Thursday, March 23, 2006

Knitting over here crochet over there.

lookie lookie I finished some booties and sent them along with the sweater I made for a friend's baby. I can't wait to hear when she gets them. I hope she likes the present I sent. I also sent some stuff for her.
anyways I'm working on my sockapalooza socks. The P pattern from knitty. I can't spell it off the top of my head and I'm a bit tired so I'm not linking today. but you know me I must have other things I'm working on. so I'm part of a crochet along for thread and I'm working on the pineapple doilie they chose for this month. I'm not sure if I like making doilies or not yet but I'm not a doilie person so I'll probably give it away when it's done. and I'll show a pix when it's done. I think my MIL likes them... I'm not sure if my mom likes them or not..I must say though I do like the pineapple form. It's really pretty and rather striking in crochet. I wonder what it would look like in worsted weight yarn. I may try to make up a 7 in square for my exchange partner next month... That sounds fun.
ok so if I never get off this puter I'll never finish my socks or anything else for that matter.


Megan said...

Socks are looking fabulous!

Justine said...

thanks for stepping by my blog, you gave me a great idea with for the afghan squares, thanks!!
I LOVE the booties you have made, they're precious, and the socks are gorgeous, such a fine work! :-)

Muriel said...

Love the bootie!!! I am sure that "your" friend will love it!!

Pamela Foreman said...

The booties are cute! Hope you like the doily once you finish it. I don't like doilies either so if I ever do make one, I'll pass it along for sure! Miss you!

Amy Lu said...

I love the Pomatomus pattern. I've got to finish mine!