Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stupid blogger

So I wrote a beautifully long post and I clicked save as draft b/c I had to leave for a few min and WHAMO it was gone! I'm very upset and also ANGRY. So now I'll go about and do my post with more pix less words. First though do we all have to re-sign in for uploading photos? It's rather annoying!
Ok Catherine! You were right! What I was canning was sweet hot pepper jelly. Its yummo! I gave some to my in-laws but I'm not sure if they tried it or not yet. I've got to send some to my Dad and then the rest I'm not sure what to do with it. Catherine and I are working on a trade! My jelly for some of her yarn.. WHOO HOO. I'd say it works out great for both of us!
ok next I tested a pattern for a tank top you can purchase it here. It's a great pattern it works up fast. I used 2 colors b/c I didn't have enough to just use one and I like stripes.
I made the 18-24 month size and it turned out really cute! Ok more pix.
On Sunday we went to PNC park for father's day. Since it was father's day the pirates shook hands with the fans as they walked in the door. We walked in by Jack Wilson. (I think that's what my DH said his name was.) He's a short stop and DH was happy to "meet" him! But he didn't like the pix I took. Can I help it if he doesn't smile when I say SMILE?? NO. What do you think of the pix? He doesn't look too bad does he? Just star-struck right?
ok so here's a pix of the fam with Roberto Clemente... Well a statue of him.
the tickets we bought on eBay were great look at the view! Front row. No one hit a home run our way but if they had we would've been able to catch it!
I love baseball. Well I enjoy going to games. But this game I didn't get to see much of the game the booty wasn't really into it. So I'm kind bummed about that. Next time we're going sans booty and just with the bub...
here's the last pix of the happy gang waiting for the game to start.
so that's the re-made post sorry it sucked!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Hey Hot stuff.....

Can you guess what I made yesterday and the day before? go a head guess...I'll give you a hint. It's really good with crackers and cream cheese. I made 3 batches. The first I messed up and it didn't set. I have to remember to actually read directions and follow them! So I took the messed up stuff to my tops group and gave them away. The 2nd and 3rd set fine....
I've made these for fathers day for my dad and my FIL. I am trying to figure out what to do with the rest of it all..Yes canning is so addictive! I couldn't stop myself. And I even have more in my fridge if I decide to make a 4th batch. Not to mention I'm obsessive and I had to fix what I messed up the first time so I had to make it again to make sure I can do it.. Which is where the 3rd batch came from. The 2nd was a low sugar recipe. I figure I'll send some to family but that still leaves me with some.
Any ideas?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pretty things.

Look at what I got in the mail on Friday! I'm sooo pumped. I ordered them not too long ago from Yes Asia. They said it wouldn't come till the 17th and I got them totally fast! anyways i'm also going to show you som close up pix! ok so i'm trying to upload the 2nd close up but I can't.... stupid blogger...
I love them they look even better in person! The pix are fab and I'm just so pumped. I got them so I could start making tons and tons of amigurumi. The problem is deciding where to start. Decisions decisions....

on another note here are some cake's of yarn that I dyes a while ago they've been sitting on top of my bookshelf waiting for me to take pix so that I can put them on my etsy shop. I'm the person who doesn't really like getting hanks of yarn. Well let me rephrase that. I like getting yarn. I just wish they came to me ready to be crafted. so when an idea hits me i can grab a ball or cake or whatever and just get started instead of having to get out my winder and swift and make a cake. I usually loose my idea by then and bummer i missed. Yes it's true that i could just wind them when i get them but i'm a little lazy about that. Yes I'm a big big procrastinator. Anyways that's why i'm going to sell them in cakes ready to be knit or crochet'd! Oh I was also waiting for a good sunny day so that I could take a good pix in real light of them. It's been nice here lately so viola pix. Any help on naming the colors? They're variegated or ombre what ever you choose to call it.
I've also been trying to find a dress to make for Kelly's baby. But I'm having no luck at finding what I wanted to make. So I'm thinking that I may just have to make up a pattern for her.
I'm also testing a pattern for a group I joined I'll share pix when I get finished!
anyways that's what's been happening here. Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Hook Up!

Today I came home from work and there was a package waiting for me.. I tore into it (before taking a pix) then found some yummily wrapped parts that (I thought I should) photograph before tearing into them. Then promptly after snapping this pix I tore open the smaller packages and Look what I found.... It was my prize for the contest on Keri's new blog. I just left a comment and she picked at random using her smart program thingy. Sorry no tech terms. But ask keri, she's super smart!
yes yes it's my booty all MINE!

there was some chocolate. Keri, how did you know I was totally craving CHOCOLATE today? Thanks it couldn't have come at a better time. There also is some tea. They are cleverly packaged and I can't wait to drink some. My tea collection is growing and I'm loving it! And of course the stars of the show the Koigu... Thank you so much. I can not express that enough! I almost never win contests. So that totally made my day!

also this past week (I forgot to post about it) I received a sock bag from Trek. Now this wasn't out of the blue either, we traded. I made her some candles (orange vanilla in scent) an she sent me a bag she made it's beautiful! If you want to trade with her she's always willing, go talk with her! She's the best!

Unfortunately I am in a sock knitting RUT. As in I don't want to do it at all right now. What is up with that??? I think part of it has to do with sockapaloooza. don't get me wrong I love knitting socks and I have 1/2 a pair waiting for me to make it's mate. I'm just not motivated for it right now. part of the fun of sockapalooza is knitting the socks the other part is seeing them love the socks you made for them. ya know a shout out on their blog. Should I just be happy that she emailed me to say thank you? I did get an email from my pal saying she got the socks. I guess I shouldn't be down about it. Though I'm not sure if she liked all the goodies I sent along, or if she really enjoyed the socks. It makes a gal not want to join another swap. Now I've had other problems with other swaps. There was one for c-ville that we were supposed to send wool to our pals and my pal had some problem so she sent some of the package and promised to send the rest later when it got to her. (yeah you can guess where that's going) Then there was another swap with another blogger. We were supposed to get things from the countries we were living in to swap and I sent mine and NEVER got anything. I even emailed her and told her I was moving and excited to get the package. I never heard from her again, she doesn't blog anymore. I just chalked it off to a GREAT RAOK. now I'm just saying all of this not to be mean to those people, just to say hey sometimes I get let down at the end of the swaps, am I the only one?? There's good too, the 2 secret pals I joined were wonderful! I still read their blogs and try to keep in touch with them, so those were GREAT exchanges.The monthly G-square exchange I'm a part of is wonderful also. The unloved sock yarn swap was great too! So not all swaps are bad is what I come to. but still I think I may stay away from the BIG ones for a while. Of course the RAOK web-ring is always great I'm always trying to leave comments or send notes to other bloggers. I have some small things I send also so that's fun. But RAOK isn't a swap it's giving so it should really be in this category. . Ok so now I'm going to freak and wonder if I make my swapper (the person who sent me things) feel good about what they send me. I love everything and I try to post about it and link to their blog if the have one. so what does one do to make your swapper feel good? I also try and send a thank you email or note via snail mail. What do you do? What's the NORM? so chime in LMK!

ok I'm done rambling....

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Memorial day pix

so as I promised here are some pix from memorial day. we had a lot of fun we went to delgrosso park. It's the kind of park where you can buy tickets for the rides or just buy a day pass. There's also a water park for playing!

the girls really enjoyed the water. The booty didn't like the rides too much but she did ride a few. Bubba loved to ride the rides and she loved the water part too! We'd like to go back there and spend the whole day there.

also what happened over memorial day weekend we bought a house. (well we've still go to close on it) It has 3 bedrooms and a great big back yard. It was totally unexpected to find it. And perfect for us. We went and relooked at it yesterday with bubba, she liked it! We're all excited but we're playing the waiting game. I'm so excited to finally be buying a house. To save money though we're going to wait a little bit before we paint inside. The house was just redone before it was put on the market. So it's in TOTAL move in condition. It was so nice to see this house after we looked at a million others that said they were move in ready but were SO not! Anyways it's nice to know we can stop looking!