Thursday, September 29, 2005


look what i got in the mail today! cool huh?

once opened here's my socks they're a light blue and oh so soft. after taking this pix i put them on and haven't taken them off. they fit so nicely!

you can see the cable running up the side. they're beautiful!
here's another pix of them for your viewing pleasure

my sock pal was Gina, she also sent me some reese's pieces. YUM!! she did an awesome job they are beautiful! thank you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Anyone up for getting rid of the pounds?

Friday I received a pot holder from one of my exchanges. It's pretty. Not so teal as the pix looks much more of a dark green! I love green and don't care tooo much for teal so that's good! it's really pretty I can't wait to use it!

I've been trying to stay off the net so I can get Katie's bags done, Katie is a friend of mine, who lives in Alaska. She also dabbles in gardening and has a blog go check her out!!! well She doesn't crochet but wants to buy the bags I made. fine with me. I'm making her 3 of them.
here's one I'm working on the handles now it's for her granddaughter...

I'm going to felt it and then two more to go....
anyways last night I was thinking and as dangerous as that may be. I came up with something I thought I would run it by all of you....
as you may have noticed there are not many pix of me around this blog... That's b/c I don't like the way I look. After 2 kids (c-sections) and poor eating habits and poor working out schedules I'm not that healthy, really I'm Fat! And I know I'm not the only one out here that wants to get rid of the excess poundage. not that sheding the pounds wouldbe the only thing to make me happy (i'm happy with my life) but i want to be healthy, i want to be able to run around with the girls and not be afraid of having a hear tattack at an early age. i want to teach my girls that they can love their bodies enough to take care of them and that has to start with me taking care of myself. and i don't think i'm the only one who feel this way am i?
so questions for you out there....
so would you be interested in doing an exchange type thing for reaching your goals at weight loss? This is what I was thinking. I know if I have someone who's asking me if I worked out I'm going to work out so I can say yes. And I like getting knitterly and crochet type things so why not combine the two? I'm saying a web ring kinda a mix between Sockapalooza and the SP's but with some twists.
Like for instance we'd get a partner who would contact us pretty much all the time to see that we're doing our exercises. (that would keep us accountable) we'd set an ultimate goal for weight loss (a reasonable one) and work toward it with smaller mini goals to reach each month or so. And as we reach our mini goals our pal would "reward" us with little gifties (yarny goodness for example) I was thinking partners for maybe 6 months or so. I know that sounds long but if we're trying to work off the weight we need to make some LONG TERM goals here.
so what do you think does that sound like a good thing? Is that something you'd be interested in? Leave me a comment and LMK!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Today is brought you by the letter S

S is for Skating party.

as you can tell the girls are having fun. The bub is using some NEW skates she got for her b-day. and the booty is just chillin on the sidelines... I was too but I actually got off my but and put on my blades and skated for a bit.. (not that you'll see any pix of that) with out killing myself I might add. It's been the weekend for parties. Here's another pix of the bub falling with grace.. Since she's wearing a dress she's gotta act like a lady. We've been practicing modesty and "acting like a lady" since all she wants to wear is dresses. But that's a horse of another color...

today was such a full day!
S is also for scrumptious fun!
Our church has a Ladies night where we all get together with food (of course) and do something crafty, or learny. I KNOW that's not a word but we've knitted, played games and made little welcome signs, etc...This is what we made tonight, little plaques. This one is blue with silver sparkles all over and that is a silver star. I don't care too much for gold..

Since not too many ladies showed up we were able to make more than one plaque. So I made a fallish thanksgiving one...

I happen to think they're just ok I am not good at liking what I make.
is anyone else like that? I think that's why I'm not good at exchanges b/c I'm nervous they will not like what I've sent and that they'll notice all the mistakes etc... But I'm sure I'm just a psycho perfectionist...LOL
S is also for Simply Stunning Shunky bags...
I've been working on some more Shunky bags and I'm getting excited b/c the testing for the bag is going well! All the bags are turning out. And they are looking great! See for yourself.. Here's a bag made by Kelly

and this bag was made by Jennifer!

they both did a wonderful job don't you think?

And in other good news this pattern that I'm testing got accepted to be in the Crochet pattern a day calendar.. I'm soo pumped! It's going to be great! I will still retain all the rights for the pattern and continue to sell it. It's just cool to say I've been published! Don't you think?
anyways I'm sure I've gone on and on today so I'll stop!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Exchange HERE!

So i finished 2 more exchanges i've signed up for. the first is a 12 inch q-square for my partner.. Here's the link to the pattern

I sent with it some extra goodies for the lady I made it for. I'm sooo nervous about it I hope she likes it. sorry the pix is all wonky..
and the second is a pot holder. I had made this pattern for a dishcloth but I doubled it to make a pot holder I'm also nervous about this one.

and I keep checking my sock pal's blog to see if she got the socks I sent last week. but she hasn't yet. I'm SO nervous about that.
is anyone else as nervous about that as me? please stop by and leave me a comment and LMK! how do you deal with the stress when you make things for other crochetters or knitters?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Waiting was sooo worth it!

So yesterday look what came in the mail.... I'd just gotten back from visiting my friend Daylin, who's in the hospital b/c she just had a baby 2 days ago. it was a girl if you're wondering and she's a sweetie! Anyways on to my package....LOL

Yes my final reveal SP5 package. Now for a peek inside.. Are you excited b/c I was! (I also got my old navy order and my DH was asking me why I didn't open that package.. AS IF!!)

now look at all that wonderful goodness! I was soo squealing with joy! (don't mind the booty's knees she wanted to see what the excitement was about)

and I will tell you exactly what I got...... First a Ms. Manicure set.. How did you know that I need to stop biting my nails? (I've been a bit nervous lately) then there's the book At Knit's End by the Yarn Harlot, some lip smakers chapstick.. yum! (it's getting cold and I totally need chapstick!) and such yummy colors and flavors. There was also a knitting book for fuzzy fur yarn and 4 (yes I said four) fuzzy balls/skeins of the yarn. (the orange and purple fuzzies) I just petted them for a bit they are sooo soft! then there are 2 skeins of Sock it to me in a blue color! One skein of Knit picks sock garden color morning glory, sooo pretty! I've already got a pair of ankle socks in mind... I hope there's enough.. But then I may have to fight my will to make it with the next skein of KPPPM koigu!!!!!! HOLY COW I am sooo loving this yarn! it's a beautiful green and purple color.. I can't wait to get it on the needles! I'm loving this woman! She also spoiled my kiddos...

the bub with her doodle pro she's loving the colors! SP5 you're right on!

and the booty with her pooh see and say that sings songs to her! But as you can tell in this pix she's like her momma going for the sock yarn!
along with this she sent a little bio page revealing who she is.. Go check her out!!! My cool SP!! Sky from Knitaholics R us..
later on I caught the booty with her big sis's toy having a blast!

thank you so much Sky! I love every bit of it! I hope you and your family are ok! LMK if you need anything! give your cats a big hug from me! They are just the cutest!

so today we had the bub's 6th b-day party.. we were sooo packed! here's what it looked like as all the kiddos were still coming! we entertained them with lilo and stitch 2 for a bout 10 min.. then they were board.. so we make pizza buns each kid got to do their own and then they ate and as they finished we decorated our own cupcakes.. YUM!

here we're singing happy b-day to the girl... See all the kiddos... it was SO CRAZY

I don't think we'll be having a party that big any time soon.. too many kids running around. and it was rainy out.. even though the window there deceives you. so no outside games. maybe we'll play somewhere that provides it for you! Who knows. Anyways that was my weekend in a nut shell.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mail sent!

So today I went and posted some packages. The first was my Sockapal-2za socks and a few goodies for my sock pal. The second were those dish clothes I made (finally) and the third were some g-squares....

both of them were supposed to be something different/smaller but I added a round or two and got a 7 inch square...I made them in the same colors b/c I thought my exchangee would be able to look at her afghan when she makes it and notice the two I made for her!

the first one is the pinwheel star pattern found here.

this is a 1/4th of a pillow'gan pattern found here
they were both pretty easy to make and turned out looking great. I've also got to make a 12 in square and that finish that knit bag and pattern and get started on 3 crochet felted bags that I've been commissioned to make for a friend..
after the exchanges I'm in this month I'm done for the month of Oct. Then Nov I hope to start up again! B/c good news my DH finally got his orders today We're going to be civilians again in no time!! YIPPIE
gotta go my show is on!

Monday, September 12, 2005

my weekend (loads of pix)

So we got the privilege of going (for free) to Edelweiss lodge and resort in Garmish Germany again for a marriage retreat! we just had to supply the cost of gas and lunch everything else (room, bfast and dinner, childcare) was provided. it was great fun. as you drive there you start seeing the mountains (Bavarian alps). it's really pretty seeing them as you drive along. the advantage of traveling with friends is you get to see pix of your cool car along the road.. here's the first. the view of driving towards the resort

and thru a tunnel. there's like 5 in munich alone my friend Pam and her family came with us and here's a pix she took in the tunnel.. i wanted to but my DH said "don't take a pix in the car the windows are dirty" so i didn't but i'm thankful Pam did!

and right before you get to Garmish you go thru one of those beautiful mountains here's the entrance

this was my view the next morning from the little balcony off the room
beautiful isn't it? the bubba and I kept praising the Lord for the beauty He created. it was so awe-some that we just had to! now here's in the lobby on Sunday morn as we waited for Pam's fam for bfast. yes that IS a shiner on my little booty's face. UGH I truly don't like the CDC's the army has (child development centers) or their daycares for you civilians out there.. they have all these crazy rules which I know it's so they can function and some of the rules they have are a little off. but we're not going there... but with all those rules they still fail to protect my babies. (what you don't see in the pix is the bruise on her back and a pinch mark on her arm...those were probably from another child which if they were paying attention they could've prevented again we won't go there)

anyways after that I just was very nervous about leaving her.. but I know she's old enough to be in a daycare when it's needed. And you know I was praying the whole time that she was protected. and nothing else happened over the next 2 times she had to go.. so I know she's ok. But I know I won't be putting her anywhere near another CDC again. I prefer to use someone more trusted and someone who'll take care of my kids and pay attention to them. again enough of that... BTW the Steelers won that night! GO Team! anyways enough of that here's the bubba.. we're at Pizza Hut! yes they have them here. they're few and far between but it was soooo enjoyable! and yummy to have American pizza again!
while the booty had a rough time at the CDC the bub got to go on an adventure with the Just for Kids program they provide for kids while you're at the hotel. they got to play games eat dinner, watch movies run around and other fun things. Monday the last day they went on a hike to Mermaid lake. it had a stone mermaid in the middle of the lake. and the story about that was the evil witch was jealous of the mermaid and her beauty so she turned her to stone. they got to feed ducks and fish.. and the bub she fell in the lake! good thing she was wearing a life jacket. This is how she told the story... they went on a hike to mermaid lake. and the mermaid had been turned to stone by the evil witch who was jealous of the mermaid's beauty and she had blue eyes and blond hair like the bub. and they got to feed the fish and the ducks and as she went to pet a fish the evil witch saw her and wanted to turn her into stone b/c she saw she was sooo pretty. so the evil witch pulled her into the lake. and she fell in but didn't get turned to stone b/c the counselors saved her! can you tell she has a good and healthy self image? LOL she had sooo much fun! and finally this is the view as we left! I love how the clouds settle around the mountains it's so pretty.

I did get some knitting and crochet done.. but I’m not going to show it b/c it's for the exchanges I’m in and I don't want to spoil the surprise... well with that I’ll say goodbye! TTYAL

Friday, September 9, 2005

10 Dish clothes

this is what they look like:

all my swap dish clothes for my cville swap... all ready to send out on tues.
and for my KAL here's our Sept dish cloth.. it's an apple it's hard to tell with the yarn.

here's a close up

I have them all tagged and ready for distribution! I'm so excited to get the ones that were made for me!
this weekend I've got lots to do. first of all we're going on a marriage retreat at edelweiss! I'm so excited to go back to that place it's so beautiful. Tues I'll update with pix! I've also got 2 7inch g-squares and one 12 inch g-square to make for an exchange. and a pot holder to get to work onfor another exchange. (those links should they work are for the exchanges) not to mention the knitted version of the felted bag I'm writing a pattern for. so I've got all my yarn ready.. well in my head at least I have to pack it up! LOL I've been planning what I'm taking for like a week.
anyways I'm excited so this is going to be short! have a great weekend!

i couldn't have said it better myself!

Hey check this post out! if you're like me you're totally sick of all the blame going around. that's all i'm going to say.. go read it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

RAOK's galore and eBay too!

So I finally figured out eBay. And I listed my Shunky bag I made soon it will be the pattern! check me out!
now look at this great button I got from Jess as an RAOK. it totally made my day! I was showing it to my DH and he was like HUMF! Just jealous I say! I get neato little things that look great. I loved it so much I put it on my bag right away! How did you know i love monkey things?

that was yesterday and then today Renee sent me this.
I have to say I squealed when I opened it I LOVE IT!!
I've already read it to my DD's and I can't wait to show it off to my friends!
you guys totally made my days! I feel so blessed with friends like you! thank you again!
I can't say it enough! THANK YOU!

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

there is knitting going on...

just no pix... LOL eventually though! i'm working on a felted bag in my head... i have to plan it out first then i'll take a crack at it.. i will show you why i've been so busy see the booty? she took her first few steps last week. and here's a pix of her daddy and her bubba walking with her at the zoo. she loves it..

as cute as she may be she's also teething and cranky and if i move an inch away from her she freaks... it's driving me a bit batty! i've consoled her with an apple for a little while that is...
just wanted to check in and say hello... also to save my sanity! LOL

Friday, September 2, 2005

sockapal- 2- za **edited**

Look what i finished today and with time to spare!!! Yup those socks are for you sock pal! i'm going to wash them block them and then pack 'em up and mail them to you by the 15th...

i finished them in the car as you can tell. it's a 4 day weekend for my DH so we went to munchen (munich) zoo it's a good 2 or more hour drive by car (if you don't hit a stau or traffic jam) so i brought much knitting or crochet for me to work on. and you see my work. i also finished a few more washcloths for the exchange i'm in. i'm going to take pix of those when i'm totally done with them...
now for the fun! this was an awesome day. no for those of you who don't know dogs are allowed just about everywhere here in germany. so they were all over the zoo. well as we were going into the cat house we stopped to look at the lepoards and the bubba saw a baby one close to the glass and as she bent down a dog barked the curious kitten decided he wanted a look see. and this is what you get with just the right timing... and a bunch of luck!

now that's the best pix and it's not a fake we're that close to the animals here. it's great i loved it! now not to let the bootie feel left out here's a pix of her telling the elephants Hi. she really enjoyed them and kept saying OOOHHH LOL it was sooo cute!

on another note i've got some wonderful ladies testing out my pattern for the bag i made up and i hope to have it all ready for sale mid Oct. sometime. i was sharing my joy of this new found skill with my DH and he was like "what are you doing that's not smart!"
he was refering to haveing people test my pattern out before i sold it.. i tried to explain it to him but he just wouldn't hear it.
oh and i forgot we were supposed to reveal to our SP's who we were and my SP got her present and was excited. i was joyed to see her reaction! i loved spoiling her it was soo much fun going to her blog and reading about her reactions to what i sent. but unfortuantely i've not heard from my SP.. so i have no clue who started out spoiling me.. i am hoping it is just slow mail so i'm still going to wait a little bit.. i'm bummed though**. that's not all though i also arranged a yarn trade with a friend and i haven't seen the package she got together for me.. i hope those mail people aren't keeping my goodies! i may have to lay the law down..
well that's all for now i've got to go...thanks for stopping by... the spell check isn't working today so please don't mind it!

**look i got a comment from my SP she has been busy but getting things together for me! i KNEW she was going to come thru! as i sit paitently by the mail box. LOL**