Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gift complete!

I actually finished this sweater on Monday! I know don't fall off your chair! It was a really quick knit I just had to make myself work on it. Don't get me wrong, I love this pattern, I just wanted to start so many other projects and I've been trying to teach myself to finish first then start... (it's not going over so well) Ravelry doesn't help much! (not that I'm complaining though) I just have to wash it and then I'll be gifting it to a friend. I'm of course worried it won't fit! I know I'm such a goober. I got these really cute sports related buttons at Joann's a couple of weeks ago so I used the hat. it looks really cute don't you think?
I'm also going to be testing some Ugg booties for a gal over at crochetville. They're really cute. so I think when those are done I'll be giving them to my friend also. I plan on doing them this weekend.
My neighbor had a baby girl. I quick whipped up a hat for her and I'm working on booties also. I love being able to knit up a hat and booties (if that doesn't work go here and on the right hand side are the saartje's booties click on it) sooo quickly. they make such a nice gift!
Tonight i was going to go to my LYS and knit but my sitter backed out at the last min so I've been scrambling around all day trying to find another sitter. Hopefully I can find one b/c I'd really like to go tonight!
Well I'd better pretend I'm working again!

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