Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy B-Day to me (a little late)

So yesterday was package day and I sent out all the packages I needed to for a while. Some were for those who tested my Shunky pattern and others were for some exchanges I'm a part of. To thank my testers I made these... cute huh? Some close up hanging shots.
I liked the green and purpleish one (first one from the left) here are some more! I personally liked the "snake" one! One for the packages I sent off was for Winter Wool over at c-ville. And I sent a skein of yarn I dyed myself. How do you like the packaging? as with everything else I make, I am nervous that she'll either like it or hate it.
anyways little did I know that mailing things out would bring me good fortune... LOL see what came today in the mail for ME! YES it's a box. But not just any box look what was spying at me when I opened it up.... HMM what is that? Why it's a bag! let's peek and see what's inside! woo hoo look at it all laid out.. it's a drop spindle and some roving and instructions. It's my b-day present from my parents. (they sent money and I put it to good use) I bought this fun little package here go check it out! But wait there's more b/c there was not only 1 but 2 packages for me.... here's the box and what's inside? Looks like a card with some black stuff. so what exactly is it? Well it's Coffee! and from my fav place too! The card revealed that it was a b-day present from Kelly she got me 5 lbs of the goodness. 2 blends (moka java, breakfast) and 3 flavors (pumpkin spice, butter rum, and cinnamon haz swirl) is your mouth watering yet?
so yeah anyways. I'm a little slow so I'm off to find out how to actually spin on the spindle...Hopefully I won't suck at it..LOL more to come later.


Megan said...

Happy Belated Bday!

Catherine Kerth said...

happy belated b-day! wow that coffee looks dark and rich, my fav! looks like you made out like a bandit for your day :) i am still in love with those skeins you dyed, pretty colors... ever think of selling'em?

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! I found this site to have some cool videos on spinning.

Garnet said...

Happy Birthday!

Spin first ~ Then Coffee
Coffe first ~ Then Spin

Which would be better! Have a great week!

The Fargoan said...

Hey I'm one of your Shunky bag testers! I got my package today. Thanks for the stitch markers, they'll come in handy for sure. Today at the grocery store some lady stopped me to comment on how much she liked my purse (Shunky bag in red, khaki and brown). I gave her your website address and I think she'll be stopping by. Thanks for the great pattern!

Pamela Foreman said...

The presents are awesome!! Wish I was there with you, wouldn't be drinking coffee, but I could sure watch you spin!! Love you!

jessica said...

wowee! you made out like a bandit! Good luck with the drop spindle, I hear if you stand on a chair that gives you a bit more time with the spindle... have fun! missin you too:)

amylovie said...

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. I actually love hats. Problem is that no one in south Texas wears them. Maybe I should start a new trend?!?

Happy birthday.