Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Percentage bars!

Look I finally got some! How cute are they? They're great and thanks to this site and this wonderful knitter who linked me up to the site I have them!
and on to knitting I got this for Christmas and each day there's a new pattern.. Well sometimes it's every other day. But anyways I like some of the patterns others are well kinda um dorky! LOL most of them are nice though!

anyways I found this pattern and loved it so I'm making it for my little booty! She's going to look so wonderful in it! Here's a pix

it's going pretty well! And I decided on a pattern for my Sockapal2-za pal but I told my DH I wasn't going to start another sock until I finished his. So when I casted on for the hat... Well he said "I thought you weren't going to make anymore socks till mine were finished" in a hurt voice! So I said well this is a hat... But I guess I gotta go finish those socks he's patiently waiting for!
happy knitting all


Catherine Kerth said...

i love your precentage bar! very nice:) where did you get it, i might have to fit one someplace on my blog:) i have 4 projects going EEEKK!!!

Maggie Ann said...

Careful, your cheerful post just might push me into picking up my needles again! Love the hat and the info you passed along.

jessica said...

I just might have to add them to my blog, very cool! your hubby deserves his socks, just knit them real fast:) then its on to more projects! i'm jealous of your calendar...maybe next year...ttyl

Dawn said...

Hey there! I am finally on your blog. I posted a comment on the previous day to with some questions. I don't know if you check your past posts or not.
This is really cool seeing all your work! Looks great. I may even try to learn how to knit!

Buttons said...

Thank you for sharing Allena, I love them! ;c)
~hugs and love~

Maureen said...

The hat looks so cute. I'm sure your daughter will look equally cute with it on. Good luck with your hubby's socks - I'll be watching that percentage bar to see if it's moving. :)