Monday, January 30, 2006

step on up to Socks R us

look what I joined. The sign ups are closed. And I can't wait to see what unloved sock yarn I'll get. Hey one man's trash is another's treasure
I'm writing up the pattern for that thumb thingy I made up. not that I really need to if you thought about it you could make it. Anyways when I get that done I'll be posting it here for ya'll. I can't wait for my partner for the sock yarn swap and the sockapaloooza. Yes I'm sock obsessed. LOL I love to knit socks. I love to hoard the yarn. I love to look at the yarn and pet it and since last sockapal swap I love to wear them!
ok so not sock related.. well kinda i guess i could wear socks while doing this SEW along. or after it's done and i'm wearing what i made. anyways i sent them an email i'm waiting to hear if they're going to let me in or not. i sew some. i'm not the greatest. i have a ton of fabric for myself to make a quilt. and i've got some fabric for some skirts and some patterns i've just never gotten around to making them... now i guess i'll make at least one.
well I've gotta jet. this is just short and sweet.


Catherine Kerth said...

what a great idea for a swap! too bad the sign ups are over :( i sew a little bit too, and i am very bad at it ;)

Judy said...

thanks for visiting my blog and celebrating my first blog-versary with me!

Rebecca said...

Wow! thanks for posting the link for the sew-along. I just bought a skirt pattern and got my machine back from I friend I loaned it to a year ago! So this is perfect for me. Can't wait to see your pattern.