Thursday, April 27, 2006

The uneven match.

so here are my sockpaloooza socks... They look done don't they but if you were to examine them you'd notice that the top one is longer than the other. sooo as you can see I'm practicing acupuncture... Well almost. It's going to be as painful that's for sure..Speaking of acupuncture I saw this show and the acupuncturist stuck this needle right btwn this guys nose and upper lip going upward toward the nose. It's supposed to open up the nasal passages and the guy getting stuck had tears running down his cheeks it looked really REALLY painful. My eyes were watering just watching. Ok so back to my socks.. See the strategically placed needles? I was a little apprehensive about ripping out all that work and catches all the stitches. I counted and recounted so I finally I felt that I was ready to begin the frogging.....THE HORROR. Well not really horror maybe just a little frightening. I know you're thinking what are you doing?? Why are you frogging that. Well when I started to block the first sock it was too big I contemplated if I should just knit the 2nd one the same and send them off so my sock pal would have a little bit bigger socks or if I should fix them, or leave them be and start a whole new pair of socks. To tell you the truth I was ready to go either way.. Well that's not true if it was up to me I would've frogged them and fixed them don't tell anyone but I'm kinda a perfectionist when it comes to things I give away. But as I wasn't positive I emailed my sock pal to see if she wanted them fixed or wanted them a little larger. My sock pal while she apologize profusely said she'd like them closer to her foot size. Not a problem. So hence the frogging. Ok soo now on to my picture story. Finally I got to the needles. Even though I tried to keep the needles and the stitches on the same row.. It was kinda harder with this pattern. Not that I'm an expert at it. ( I don't frog too much. Yeah right. *GRIN*)
So then the hard part, I started tinking to get to the same row and finally TA-DA I'm ready to start reknitting.... I'm on row 21 and on the right needles and ready to finish.

**Special Secret kinda NOTE** I'm not making any promises but I may be done by the deadline!!! HUSH don't tell my sockpal if I can't perform up to par I so don't want to deal with the aftermath of a let down..KWIM?? if anything it should only be a few days late.. If that... So I'm looking at a weekend of knitting ahead..
HEY Wait a min when do I not look at my weekends like that? LOL

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


OH NO... Look. My sock pal sock 1 being blocked the only problem when I got it wet it stretched even more!!! As if these socks needed more stretch. The problem major is they're too big.. I'm sooooooooo upset. They were supposed to be 10.25 inches long I can't scrinch them up enough. I scrinched and scrinched but the smallest I could get was 11 inches. And I'm not feeling them. Though they're not for me I'm so upset with how they're turning out. What should I do? Should I rip them out and redo them trying to figure out how far I was when I started the heel? This is not an easy pattern to do that with BTW. Or should I rip them out completely and start over. The yarn isn't that great, I should say, it's soft and all but splits just looking at it. With only 2 weeks left arugh! So what am I supposed to do? I've got one set of the rounds complete on the 2nd sock...Sound I just forget it and start something else? HELP

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sockapaloooza update....

today is brought to you by feet.
And as we all know some feet like socks... Not the ones in the pix though, at least not considering I keep finding the booty sockless and socks all around the house... LOL
anyways the feet I'm knitting these socks for likes socks I hope. I hope they fit her. I'm worrying again about the look and size. I hope my pal likes the socks and that they fit... Does anyone else go thru this anxiety when they're knitting for other knitters? EEEK how do we get over it?

once I got the pattern down it goes super fast. And it's really easy. I plan on making this pattern again. For those of you just tuning in... I'm knitting the Pomatomus pattern from Knitty. It's really great.

here's the side view. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

sew i knit?

i am doing some things! i swear! go check me out here. and i've been crafty too! go me...

Monday, April 3, 2006

The P update.

TADA! It's actually 2 repeats of the 22 rounds in the pattern. With the new larger needles and me paying more attention to the graph. I have been focusing so much on the graph that I've noticed that I'm not even really doing it right... I read at the bottom how I'm supposed to be doing it. Well I'm only a little off. I think I am knitting it backward. Graphs are fun and all but why can't they just put them left to right top to bottom? What's really weird is I always knit socks with DPNs but this time I'm getting some wonky stitches on the bottom of the foot. I think it's b/c I've knit with smaller needles which left little kinks in the yarn, b/c it was soo tight. These much large needles are working so much better the stitches are much looser and it's feeling soft and knitting so much easier. Plus I figure once I wash and block the socks the stitches on the bottom should even out.
anyways that's my update for ya and I'm sticking to it. I am loving this pattern BTW and I'm liking the way it's turning out.. I'm thinking of doing it again with some of my sock yarn stash in a color I'm into.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Sock Yarn Addict HERE!

Today is the day we're supposed to show our sock yarn stash for the SYAC I'm a part of. So I took a few pix... I wanted to show you the sock yarn in their natural habitat. The basket they live in from day to day until I decide to knit them... Oh I forgot to mention after counting the yarn I have 32 skeins enough for about 22 pairs of socks... I didn't even know I had that much sock yarn. Anyways so in their natural habitat they're super happy and comfy laying there dreaming of the sock they'll become one day... I'm supposed to show you all my sock yarn sooo I had to do a bit of coaxing to get them to come out of their home they were reluctant at first... And just piled onto the floor. I know they've been training for this day they were just a little sluggish since they've been sleeping a lot lately. So after a few pep talks I got them to do a pyramid tower for ya'll that's all of them minus the 2 skiens I'm in the process of knitting right now for my sock pal...Oh and you'll see my sock hanging out down there just waiting for it's mate after I'm done with my sockapaloooza socks... Anyways I'm just loving this sock yarn looking at the pix makes me want to grow 6 more arms so that I can knit more socks!! I have a ton of patterns probably 2 times as much as my sock yarn waiting to be knit. Of course I've got to pair up the yarn with the pattern. Not to mention see what the yarn wants.. I don't want to make it angry and not knit it into what it is aspiring to be... LOL ok so I'm a little goofy. Well that's all for now folks...