Saturday, September 24, 2005

Today is brought you by the letter S

S is for Skating party.

as you can tell the girls are having fun. The bub is using some NEW skates she got for her b-day. and the booty is just chillin on the sidelines... I was too but I actually got off my but and put on my blades and skated for a bit.. (not that you'll see any pix of that) with out killing myself I might add. It's been the weekend for parties. Here's another pix of the bub falling with grace.. Since she's wearing a dress she's gotta act like a lady. We've been practicing modesty and "acting like a lady" since all she wants to wear is dresses. But that's a horse of another color...

today was such a full day!
S is also for scrumptious fun!
Our church has a Ladies night where we all get together with food (of course) and do something crafty, or learny. I KNOW that's not a word but we've knitted, played games and made little welcome signs, etc...This is what we made tonight, little plaques. This one is blue with silver sparkles all over and that is a silver star. I don't care too much for gold..

Since not too many ladies showed up we were able to make more than one plaque. So I made a fallish thanksgiving one...

I happen to think they're just ok I am not good at liking what I make.
is anyone else like that? I think that's why I'm not good at exchanges b/c I'm nervous they will not like what I've sent and that they'll notice all the mistakes etc... But I'm sure I'm just a psycho perfectionist...LOL
S is also for Simply Stunning Shunky bags...
I've been working on some more Shunky bags and I'm getting excited b/c the testing for the bag is going well! All the bags are turning out. And they are looking great! See for yourself.. Here's a bag made by Kelly

and this bag was made by Jennifer!

they both did a wonderful job don't you think?

And in other good news this pattern that I'm testing got accepted to be in the Crochet pattern a day calendar.. I'm soo pumped! It's going to be great! I will still retain all the rights for the pattern and continue to sell it. It's just cool to say I've been published! Don't you think?
anyways I'm sure I've gone on and on today so I'll stop!


Mrs.Curvy said...

The bags they knitted are very very nice. I'm so happy you got excepted in the Calendar!!

Marti said...

great bags, great plaques and i loved the pictures of the kidlets skating. they looked like they were having a ball. thanks for stopping by my blog!

Pamela Foreman said...

The photos are great!! I'm getting started on my bag tomorrow! Glad you had fun at the LNO. Wish I was there!

Catherine Kerth said...

S is for SUPER!!!!! looks like bub had a ball, and those bags look great!!!! do you have the knitted pattern yet?

Mz Mar said...

I love the bags!!! is there a knitted pattern for them???
The kiddos are darling!
Those flower squares are wonderful~~crochet I suppose???

Jen said...

They're so cute! I'm SO curious as to how you got that texture!!