Friday, May 5, 2006

Frog, Tink and Re-knit!

That is what I did today. And with only ONE sock. I should be done by now but you see it's evil.. Don't believe me just look! And look again. ever since I frogged it to fix it I've had problems! I was knitting along and then I noticed that something wasn't looking right from the transition from the foot to the leg so I TINKED it back and re-knit it and still it was off a bit so I did that all again and realized I had a few xtra stitches. Not sure how that happened. So I fixed that and now I'm well on my way. So I should be done and the socks should be off to their owner's home on Monday! So another pix of the evil sock..

So look at this it's a Christmas card! In MAY! It totally made my day and it's what RAOK is all about. It was totally random and totally fun. It was from Angela. What a smart cookie. Thank you SO much and just in case you can't see the stitch marker here's another pix.
look I painted my toes you can see them in the bottom of the pix... pretty in PINK! I absolutely love bright pink or red on my toes. It just looks so sexy! what do you like to wear on your toes?
speaking of RAOK I sent out some postcards this past week I hope they find the people I sent them too happy and having a great day. It was fun I'm going to get some more to send out. I may make some stitch markers to attach to them...HMMm that's a thought. oh I forgot to share but I'm sooo excited I've been volunteered (by myself) to help keep RAOK running smoothly. I'm so pumped it's going to be great! I hope to help keep it running smoothly and do tons of RAOKs thru it.


sUsAn said...

How fun to get a Christmas card in May! Thank YOU for the cool RAOKin' (hee) postcard! I received it yesterday, and it was a true blessing (what a day I was having -oi!). Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are getting ready to get on the road for Maryland now...better dash! :)

Pamela Foreman said...

The Christmas card is cool! Love the stitch marker! I need to make some stitch markers for myself.

Ugh, I couldn't see your toes!!! My toes are bare right now. Ran out of cool fingernail polish that I got years ago. Thank Megan for that who felt her white Sunday dress shoes needed some color!

Anyways, TTYL! Love ya!

Megan said...

My toes are various shades of pink, purple, light blue and white. Oh and sparkles. Don't forget the sparkles! Natalie (3) did my pedicure yesterday :)

Garnet said...

Ok ~ this is scary to admit ~ But I used to be a manicurist and have the worse tonails ever! I have always had short tonails and am not used to longer ones that look pretty when painted. Mine look like little stubs! Oh well! Have fun this summer with fun polish and sandles!


Catherine Kerth said...

i got one from angela too! i was so surprised :) i can't wait until the sock is completed! i feel a little attahed to this project so i will celebrate with you when it's done ;)