Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stupid blogger

So I wrote a beautifully long post and I clicked save as draft b/c I had to leave for a few min and WHAMO it was gone! I'm very upset and also ANGRY. So now I'll go about and do my post with more pix less words. First though do we all have to re-sign in for uploading photos? It's rather annoying!
Ok Catherine! You were right! What I was canning was sweet hot pepper jelly. Its yummo! I gave some to my in-laws but I'm not sure if they tried it or not yet. I've got to send some to my Dad and then the rest I'm not sure what to do with it. Catherine and I are working on a trade! My jelly for some of her yarn.. WHOO HOO. I'd say it works out great for both of us!
ok next I tested a pattern for a tank top you can purchase it here. It's a great pattern it works up fast. I used 2 colors b/c I didn't have enough to just use one and I like stripes.
I made the 18-24 month size and it turned out really cute! Ok more pix.
On Sunday we went to PNC park for father's day. Since it was father's day the pirates shook hands with the fans as they walked in the door. We walked in by Jack Wilson. (I think that's what my DH said his name was.) He's a short stop and DH was happy to "meet" him! But he didn't like the pix I took. Can I help it if he doesn't smile when I say SMILE?? NO. What do you think of the pix? He doesn't look too bad does he? Just star-struck right?
ok so here's a pix of the fam with Roberto Clemente... Well a statue of him.
the tickets we bought on eBay were great look at the view! Front row. No one hit a home run our way but if they had we would've been able to catch it!
I love baseball. Well I enjoy going to games. But this game I didn't get to see much of the game the booty wasn't really into it. So I'm kind bummed about that. Next time we're going sans booty and just with the bub...
here's the last pix of the happy gang waiting for the game to start.
so that's the re-made post sorry it sucked!


Catherine Kerth said...

look how exciting!!!! WOW..all i need is your addy and i will send you that sock yarn;) i will reply wih mine and i can't wait to get that pepper jelly ;)

Pamela Foreman said...

The pics are great! I love baseball too, though we haven't been able to get to a game in years. Hope the trading works out! Sorry you lost your post. The same thing has happened to me too!

Pretty Patterns said...

Hey! Thanks for posting the link on there though it doesnt work... maybe check the html.

I was just in Pittsburgh last Thursday. Do you live closeby?

Allena said...

ok so i fixed the links sorry about that. we live about 1.5 hours away from pittsburgh

kmckiernan said...

Wow, jelly making? You are really talented, that sounds like a fun project!

Garnet said...

Your tank outfit...is it like a onesie? When I was little my mom used to get at the five & dime store these jumpers that were cotton and tied on the sholders. They had elastic around the waist and around the legs. I remember her giving me a bath and putting one on and going to bed and waking up for the day! I think she got 8 of them one for each day and one extra! I lived in them all summer long! Thanks for the memories!

ladylinoleum said...

Blogger drives me nuts when it behaves badly. I've taken to writing my posts in word and pasting the entire verbiage into blogger when I'm done. Makes my life a lot easier.

The jelly sounds awesome! Love the tank.

xXLenaGurlyXx said...

hello. I was bored and looked up the word "Allena" and found you. I was really pshyced becua Allena is my name too. Same exact spelling! so.... KUDOS!!