Monday, May 29, 2006


I'm totally obsessed! How could i not be? they're soo cute. I based my frog here on this cartoon pix i used some faux mohair type yarn to get rid of it. this shifty eyed frog will be hanging up at Micheals to show what fun things you can do with crochet. Speaking of fun check out these blogs totally devoted to Amigurumi!
Amigurumi Girl
Gourmet Amigurumi
Amigurumi Along be sure to check out the links on the left for patterns and the ones on the right for the participants blogs! sooo much fun!
this one is in Japanese but the PIX are great!

Some fun links to check out Gourmet Amigurumi Links there are some really interesting sites there! Also check out these patterns! just go to Google and type in Amigurumi and it will bring up fun sites! also click on images and type it in and look at all the beautiful pix.
have you caught the fever yet? Ebay sells some of the Japanese books but i think they're a little price if you go here to YES Asia it's much better pricing! if that link doesn't work click on it and type in amigurumi in the search site. it's in english so it should be easy to navigate! i ordered some actually. i figured my DH went to a pirates game and got to have some fun so i though hey why don't i get some amigurumi books? i'll be sure to blog about it when i get them it should be with in a week or so.

so some good news! as if amigurumi wasn't good enough! I've joined Warming Grace and Papa's Quilt so i'll be knitting away some squares to send to them! it's exciting to be helping other people out! i have some cotton left over skeins in greeen and pink so i've been working on them lately.
i have other good news but i must go we're going to Blands park today. i'll update ya'll later!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I've been crocheting lately. I made this little purse up for my beyond the basics crochet class: to teach in the round, colors etc. So it's a little dorky but hey my girls like it. This one is going to hang up. I made it with caron simply soft. I forget the actual names. It's a bright purple and hunter green color. So I have to type up the pattern to get it tested by my friend Pam. I've got to do it by the class.... Which is Friday June 2nd. I have the beginner class this Friday! I hope some people have signed up if not I won't be teaching. I'm kinda nervous but totally excited. So I have to type up a little bio and find a pix of myself for them to put up in the store, so people know about me and all. I've also made a few more samples... First some Mary Jane slipper/booties. They're rather cute I'm going to make some for the booty! I got the pattern here and adj I to make it smaller for the display. I also made a swatch/square using 2 colors. If you have SnB Happy Hooker its in there. I added the SC border so that it looked more finished. I wanted to make an amigurumi something for the display so I started a frog but I didn't like how it was turning out so I tossed it. I'll try something else. So I'm off to search and think and ponder what to make. Thanks for stopping...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Scratch and sniff screen?

for some reason, I don't think I've been busy enough. I still have a ton of things to finish. I made the bubba this cloche hat. I was thinking of making a bunch of them for her school's festival to sell. But I'm not sure. the jury's is still out on that. I made it out of caron simply soft brights yarn so it's totally washable and kiddo friendly! And super duper soft. So here's one more pix. What do you think? I think I may do some different types of flowers and of course different color combos. I may be able to whip up a few of these for the school's festival...
that's not the only thing I've been up to. Besides rearranging the living room and organizing my desk, having the inlaws over for dinner and straightening my knitting and crochet books I've also been making the house smell beautiful. I've been making these for the school's festival. Yup those there are candles. I forgot how much fun it is to make them. This was the first batch I made on Friday. I also melted down a big candle I'd gotten at wally world, that must not have been wicked straight b/c it melted over the side... ARUGH. I made that into a star candle.. look Kelly it works wonderfully! I love it! Yesterday I made more candles. Different colors and scents of course. If you look at the pix the bright pink post its are my notes as to what is what. I also made some melts for people to purchase from the left over wax. I may not give those to the school but sell those on etsy. not sure yet. I figure what/if the school doesn't want the candles I'll sell these at my store. I wish you could smell them they're so yummy! I have labeled all of them and put my website of my store, so if anyone would like to buy more they know where to get them at. I am hoping to get some people interested in buying things I've made, so eventually I don't have to work away from home.
on a totally different note Happy Mother's day to all you mom's out there. I hope you're having a wonderful day. I got the best present from the girls and my DH, a gift certificate to a spa/massage place I'm so excited I've always wanted to go to one! Now I can! Whoo HOO

Monday, May 8, 2006

Sockapaloooza Party!

I finished yesterday and blocked them. They're dry and now packaged and tomorrow after work I'm mailing them to my sock pal! I also included some nice things. The extra yarn incase she needs to make repairs, some coffee and tea, and some homemade (and kinda dorky) envelopes.
so they're off tomorrow! I hope she likes them I know they'll fit they were not as big as the last time when I tried blocking them. The yarn is super soft I used lanett superwash merino wool. My sock pals likes merino. I am so nervous now! does everyone get that way? HELP
oh speaking of nervous.....
I got MY socks today.... whoo hooo I opened the envelope and immediately put them on and haven't taken them off yet. I plan on wearing them tomorrow too. They're sooo beautiful! look I took two pix both similar b/c (I told you) I'm not taking them off. They're blue and yellow sooo pretty! My sock pal was Amy. she did a wonderful job! here's a side view.
oh and she was totally kind and awesome she sent me some Socks that Rock sock yarn! WHOO HOOO! and some really cool Massachusetts postcards that I think I'm going to get some of those picture clips that stand free form and hold your pix with them up.. like art. They're so pretty! thank you soo much! I love them!
anyways that's all folks.

Friday, May 5, 2006

Frog, Tink and Re-knit!

That is what I did today. And with only ONE sock. I should be done by now but you see it's evil.. Don't believe me just look! And look again. ever since I frogged it to fix it I've had problems! I was knitting along and then I noticed that something wasn't looking right from the transition from the foot to the leg so I TINKED it back and re-knit it and still it was off a bit so I did that all again and realized I had a few xtra stitches. Not sure how that happened. So I fixed that and now I'm well on my way. So I should be done and the socks should be off to their owner's home on Monday! So another pix of the evil sock..

So look at this it's a Christmas card! In MAY! It totally made my day and it's what RAOK is all about. It was totally random and totally fun. It was from Angela. What a smart cookie. Thank you SO much and just in case you can't see the stitch marker here's another pix.
look I painted my toes you can see them in the bottom of the pix... pretty in PINK! I absolutely love bright pink or red on my toes. It just looks so sexy! what do you like to wear on your toes?
speaking of RAOK I sent out some postcards this past week I hope they find the people I sent them too happy and having a great day. It was fun I'm going to get some more to send out. I may make some stitch markers to attach to them...HMMm that's a thought. oh I forgot to share but I'm sooo excited I've been volunteered (by myself) to help keep RAOK running smoothly. I'm so pumped it's going to be great! I hope to help keep it running smoothly and do tons of RAOKs thru it.