Saturday, September 17, 2005

Waiting was sooo worth it!

So yesterday look what came in the mail.... I'd just gotten back from visiting my friend Daylin, who's in the hospital b/c she just had a baby 2 days ago. it was a girl if you're wondering and she's a sweetie! Anyways on to my package....LOL

Yes my final reveal SP5 package. Now for a peek inside.. Are you excited b/c I was! (I also got my old navy order and my DH was asking me why I didn't open that package.. AS IF!!)

now look at all that wonderful goodness! I was soo squealing with joy! (don't mind the booty's knees she wanted to see what the excitement was about)

and I will tell you exactly what I got...... First a Ms. Manicure set.. How did you know that I need to stop biting my nails? (I've been a bit nervous lately) then there's the book At Knit's End by the Yarn Harlot, some lip smakers chapstick.. yum! (it's getting cold and I totally need chapstick!) and such yummy colors and flavors. There was also a knitting book for fuzzy fur yarn and 4 (yes I said four) fuzzy balls/skeins of the yarn. (the orange and purple fuzzies) I just petted them for a bit they are sooo soft! then there are 2 skeins of Sock it to me in a blue color! One skein of Knit picks sock garden color morning glory, sooo pretty! I've already got a pair of ankle socks in mind... I hope there's enough.. But then I may have to fight my will to make it with the next skein of KPPPM koigu!!!!!! HOLY COW I am sooo loving this yarn! it's a beautiful green and purple color.. I can't wait to get it on the needles! I'm loving this woman! She also spoiled my kiddos...

the bub with her doodle pro she's loving the colors! SP5 you're right on!

and the booty with her pooh see and say that sings songs to her! But as you can tell in this pix she's like her momma going for the sock yarn!
along with this she sent a little bio page revealing who she is.. Go check her out!!! My cool SP!! Sky from Knitaholics R us..
later on I caught the booty with her big sis's toy having a blast!

thank you so much Sky! I love every bit of it! I hope you and your family are ok! LMK if you need anything! give your cats a big hug from me! They are just the cutest!

so today we had the bub's 6th b-day party.. we were sooo packed! here's what it looked like as all the kiddos were still coming! we entertained them with lilo and stitch 2 for a bout 10 min.. then they were board.. so we make pizza buns each kid got to do their own and then they ate and as they finished we decorated our own cupcakes.. YUM!

here we're singing happy b-day to the girl... See all the kiddos... it was SO CRAZY

I don't think we'll be having a party that big any time soon.. too many kids running around. and it was rainy out.. even though the window there deceives you. so no outside games. maybe we'll play somewhere that provides it for you! Who knows. Anyways that was my weekend in a nut shell.


Mrs.Curvy said...

What a lot of yummy yummy things you got there! Happy birthday to your little one! Looks like everyone had a great time.

Catherine Kerth said...

Great gifties!!!! looks like the girls loved their gifts too:) the birthday party looks like it was a hit... happy birthday bub!

texasweatherdude said...

It was a great birthday party, thanks for having us over!