

Sunday I finished the bead's sweater, all I had to do was the sewing Sunday night. I don't think I mind the sewing too much. I actually really like seeing everything come together. The pattern is called Little Luxury Kimono from Lion Brand's website. (you have to register, for free, to see the pattern) Yesterday I got some pix of the bead in her sweater. She was being silly. of course the Bub wants a sweater now too. Yeah I can get rid of that yucky acrylic yarn in my stash that's just sitting there not being used b/c I don't like it. 100_2635
Well I've got to go... ravelry calls.