Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Percentage bars!

Look I finally got some! How cute are they? They're great and thanks to this site and this wonderful knitter who linked me up to the site I have them!
and on to knitting I got this for Christmas and each day there's a new pattern.. Well sometimes it's every other day. But anyways I like some of the patterns others are well kinda um dorky! LOL most of them are nice though!

anyways I found this pattern and loved it so I'm making it for my little booty! She's going to look so wonderful in it! Here's a pix

it's going pretty well! And I decided on a pattern for my Sockapal2-za pal but I told my DH I wasn't going to start another sock until I finished his. So when I casted on for the hat... Well he said "I thought you weren't going to make anymore socks till mine were finished" in a hurt voice! So I said well this is a hat... But I guess I gotta go finish those socks he's patiently waiting for!
happy knitting all

Friday, June 24, 2005


Sorry for the bad pix but I had to post! yeah I know I just posted like 5 min ago.... but my DH walked in and handed me a wonderful thing a RAOK! it so cheered me up! and it was from Catherine! how sweet! a kitchen organizer and everyone knows I NEED that! LOL and a beautiful necklace. it's prayer box. very cool!

and a close up of the necklace....

thank you sooo much Catherine! YOU MADE MY DAY! I'm feeling so much better about my horrible mess up that you can read about in the last post.. yes the booty is still wearing the sock and I'm cracking up over it... i sheepishly told my DH as i laughed he think's i'm psycho!

Good sock bad news...

So the good news is I finished my first Chutes and Ladders sock. The bad news is that it is too tight for the bub..... But it does fit on the booty... LOL here's some pix of it I took many while trying to hold a squirming 8 month old down! LOL pretty funny the sock is super long on her.

I figured all that work may be worth it if she wants to play with it. She's always trying to eat my yarn so I gave her a sock instead. I'm so depressed that it didn't work out. Why didn't I think to see if it was big enough? I thought it stretched out enough obviously not enough to fit over a 5 year old's heel...HMMM I'm taking a break and I'm not sure if I'll even be meeting the deadline for that. Bummer I wanted to qualify for the prize... I may try a different weight yarn...I don't know I'm too upset right now to try again!

ok I'm off to do something else just wanted to update ya'll TTYL
happy knitting...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Trip to Prague and sock hardships

Yesterday some friends and I took a trip to Prague and it was a beautiful day! first we came upon this clock in the town. It's really big. And on the hour figures come out. But we missed it so I can't tell you how cool it was. Sorry.

but I did take a close up pix of the clock face! It was about 3:02 or so when I took the pix.

then after walking a while we came upon a bridge. That has been standing for a while. If I remember correctly it's called the Charles bridge... Anyways here's the entrance to the bridge...

and a pix of Prague from the bridge... So pretty huh?

as we walked along the bridge this cool looking boat floated by so I took a pix cool isn't it?

all along the bridge are people selling things like jewelry and photos paintings etc. I bought a hair clip really pretty! And cheap too! Anyways halfway across there was this band playing like 1930's club music way fun!

the biggest thing about this bridge is every 10 feet or so is a statue this one I took a pix of b/c it's the most important. This bridge stood thru WW2 and wasn't tore down by Hitler. I have a pix that I'm not sharing b/c I thought I have enough pix on this post now anyways it's of a church with other buildings right in front of it. Hitler had it built so that no one could go into the church. Now I wasn't here there so my facts could be a little off but that's what I'm told.

and a pix of the kiddos on the bridge. bubba, and her pal from church and the booty.

all in all it was a fun trip! I was thinking I know I learned about all this stuff in history but it never really set in till I came over here and saw the places we learned about. It's really moving to see these places and remember what went on during WW2 and how many people died. I'm hoping to go to Dachau. (sp?) some time soon of course we'd have to find someone to watch the bub b/c it's a little too much for someone of her age to handle just yet. Anyways my DH and I are thinking of maybe going over the 4th of July or something... Not sure though.
anyways on to knitting...

I've been knitting away on 2 pairs of socks one for bubba and one for DH. I'm also racking my brain for sock ideas for my Sockapal-2-za pal. who knew it would be so hard? I have a few ideas running thru my brain...

so I'm thinking of using this yarn which is Knit picks sock garden Star gazer Lily
with this pattern called Pink Ribbons. It's free she has some great patterns at her website. Check it out! I was thinking pink and breast cancer awareness..... Anyways
or this self dyed Knit picks color your own yarn

with a pattern from Knit net called Dimpled! It's simple and pretty! And I think the yarn will look great with that pattern...
I also have this Knitpicks sock garden in Daffodil

I was thinking maybe this pattern or this one from sockbug she has some great FREE patterns there check her out! there are just too many to choose from. I'm leaning toward the other two sock yarns my pal likes bright colors but my own insecurities are telling me that she may not like the yarn I dyed.... I'm so self conscious about it. I want her to love her socks... arugh who knew it would be so hard?
I also joined another yahoo group for knitting socks. you can check them out they're called Townsend Socks KAL..
(thanks to Renee (the enabler) who's also having problems that I'm having).. Anyone else out there having a hard time choosing? Any HELP?? I will take any suggestions!!! I beg you won't you help me?? PLEASE!
off to search some more....

Friday, June 17, 2005

I've been trying to post here for like 3 days but i always get pulled away to do something else. like Friday we went go carting. now it's not the same as in the states a little more dangerous i should say. then sat we had to do some more stuff with my DH's work friends... one of the guys he's worked with for 2 years or so is moving this next week so we took him out to dinner! it was nice! anyways i've been knitting see! i am a little farther on it. but i got a little board knitting it or rather frustrated so i switched to the Go team socks for my DH. only to knit the words backwards. (it's my first time knitting with a chart) so i was going to leave it but it's gotten to me so after this i'll be inserting a needle and ripping back! but those socks are looking good! well i'll leave you with my pix of my progress and go get ready for church! happy knitting!

Monday, June 13, 2005

up with bubbles down with air!

So here's my finished camera bag... I'm not that happy with it. but I'll use it b/c I took the time to make it. it didn't shrink like I wanted.... arugh! but I guess it turned out ok for what I need...

I also took a progress photo for my 6 sox I'll share that with you too!

that's the Chutes and ladders pattern pretty neat! it's my first cable pattern really!I'm working on them to get them done by the deadline of July. I'm a really slow sock knitter so I figure I'd better work at that. I had started some Go team sock and was getting to the message part when I forgot to read 2 little words... round 1 on the chart and I was knitting it upside down....DUH! I frogged it and now I've gotta start again. my DH is super excited to get those socks! I'm glad he's actually excited about my knitting. normally it's like an annoyance to him or something... oh well. LOL well not much is going on here
so I'll go and not bore you any more!
happy knitting ya'll

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Photos like crazy!

yesterday my DH and I went on a trip to werzburg.. we like going there b/c they have a HUGE px and it reminds us of walmart or other big stores that we miss so much! while there we thought we would check out the new memorial that they dedicated not too long ago. so here's some pix that I took. first when you walk into the park you see this sign..

then we walked to the right and saw this tree.

and the sign that belongs to the tree

across from the tree is the memorial. I have to say it was hard for me to see I was choking back tears! it brought back many memories of the past year. waiting by the phone praying that our husband's are ok. crying with friends when soldiers they knew were killed. so hard and I'm sure much harder for the soldiers there!! I know my DH liked going thru that park... anyways on the shiney tiles are names of the soldiers who we've lost

around the statue was also the names that are on the tiles and then also they had this verse

and around across the park is this fountain. its pretty cool around the Big red One is mentions from all the wars

there was more like some other plaques and such but that's all I took pix of.....
it's a very nice park! we enjoyed it and it was a very peaceful place.
on the way there I finished my Socks for my friend and can you believe it I forgot to take pix.... arugh forgetful me and I already gave them to her... well maybe I'll catch her wearing them and take a pix then...
well gotta go. I've gotta start my Go team socks for my DH and also finish the chutes and ladders ones for my DD...
happy knitting!

Thursday, June 9, 2005

uh HI there!

I was surfing the blog wave today and the Knitty Professor has been searching people's blog beginnings and found a book quiz and I thought I should take it... So here you go..

You're The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

by Douglas Adams

Considered by many to be one of the funniest people around, you are
quite an entertainer. You've also traveled to the far reaches of what you deem possible,
often confused and unsure of yourself. Life continues to jostle you around like a marble,
but it's shown you so much of the world that you don't care. Wacky adventures continue to
lie ahead. Your favorite number is 42.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

it all sounds good except my fav number in the whole wide world is 13! it all started when in 9th grade I saw this hottie soccer player named Eric something or other... he was numero 13. I was going to join the girls soccer team that year but my friend thought we should go cheer.... so we went then bailed b/c it sucked! no offence to all you cheerleaders out there. then I moved. and I don't remember his last name he was that important to me... but i've always liked 13.... I even chose 13 for my own soccer # when I played in high school and college. now I don't play much anymore... i've been gifted with a tire around my waist and can't seem to loose it....though I try and try...hmmm. I still like the number 13 though....... anyways I've never actually read this book but since it's me I should go look it up sometime huh? and yes I know it's a movie now too. though it hasn't made it appearance here yet. also I highly doubt the library here has it... alas, I'm off to go to bed now.. until next time...

Monday, June 6, 2005

First strike!

So how do you know your DH plays too many video games?
so my DH came home with a package today and I didn't even know it was for me until like 30 min later when he said hey that package is for you...It's from your SP! You better believe that I bolted to it.. You see he'd brought home a package at lunch time so I thought that was when he got the mail....Anyways this is what I got! Major thanks to my Secret Pal! I really needed a pick me up!

and because I couldn't figure what pix I liked better I put two in for ya to drool over!

so she sent me a washcloths so soft! And 3 packs of note cards! how'd she know I'd like them so much! I especially like the stripped ones with the A on it!My name being kinda original I never really got a lot of personalized things that girls get like pens, bracelets, necklaces..etc. So I enjoy getting things like that...I will def use the note cards since all my friends are scattering to the wind. SNIF and now you know why I needed the gift yesterday. I was totally feeling down! I'd gotten an email from my lil sis with wonderful pix of her children and a fishing trip and she was talking about camping. We used to go with the fam each year or so.. It was so fun! I want to continue the tradition with my family. I've been trying to talk my DH into camping over at Camp darby over in Italy sometime. So sat I was talking to some friends here and they want to go and I talked with my DH too and he's game so I'm excited. We've gotta wait for a 4 day weekend though.
look what I've been knitting!

it's going to be a felted camera bag... It's a simple cable design... I'm using the skein of Noro that my SP4 sent me..It's rather pretty....I can't wait to finish and felt it. I'm working on the strap right now.... It's nice wool but am I the only one that it get super thick and super skinny on in places? Not that it matters once you felt it.
I haven't been able to work on my Chutes and Ladders socks for my 6 sox KAL lately b/c the booty is into everything!!! We went online and bought a baby play yard... ya know those gates that are circular! Like in rugrats... But I'm not going to be letting her do the crazy things those rugrats do! LOL
Sunday we went and saw Star War's 3 again. (yes we are NERDS) but I got to see it this time!!! And there was a lot I missed only seeing half the screen! LOL the booty slept the whole movie and the bub was kinda board after finishing her popcorn. But then she sat on Dad's lap and was fine. She enjoyed the light saber fights and was cheering. Pretty cute. I enjoyed the movie! It was nice to go to it for cheap. I had 2 tickets for free movie and popcorn and drinks and then we paid for the bub and some milk duds. So all in all $3.50 so that was fun. (one of the benefits of the military are the AAFES movie theater's are cheap!) but you do get what you pay for... if you know what I mean.. Anyways I'm not complaining I've enjoyed the theaters here! So I think I'm rambling...So I'll go! happy knitting!
BTW the answer to that question is when you, your children and your DH are singing along to the background music. LOL

Saturday, June 4, 2005

hair cut and booties

So i went today and got my hair cut. really trimmed. and while i was waiting for my appt to start a lady came out around the wall after getting her hair cut to pay.... and she was wearing fuzzy slippers. IN PUBLIC? it just struck me as funny! and kinda trashy. and it's not like i'm at a hair salon in the middle of nowhere it's inthe middle of everything. would you want to walk around in slippers? so i decided that it's not cool to walk around in your pj's at 2:30 in the afternoon and a perfectly nice saturday...but then again that's my personal oppinion! anyways have you ever typed in something with your Hello for pix and it comes out different? well i typed in B that's all b/c you have to type something to publish the pix. anyways when i sent this pix it changed B to "see ya" weird huh? and when you type in C it changes it to "cool" LOL. anyways here's a pix of the booty and she's wearing her booties! cute huh. they're black so you can't see them that well.

and so i took a pix of just the booties and since they're black you can't see them that well. wait a min didn't i just say that?

also b/c they are black every speck of white fuzz or what ever is attracted to them... anyways i casted on for my first sock. called Chutes and Ladders. once they get a little more on them i'll post a progress photo. i'm doing them for my DD#1 but knitting them in a small woman's size... to qualify for the prize it has to be adult sizes... anyways i'm off to do my weekend. and i'm oh so tired....HUH that's not new... well happy knitting