Monday, September 12, 2005

my weekend (loads of pix)

So we got the privilege of going (for free) to Edelweiss lodge and resort in Garmish Germany again for a marriage retreat! we just had to supply the cost of gas and lunch everything else (room, bfast and dinner, childcare) was provided. it was great fun. as you drive there you start seeing the mountains (Bavarian alps). it's really pretty seeing them as you drive along. the advantage of traveling with friends is you get to see pix of your cool car along the road.. here's the first. the view of driving towards the resort

and thru a tunnel. there's like 5 in munich alone my friend Pam and her family came with us and here's a pix she took in the tunnel.. i wanted to but my DH said "don't take a pix in the car the windows are dirty" so i didn't but i'm thankful Pam did!

and right before you get to Garmish you go thru one of those beautiful mountains here's the entrance

this was my view the next morning from the little balcony off the room
beautiful isn't it? the bubba and I kept praising the Lord for the beauty He created. it was so awe-some that we just had to! now here's in the lobby on Sunday morn as we waited for Pam's fam for bfast. yes that IS a shiner on my little booty's face. UGH I truly don't like the CDC's the army has (child development centers) or their daycares for you civilians out there.. they have all these crazy rules which I know it's so they can function and some of the rules they have are a little off. but we're not going there... but with all those rules they still fail to protect my babies. (what you don't see in the pix is the bruise on her back and a pinch mark on her arm...those were probably from another child which if they were paying attention they could've prevented again we won't go there)

anyways after that I just was very nervous about leaving her.. but I know she's old enough to be in a daycare when it's needed. And you know I was praying the whole time that she was protected. and nothing else happened over the next 2 times she had to go.. so I know she's ok. But I know I won't be putting her anywhere near another CDC again. I prefer to use someone more trusted and someone who'll take care of my kids and pay attention to them. again enough of that... BTW the Steelers won that night! GO Team! anyways enough of that here's the bubba.. we're at Pizza Hut! yes they have them here. they're few and far between but it was soooo enjoyable! and yummy to have American pizza again!
while the booty had a rough time at the CDC the bub got to go on an adventure with the Just for Kids program they provide for kids while you're at the hotel. they got to play games eat dinner, watch movies run around and other fun things. Monday the last day they went on a hike to Mermaid lake. it had a stone mermaid in the middle of the lake. and the story about that was the evil witch was jealous of the mermaid and her beauty so she turned her to stone. they got to feed ducks and fish.. and the bub she fell in the lake! good thing she was wearing a life jacket. This is how she told the story... they went on a hike to mermaid lake. and the mermaid had been turned to stone by the evil witch who was jealous of the mermaid's beauty and she had blue eyes and blond hair like the bub. and they got to feed the fish and the ducks and as she went to pet a fish the evil witch saw her and wanted to turn her into stone b/c she saw she was sooo pretty. so the evil witch pulled her into the lake. and she fell in but didn't get turned to stone b/c the counselors saved her! can you tell she has a good and healthy self image? LOL she had sooo much fun! and finally this is the view as we left! I love how the clouds settle around the mountains it's so pretty.

I did get some knitting and crochet done.. but I’m not going to show it b/c it's for the exchanges I’m in and I don't want to spoil the surprise... well with that I’ll say goodbye! TTYAL


Renee said...

That is some seriously beautiful scenery.

Too bad your little one got such rough treatment at daycare. She must have been so upset the whole time.

Kelly said...

SOOOO pretty! Ah I miss the scenerie of good ole Deutschland. I am glad you guys had a good time. Is this the last vacation before the big trip over the pond? Love you!