Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Did you sign up?

I sure did! It was super fun last time. Go check it out.

we have a thumb sucking problem at our house.... Yes the bub sucks her thumb. Yesterday I went to go get her report card and I was going to ask the teacher if she was doing it at school b/c we've noticed that she's been doing so much at home. And the teacher seemed to beat me to it. So I guess that's a big fat yes. So I knitted her a thumb sleeve. Or what ever you want to call it. I have pix but they're still on my camera and that's hooked up to the other computer, so I'll have to get it on here tomorrow. Anyways we have tried everything to get her to stop. We're hoping that this works.
Well until next time


Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I'm signed up and ready to knit and of course shop for more yarn. I can hardly wait for my match to come.

Catherine Kerth said...

man, who didn't sign up this go around ;) i joined too, and can't wait to start knitting!

Renee said...

Believe it or not, I didn't sign up this time. I enjoyed it last time but I have too much going on (I signed up for the Knitting Olympics and that just pushed me right over the edge).

Amy Lu said...

I am also part of Team America - Fair Isle, for the Knitting Olympics. I am also postally challenged (I stink at mailing anything on time!) so I vowed not to join anymore exchanges before I'm blacklisted.

Iris sucks her middle and ring finger of her left hand (both in her mouth at the same time.) We've been trying to get her to stop because she has huge calluses on those fingers, with dents in them from her teeth. She has actually gotten an infection under one of her calluses.

We're taping her middle finger to her index finger, and her ring finger to her pinky. So far it's working, but causing social embarrasment. Will your daughter be wearing her thumb sleeve to school?

This just goes to show knitting can solve any problem! :o)

Stephanie said...

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