Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Exchange HERE!

So i finished 2 more exchanges i've signed up for. the first is a 12 inch q-square for my partner.. Here's the link to the pattern

I sent with it some extra goodies for the lady I made it for. I'm sooo nervous about it I hope she likes it. sorry the pix is all wonky..
and the second is a pot holder. I had made this pattern for a dishcloth but I doubled it to make a pot holder I'm also nervous about this one.

and I keep checking my sock pal's blog to see if she got the socks I sent last week. but she hasn't yet. I'm SO nervous about that.
is anyone else as nervous about that as me? please stop by and leave me a comment and LMK! how do you deal with the stress when you make things for other crochetters or knitters?


Kelly said...

Yes I am nervous about making things for others! Even making things for myself is nerve wracking! LOL They are beautiful and I love them!!! Good work! You are awesome, we love you man!

erin/pinkerbell said...

I have been checking my sockpal's site like twice a day and so far nothing. I had a blast with the exchange, now I am so nervous they'll be lost, or she won't like them, etc.