Monday, June 6, 2005

First strike!

So how do you know your DH plays too many video games?
so my DH came home with a package today and I didn't even know it was for me until like 30 min later when he said hey that package is for you...It's from your SP! You better believe that I bolted to it.. You see he'd brought home a package at lunch time so I thought that was when he got the mail....Anyways this is what I got! Major thanks to my Secret Pal! I really needed a pick me up!

and because I couldn't figure what pix I liked better I put two in for ya to drool over!

so she sent me a washcloths so soft! And 3 packs of note cards! how'd she know I'd like them so much! I especially like the stripped ones with the A on it!My name being kinda original I never really got a lot of personalized things that girls get like pens, bracelets, necklaces..etc. So I enjoy getting things like that...I will def use the note cards since all my friends are scattering to the wind. SNIF and now you know why I needed the gift yesterday. I was totally feeling down! I'd gotten an email from my lil sis with wonderful pix of her children and a fishing trip and she was talking about camping. We used to go with the fam each year or so.. It was so fun! I want to continue the tradition with my family. I've been trying to talk my DH into camping over at Camp darby over in Italy sometime. So sat I was talking to some friends here and they want to go and I talked with my DH too and he's game so I'm excited. We've gotta wait for a 4 day weekend though.
look what I've been knitting!

it's going to be a felted camera bag... It's a simple cable design... I'm using the skein of Noro that my SP4 sent me..It's rather pretty....I can't wait to finish and felt it. I'm working on the strap right now.... It's nice wool but am I the only one that it get super thick and super skinny on in places? Not that it matters once you felt it.
I haven't been able to work on my Chutes and Ladders socks for my 6 sox KAL lately b/c the booty is into everything!!! We went online and bought a baby play yard... ya know those gates that are circular! Like in rugrats... But I'm not going to be letting her do the crazy things those rugrats do! LOL
Sunday we went and saw Star War's 3 again. (yes we are NERDS) but I got to see it this time!!! And there was a lot I missed only seeing half the screen! LOL the booty slept the whole movie and the bub was kinda board after finishing her popcorn. But then she sat on Dad's lap and was fine. She enjoyed the light saber fights and was cheering. Pretty cute. I enjoyed the movie! It was nice to go to it for cheap. I had 2 tickets for free movie and popcorn and drinks and then we paid for the bub and some milk duds. So all in all $3.50 so that was fun. (one of the benefits of the military are the AAFES movie theater's are cheap!) but you do get what you pay for... if you know what I mean.. Anyways I'm not complaining I've enjoyed the theaters here! So I think I'm rambling...So I'll go! happy knitting!
BTW the answer to that question is when you, your children and your DH are singing along to the background music. LOL


J. said...

camping in italy would be exotic that's for sure. Convince him to go and post some pics for day i will get to italy too.

wendy g said...

What a grea SP package. The camping trip sounds like lots of fun too.

Renee said...

I find Noro to be super thick in some spots and super thin in others. I guess it is part of the allure. You are right. It won't matter once it is felted (although I don't feel like it shrinks as much as other stuff does).

Atouria said...

What a great secret pal! I love those notecards!

Camping in Italy sounds wonderful! :)

Christy said...

I love the way Noro felts. It's one of the wools that I like much better once it has been felted. Good idea for a camera bag! Hope it works out and post pics once it's done.