Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who would marry that?

I'm sure you're asking your self that exact question as you gaze at these pix.. be careful not to swoon! LOL anyone who knows my DH is cracking up now. I couldn't get him to NOT pose... All 3 of these he's posing... What a DORK. LOL but I love him... I finally gave up and took a close up.
here's the top. I added a row of black b/c I didn't want to join it all with the yellow and yellow creating a disturbance in the force... whooa I mean pattern. LOL
the pattern is from Knitty here. I found the pattern after finding this thread here at craftster. That's the way I am I look at the knitty patterns I may like one or two then I go on about my business. Then someone makes one I see it and whammy. I've gotta make it. So if you're making a great pattern from knitty or anywhere really show me pix, on your blog of course so I can see it actually being made in the real world.
in this case my DH saw it and said "oh that would make a great Steelers hat" so I went to work since I've got TONS AND TONS of yellow and black yarn. I want to make stuff with it I want to get rid of it. Anyways it's really simple I made it in like 3 days if that. I think that I'll be making this again with different colors so that I can see how it looks with more than two. It's all knitted a great beginner project. It also teaches short rows. So good for teaching attn JESS!
to get all those scary images outta your mind here's a pix of the girls playing dress up! the booty has just recently learned that it's fun to pose for the camera... She also does it while walking toward you. But that's not a problem if your a fast clicker. Oh did you know my camera actually has a Children setting. Believe it or not for taking pix of children, not sure if it works I just read about it so I haven't actually used it.. Maybe one day.
now as I'm coming to a close of this post I can't help but think there's something I'm forgetting. But I can't remember what.
happy knitting


Julie said...

Nice hat! I'd forgotten about that one but I remember thinking it would be a fun knit. Glad you reminded me! and yep, adorable kiddos!!

Pamela Foreman said...

So Andy seems to have something wrong with his face, is that a beard?? LOL! The hat is great! You just showed me that pattern! You are so quick! The photos are great! I love the one of the girls! Miss you!

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

You'll never be boarded with a man like that! lol. That hat is to cool.

If you need some more insanity in your life check out the 2006 Knitters Olympics at the Yarn Harlots blog. That woman is just plain wacked.

Catherine Kerth said...

LOL, what great phots of your DH! very funny... by the way you guys make really cute kids! love the hat!