Sunday, June 12, 2005

Photos like crazy!

yesterday my DH and I went on a trip to werzburg.. we like going there b/c they have a HUGE px and it reminds us of walmart or other big stores that we miss so much! while there we thought we would check out the new memorial that they dedicated not too long ago. so here's some pix that I took. first when you walk into the park you see this sign..

then we walked to the right and saw this tree.

and the sign that belongs to the tree

across from the tree is the memorial. I have to say it was hard for me to see I was choking back tears! it brought back many memories of the past year. waiting by the phone praying that our husband's are ok. crying with friends when soldiers they knew were killed. so hard and I'm sure much harder for the soldiers there!! I know my DH liked going thru that park... anyways on the shiney tiles are names of the soldiers who we've lost

around the statue was also the names that are on the tiles and then also they had this verse

and around across the park is this fountain. its pretty cool around the Big red One is mentions from all the wars

there was more like some other plaques and such but that's all I took pix of.....
it's a very nice park! we enjoyed it and it was a very peaceful place.
on the way there I finished my Socks for my friend and can you believe it I forgot to take pix.... arugh forgetful me and I already gave them to her... well maybe I'll catch her wearing them and take a pix then...
well gotta go. I've gotta start my Go team socks for my DH and also finish the chutes and ladders ones for my DD...
happy knitting!


Catherine Kerth said...

the park is really pretty. you forgot to take pix of the socks!!!!! just make another pair:) i keep forgeting your all the way in germany!

jessica said...

wow great pictures! your post brought tears to my eyes while reading it. I'm so glad your DH is home safy with you and the girlies! you definitly need to go and take a picture of the socks, we all want to see them! ttyl!

Kate said...

That was beautiful. I love Psalm 91!