Sunday, January 15, 2006

test pattern finished. I was testing this ragamitten pattern for Monkey Knits. and today during the Steelers game I completed them here's some pix... it's made with one strand of green merino wool and one pale yellow 28% kid merinos 28% mohair and 46% micronylon. it's a really great pattern go on over there and ask her about it...
I also found this site. so I asked if I could join, not sure if I'm in or not but I think I'll count my socks anyways. So knitted socks so far last year a pair for my friend Daylin, a pair for my Sockpal, a pair for my DH, a baby pair for faith, and that's it.. None this year. I better get crackin!
anyways off to knit.


Catherine Kerth said...

i love the color of those... great game huh! we watched it too. very exciting, but that call about polamlau (sp) was bogus! and i was for the colts.. the refs were blind.

amylovie said...

They look great.


Amy Lu said...

Hi! How are you likin' the good ol' USA? Do you miss Germany? I'm still hoping to see you in person now that you are state-side.

Have you checked out Rosie's Cellar yet? I found them online (I think they are not too far from you), I really want to be a part of their knitting group, they are too cool!

Take Care!

Garnet said...

Allena ~ Those are so cute and look like they are warm! speaking of socks...check she had a great idea on socks! Since I am not a knitter I got a "pair & a spair" for my mom! Yep 3 socks! Anyway my mom loves hers! I need to get some for me! Have a wonderful week!
Garnet :)