Sunday, March 26, 2006

story of a sock

Tthis is not a happy story...
NOTE to self.... don't stop in the middle of the pattern row complete that row and then stop.
Remember this sock?
well it went from that to this and finally now this... bummer huh? well i'd stopped in the middle of the pattern row and messed it up a bit. it was off by a few stitches so knowing i'm giving this away i ripped it out and started again.
i'm on the 1st row of the pattern. Notice i also changed needles. the ones i was using were a little small so i went up a size or 2 and now the yarn seems a little more soft. i hope it will knit faster too. once i work on them that is.... LOL you know me....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Knitting over here crochet over there.

lookie lookie I finished some booties and sent them along with the sweater I made for a friend's baby. I can't wait to hear when she gets them. I hope she likes the present I sent. I also sent some stuff for her.
anyways I'm working on my sockapalooza socks. The P pattern from knitty. I can't spell it off the top of my head and I'm a bit tired so I'm not linking today. but you know me I must have other things I'm working on. so I'm part of a crochet along for thread and I'm working on the pineapple doilie they chose for this month. I'm not sure if I like making doilies or not yet but I'm not a doilie person so I'll probably give it away when it's done. and I'll show a pix when it's done. I think my MIL likes them... I'm not sure if my mom likes them or not..I must say though I do like the pineapple form. It's really pretty and rather striking in crochet. I wonder what it would look like in worsted weight yarn. I may try to make up a 7 in square for my exchange partner next month... That sounds fun.
ok so if I never get off this puter I'll never finish my socks or anything else for that matter.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Is that a flower?

This past Friday I finished the Flore hat I used caron simply soft brites. lilac, grape and lime. I like how it turned out but of course b/c I finished it it's now 70 out side.
but hey it should fit her next year. I really liked this pattern it was quick to knit though I think the next time I make it I'll make a little more space btwn the levels and try to figure out how to fix the bottoms so they don't roll so much. but I'm not sure I know they made the pattern this way for a reason so I don't want to mess with it. but I seem to always have to tweak patterns to my liking. doesn't everyone though?
the pix were rather hard to take and I had to chase the booty around to take them. She wouldn't stand still. But hey that's what happens with toddlers. But such a cutie!
I've also started and restarted my sockapaloooza socks. First I started using the wyvern pattern but it wasn't POPing like I wanted so I ripped it out and restarted the Pomatomus pattern. I'm liking the results so far. When I get future I'll take a pix and show Ya'll.... Until then. KNIT ON!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

pix like crazy

this weekend was soo fun look at what my annv held in surprise for me... this wonderful bathtub and bubbles we could hhardly see through at times and some wonderful bubbly drink. And a beautiful ring
the pix shows my engagement ring (the star) and the wedding band and now the new anniversary band. It has 3 diamonds and it's what I've been wanting for a long long time. Supposedly I am to replace the wedding band with the new ring but they all have sentimental value and I didn't want to trade.. So I came up with a way to wear all 3 what do you think?
I happen to like it and I had a wonderful time. It was a great date. We went to a wonderful Italian place to eat and I wore my skirt that I made. And we had fun sans kiddies it was fun over dinner we were thinking back to actually how many annv we've actually been together for. Out of the 7 (counting this one) we've been together for only 3 of them crazy huh? That's what the military does to your marriage though. anyways soo look what I got in the mail yesterday... whoo hoo I'm sooo pumped!
I love both the books. I also love the first one so I thought that why not complete the collection. there are some really cool patterns my fav from nation is. this pretty little lace sweater, and I'm not a huge lace fan this one just looks soo pretty and I think it would look killer with some jeans and a pair of high heeled boots. the next is this really cute baby sweater. I have a few friends who are having babies soon and I think that this will be a perfect gift.
I also liked the letter bags and the monsters for the cell phones and the tank tops.. too many things to show pix of. I really enjoy the front of the book where it explains in detail how to change patterns and get great results. I like to have things written out for me in plain English. So that is awesome now we go to the happy hooker there are sooo many patterns in there that I want to make but to start I think I'll be making these cute little fellows for yup you guessed it my friends who are having babies. The hat in this pix is part of a blanket and hat combo but really when people have babies they get SO many blankets so I try to stay away from that.
and then this sweater would of course will be for me. It looks great and I love the big jewel crusted pin.. there's also a cowboy hat i want to make too. So I'm sure I have more than enough in my yarn stash to make all of these projects and more. It's not even funny.

Sock pal update. Thank you to everyone who's trying to help me to the kitchner stitch I think that I've decided to do a different pattern that is toe up, b/c it's what I'm comfortable with and what I'm good at and I'll try the kitchner stitch on something else that isn't being given away. I just will feel better giving away the socks if I'm not experimenting with things I'm not comfortable. So wanna know what I'm switching to? well today is knitalong day over at the blue blog.. go check it out. So I was clicking and reading thru the post seeing all the wonderful socks that people are making and I came across this pattern at least 2 times.. It's called wyvern and it's written in 3 sizes and I need the larger size b/c that is how my sock pal socks need to be made. And it It helps me not to have to crunch numbers. So I decided a no brainier is a good thing since I've been working late this week and will be for the next month at least. So yeah thank you again to everyone I hope the next time I post I'll be showing you pix of my started sock pal socks...

Saturday, March 4, 2006


So today I thought I would start my Skirt finally for my Sew? I knit along... The pattern I used was Simplicity 5505 style F. A 2 hour pattern.. But in all reality it didn't take 2 hours.. See I started it at 4:45 ish last night and finished it at 8 :45 this am... Well it kind did but I didn't like the way it turned out so I played The scariest part (for me) is the cutting. I don't want to mess it up so I go really slow and make sure I cut it right. The sewing goes really quick you just have to PIN PIN PIN! You also have to follow the directions! It always helps! I had it cut and the sides sewn up in like 30 min. Then I went to the next step which was add the elastic... Wait a min I thought I had some... But I couldn't find it. So I had to finish the laundry then go to good old faithful Wally world and buy some. Mean while I worked on the booty's new hat.. Look at it.. I'm on the third tier! Actually I'm further than that I've actually joined it I have to work on the joint part and then start the 4th layer. the top is going to be a lime green it looks so lovely with purple.. (and pink too) I just love green and pink and green and purple. I love it. So when I finally went and got the elastic I finished the skirt. and then tried it on I didn't like how it was laying so I took in the sides and added a few seams and this is the finished skirt. What do you think? While at Wally world I found a shirt to go with it. It's blue and plain. But I think it will go well with the skirt. I'm going to wear it tonight.
this weekend we're celebrating our 7th anniversary. and I told my DH that all I wanted was a date that he plans as a surprise for me. we were also thinking about a bed and breakfast but my DH took over and I have no idea at all what we're doing. HOW FUN. I'm super excited. I can't wait. The kiddos are going to the grandparents and we're going to have FUN! I got my DH a really cute box from esty that this lady made.. here's her shop the boxes are really cute. I got this baseball one I figured he could put baseball cards or something in it. maybe his watches and stuff like that. He's crazy about baseball. inside if for the gift giving I also put in some tickets to the oriels vs the red s0x and a titanium always band for him. it's very manly. I'm not taking any pix b/c my screen save is pix and I didn't want him to see. But after we exchange gifts i'll take some.. I do hope he likes the gifts! anyways I've gotta go get ready for the day... have a great weekend.