Friday, January 20, 2006

You've got to be kidding me **edited**

I'm participating in a meme?? Normally I don't but this one is cool and I get to look in other people's houses... sooo I was in. BTW I'm one of those people who when driving by your house in the evening looks in if you have your lights on and no curtains drawn. Hey if you don't cover those window I'm looking, and so is everyone else! GET SOME FREAKING BLINDS.
I like to look in.. Not stalkerish but normal...Come on you KNOW you do it too. It bugs the heck outta Scruf Mcgruff (aka my DH.. Notice in the last post the pix of him.. Since he's gotten out of the army he's not cut his hair and he hasn't shaved for a month hence the name. I also like to dance around him singing Scruf McGruf Chicago Illinois 60652) and I like clean shaven, beard and all that facial hair is scratchy. YUCK. anyways back to my meme. we're supposed to show where we knit... So I really didn't want to take pix of everywhere I knit so I'll show you the most common places... one of the most common places I knit is in the car... Not when I'm driving. (I wish I could figure how to use my time wisely like that) but when scruf mcgruff is driving. He likes to drive and I like to knit so that works for us. Now if you wander into my home you'll most likely either see me knitting here... (most likely I say b/c if I can stop and be still I'll knit and I'll knit anywhere!)
this spot has all my books next to it and behind that you can kinda see a basket O yarn. Gee I wonder what that's for... Now if you don't see me knitting there you'll probably see me here you can see a book with some yarn in it. I'm finally making the hat my SIS made up and wrote the pattern for me. It's being made with cotton soo it may take me a while. anyways that's about it.. OH NO wait... I found this thread on craftster.. and I'm wanting to make this sweater. what do you think? DROOL I know! that or something close to that. I Love it.. though I think I may make it one color.. I haven't decided. I'm also debating the cabled sweater I was making if I should frog that (I've stalled on the back of it, which was the first part I started... BTW) and start this one in it's place.. what do you think?

** edit**
i totally forgot last night to tag people for the meme... so since i can't come over to your houses anymore and see for myself where you knit i tag Kelly, Pam and anyone else who wants to do this
sorry about that!


Sue said...

Hi Allena

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

The angora is lovely and I can't wait to spin it. I've only been spinning for less than a year and only on spindles but I love it! I've only spun wool up to now so the angora could be a bit of a challenge!


Catherine Kerth said...

what a great me me! love it :) yeah i look too! if people didn't want you to look then they would take proper cautions.. right!

Pamela Foreman said...

It's me!! You have tagged me and I have accepted the challenge! You can check out "inside" my house here .

That was totally fun and Richard thought I was qeird taking photos like I did!!

I love to look inside windows too. It's a bad habit!!

ladylinoleum said...

I'm a voyeur too. I admit it!

Amy Lu said...

Cool knitting spots Allena! I admit I was a little scared when I saw the picture from a moving vehicle, I'm glad you clarified (grin.)

What a cool sweater!!! I want one too! Is it called "Delph"? I think that's what I gathered. Very creative! I wish I would've thought of it!