Monday, January 30, 2006

step on up to Socks R us

look what I joined. The sign ups are closed. And I can't wait to see what unloved sock yarn I'll get. Hey one man's trash is another's treasure
I'm writing up the pattern for that thumb thingy I made up. not that I really need to if you thought about it you could make it. Anyways when I get that done I'll be posting it here for ya'll. I can't wait for my partner for the sock yarn swap and the sockapaloooza. Yes I'm sock obsessed. LOL I love to knit socks. I love to hoard the yarn. I love to look at the yarn and pet it and since last sockapal swap I love to wear them!
ok so not sock related.. well kinda i guess i could wear socks while doing this SEW along. or after it's done and i'm wearing what i made. anyways i sent them an email i'm waiting to hear if they're going to let me in or not. i sew some. i'm not the greatest. i have a ton of fabric for myself to make a quilt. and i've got some fabric for some skirts and some patterns i've just never gotten around to making them... now i guess i'll make at least one.
well I've gotta jet. this is just short and sweet.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Catching up

**Hey I added my blog to the crochet and hook list go vote for me click above or on the sidebar please I'd like to have a few votes! Thanks ** just a little advertisement

so I missed my blogiversary (by like 2 months now, I'm a little slow) so I've decided to show you the first blanket I made
it's a crochet mile a min pattern that I got out of a learn to crochet book. Now it's not the greatest, but it's where I started. so it will always have a place in my closet. I made it for scruff mcgruff (when he was in iraq) as I was looking at it I was thinking that it's not that bad.. Here's a close up of the corner. not bad for a first project.
so that's a blast from the past. What I'm working on now is a round ripple blanket. I'm not sure how bit I'll be making it. It's right now maybe 1-2 feet across. I really like the way it's looking. I think if I made it out of cotton it would look really good for a tablecloth. Here's a close up sorry about the flash, the light here today is kinda dreary.
I'm also pondering that spiral hat I was going to knit I'm thinking it may be easier to crochet.... I'll show you when I actually get started on that. Oh and I'm also working on this. I'm planning on taking the patterns from the grey messed up one and putting them in the blue binder and separating them from each other (crochet and knit) I'm pondering putting them in their individual sections, baby, sweaters, socks, g-squares, bags, accessories. Etc....We'll see if I'm that motivated. LOL it's a big mess.
well I know I'll enjoy it when it's done though.
ok well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Must go get more coffee....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

thumb thingy

so here's the pix of the thumb thingy i made for the bub. so far it's working well. i don't think she's sucked her thumb since i made it for her! which is awesome! see the star "button" it's a bead that i sewed on to fasten the strap that holds it on. i may make her another one so she can have a few and so they don't wear out.
i am so proud of her not sucking her thumb.
on other knitting news i'm making a pair of booties for my friend who's haveing a boy. i'm also making a spiral hat for my BIL in black and gold... aka Steelers colors. which means i've gotta get it done by the superbowl.... eeek i better get off here and get working huh? well when i'm done i'll have to show you. until then have a great day

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Did you sign up?

I sure did! It was super fun last time. Go check it out.

we have a thumb sucking problem at our house.... Yes the bub sucks her thumb. Yesterday I went to go get her report card and I was going to ask the teacher if she was doing it at school b/c we've noticed that she's been doing so much at home. And the teacher seemed to beat me to it. So I guess that's a big fat yes. So I knitted her a thumb sleeve. Or what ever you want to call it. I have pix but they're still on my camera and that's hooked up to the other computer, so I'll have to get it on here tomorrow. Anyways we have tried everything to get her to stop. We're hoping that this works.
Well until next time

Friday, January 20, 2006

You've got to be kidding me **edited**

I'm participating in a meme?? Normally I don't but this one is cool and I get to look in other people's houses... sooo I was in. BTW I'm one of those people who when driving by your house in the evening looks in if you have your lights on and no curtains drawn. Hey if you don't cover those window I'm looking, and so is everyone else! GET SOME FREAKING BLINDS.
I like to look in.. Not stalkerish but normal...Come on you KNOW you do it too. It bugs the heck outta Scruf Mcgruff (aka my DH.. Notice in the last post the pix of him.. Since he's gotten out of the army he's not cut his hair and he hasn't shaved for a month hence the name. I also like to dance around him singing Scruf McGruf Chicago Illinois 60652) and I like clean shaven, beard and all that facial hair is scratchy. YUCK. anyways back to my meme. we're supposed to show where we knit... So I really didn't want to take pix of everywhere I knit so I'll show you the most common places... one of the most common places I knit is in the car... Not when I'm driving. (I wish I could figure how to use my time wisely like that) but when scruf mcgruff is driving. He likes to drive and I like to knit so that works for us. Now if you wander into my home you'll most likely either see me knitting here... (most likely I say b/c if I can stop and be still I'll knit and I'll knit anywhere!)
this spot has all my books next to it and behind that you can kinda see a basket O yarn. Gee I wonder what that's for... Now if you don't see me knitting there you'll probably see me here you can see a book with some yarn in it. I'm finally making the hat my SIS made up and wrote the pattern for me. It's being made with cotton soo it may take me a while. anyways that's about it.. OH NO wait... I found this thread on craftster.. and I'm wanting to make this sweater. what do you think? DROOL I know! that or something close to that. I Love it.. though I think I may make it one color.. I haven't decided. I'm also debating the cabled sweater I was making if I should frog that (I've stalled on the back of it, which was the first part I started... BTW) and start this one in it's place.. what do you think?

** edit**
i totally forgot last night to tag people for the meme... so since i can't come over to your houses anymore and see for myself where you knit i tag Kelly, Pam and anyone else who wants to do this
sorry about that!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who would marry that?

I'm sure you're asking your self that exact question as you gaze at these pix.. be careful not to swoon! LOL anyone who knows my DH is cracking up now. I couldn't get him to NOT pose... All 3 of these he's posing... What a DORK. LOL but I love him... I finally gave up and took a close up.
here's the top. I added a row of black b/c I didn't want to join it all with the yellow and yellow creating a disturbance in the force... whooa I mean pattern. LOL
the pattern is from Knitty here. I found the pattern after finding this thread here at craftster. That's the way I am I look at the knitty patterns I may like one or two then I go on about my business. Then someone makes one I see it and whammy. I've gotta make it. So if you're making a great pattern from knitty or anywhere really show me pix, on your blog of course so I can see it actually being made in the real world.
in this case my DH saw it and said "oh that would make a great Steelers hat" so I went to work since I've got TONS AND TONS of yellow and black yarn. I want to make stuff with it I want to get rid of it. Anyways it's really simple I made it in like 3 days if that. I think that I'll be making this again with different colors so that I can see how it looks with more than two. It's all knitted a great beginner project. It also teaches short rows. So good for teaching attn JESS!
to get all those scary images outta your mind here's a pix of the girls playing dress up! the booty has just recently learned that it's fun to pose for the camera... She also does it while walking toward you. But that's not a problem if your a fast clicker. Oh did you know my camera actually has a Children setting. Believe it or not for taking pix of children, not sure if it works I just read about it so I haven't actually used it.. Maybe one day.
now as I'm coming to a close of this post I can't help but think there's something I'm forgetting. But I can't remember what.
happy knitting

Sunday, January 15, 2006

test pattern finished. I was testing this ragamitten pattern for Monkey Knits. and today during the Steelers game I completed them here's some pix... it's made with one strand of green merino wool and one pale yellow 28% kid merinos 28% mohair and 46% micronylon. it's a really great pattern go on over there and ask her about it...
I also found this site. so I asked if I could join, not sure if I'm in or not but I think I'll count my socks anyways. So knitted socks so far last year a pair for my friend Daylin, a pair for my Sockpal, a pair for my DH, a baby pair for faith, and that's it.. None this year. I better get crackin!
anyways off to knit.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Let's PLAY

So I'm not sure about you but when people leave me a comment I try really hard to respond. I either email them back if their email is included in the comment. Or I click their name from my blog and go back to their blog and leave a comment. While I'm there I look around their blog and eventually end up clicking on a link on their side bar and just see where it goes.(sometimes a link in their post).. kinda like the 7 degrees of separation type thingy. Plus it helps get the comments flowing! Sometimes I even find some blogs that I want to read all the time and I add them to my bloglines.
Anyways It's a game I like to play. It's fun why don't you try? It only works if people have neato links and buttons on their blog so if you don't why don't you put some up? (you can start with me I even have a button!) still not sure? I'll walk you thru how I did
Last post Catherine posted I went and stopped by, left a comment. And then clicked on her Virgie Sews button and found her site. left a comment then proceeded to AmyLovie. OF course I had to click the coffee crazy knitters button.. Go see what I found. (it seems everyone is knitting the jaywalker sock.. I may have to also!) anyways I clicked on the cute monkey button and found Kimmish Knitting then on to Kim Knits. ( I try to click on different blogs I've never been to before it's more fun that way) next was Off Jumps Jack. Occasionally you'll find some blogs that aren't updated or haven't been since 2004 or so. I go back and click a different one. Anyways I ended up here stopped and I'll look around for a bit now. I've never seen this site before it's pretty scary but interesting at the same time. I think I may actually want to make this pattern.
I know it's not a blog but sometime you don't find blogs. Anyways that's how I do it... Were you on my list? NO? Why not leave a comment? I'll come visit you!

and on to our regularly scheduled post.. Yesterday I received the 2 g-squares from the exchange I'm part of. Here's a pix. they're from Diana,(no blog) she does great work! Thank you!
and finally what you've all been waiting for.. My first attempt at spinning... Here's the first part half brown and the other white or natural. And then with I plied it together I came out with this.. I love how it looks. As you can see some is really spun well while other parts of it..Well, not so good.. Ok I'll admit it,... it sucks! But hey that was my first try! I hope that soon I'll be able to get more even. (just have to get more roving) oh and here's a close up of the lovely spindle I got. I love the colors nice and bright! Pretty neat when it's spinning!
so anyways with that I'll leave you
have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy B-Day to me (a little late)

So yesterday was package day and I sent out all the packages I needed to for a while. Some were for those who tested my Shunky pattern and others were for some exchanges I'm a part of. To thank my testers I made these... cute huh? Some close up hanging shots.
I liked the green and purpleish one (first one from the left) here are some more! I personally liked the "snake" one! One for the packages I sent off was for Winter Wool over at c-ville. And I sent a skein of yarn I dyed myself. How do you like the packaging? as with everything else I make, I am nervous that she'll either like it or hate it.
anyways little did I know that mailing things out would bring me good fortune... LOL see what came today in the mail for ME! YES it's a box. But not just any box look what was spying at me when I opened it up.... HMM what is that? Why it's a bag! let's peek and see what's inside! woo hoo look at it all laid out.. it's a drop spindle and some roving and instructions. It's my b-day present from my parents. (they sent money and I put it to good use) I bought this fun little package here go check it out! But wait there's more b/c there was not only 1 but 2 packages for me.... here's the box and what's inside? Looks like a card with some black stuff. so what exactly is it? Well it's Coffee! and from my fav place too! The card revealed that it was a b-day present from Kelly she got me 5 lbs of the goodness. 2 blends (moka java, breakfast) and 3 flavors (pumpkin spice, butter rum, and cinnamon haz swirl) is your mouth watering yet?
so yeah anyways. I'm a little slow so I'm off to find out how to actually spin on the spindle...Hopefully I won't suck at it..LOL more to come later.

Monday, January 9, 2006

NO don't go!

It's the same blog, different look I wanted to help out my Mozilla users to be able to see my blog better. LMK if you can now!
happy knitting!

ps i've added adsense to my blog so click and help me earn a little extra $$ for the fam! thanks

Friday, January 6, 2006

a Warning to Fingers....

when dying your wool or yarn use gloves... Or your fingers may turn out like this... notice they're water logged and wrinkley. LOL I've been playing in water all night what do you expect?
so Wednesday night I spent my time dying yarn... Look here's some fun fun pix.
I tried making this stripey but it didn't work. Next time I'm going to have to reskein the frickin thing and do it the "right" way. UGH that's what you get for being lazy though.. Oh well I'm sure I'll like the results once it's knitted up! so this was supposed to be stripey. There are 3 skeins there. I used these colors in it. (sorry the pix is dark I did say wed night after all) the actual yarn turned out lighter than I wanted but I think I like it.. Here's a pix of it drying.. (2 days later it's still drying and I'm just itching to knit it or something) it's in my shower so I'm going to have to take a pix of these things in the daylight to show you a better view of the colors. They're a lot lighter. Ok now on to the next 2 skeins. I used these colors in this one. so for these 2 I tried something different I slashed and splooshed and swirled and sprinkled. I love the deep colors I got. I'm going to have to use these colors again. So here it is going into the microwave...
and then it's done. Beautiful!
anyways a while I go I got some wool right of a sheep a lady over at crochetville was giving it away. So I asked for some.. Well I also spent yesterday cleaning it... I used the tutorial here. She has some great stuff over there check out her other tutorials. While it was still wet I dyed it if you think that you shouldn't wear gloves while dying things look at this pix of steam that I took while I was letting it rest between heating. also here's some pix of how it turned out. so my question to you today is NOW WHAT? I'm not sure what to do next I guess I have to card it but I don't want to buy something like that b/c I doubt I'll be doing that very often. And I'm kinda broke.... So any suggestions? Well with that I'll leave you!

oh wait. I created a weight loss blog check me out!