Saturday, July 2, 2005

down in fraggle rock

that's what the bub is watching right now Fraggle rock remember that show?

this is a pix of her wearing a helmet for go carting a couple of weeks ago.. LOL it's huge I know! she looks like a mini darth vader in training! LOL
now on to yarn droolage photo feast your eyes!

none of this if for me! EEK! You're all probably like what the heck?
well you see Annette and I decided to do a yarn swap! I'd get her some great German yarn and she would get me some of her NZ yarn! cool huh? I thought so! I also threw in some chocolate and gumi bears YUM!
Attn Annette: this is your haul!I can't wait to see what you got me.... YIPPIE! sorry for the dark pix...they are bright colors like you wanted! I hope!
while I was out I also got some stuff for me, no yarn though but that's ok...
you see this is what my hair looked like about 1 week ago then I dyed it close to the original color of my hair (red).. but since it was blonde it's faded some so I bought some red at the store off post b/c they have a much better selection.(yes there are more than just blonde, brown and reddish hair colors out there fret not!) now you all know what I look like! ( oh joy LOL rolling her eyes) Now over at 24knits she was hosting a post a pix of yourself day. I missed that day but I decided that that pix above qualifies right? so why don't you join us and post a pix of yourself LMK so I can see you! leave me a comment!
that's the booty on my lap (fyi) in case you didn't know! she's looking oh so cute in that pix huh? LOL

anyways that's the color there.(I'm always going off on different tangents huh?) along with some jasmin tea! I love that stuff!!! Kelly and I used to get it every time we went out for Chinese! YUM! now I can make it at home... speaking of Kelly look what I picked up for you! double joy!(hey post something soon along with pix of the kiddos I miss seeing you guys!)
yes I was on a gift buying mission today! I just have to put a little more things in there and I'll be mailing that to you soon!

now yesterday I got this game. I love the show and this game is cool! you have to collect evidence and such and then you have to figure out the suspects etc. pretty fun. at least I like it...

so yeah on to knitting: I've started the heel on my DH's sock so I'm well on my way now... but I've had frog the baby hat as it was just fitting her and I wanted it to be a bit bigger so she could wear it more.. so I went ahead and added on and started over... so I'm pretty much where I was in the last post only the circumference is a bit bigger! It's looking cute! Ok well sorry that I'm pretty boring lately I hope you're not snoozing!
happy knitting I'll TTYL


Gregoryclan said...

cute pictures!!!! I love the sock and I can't wait to see you with your new hair color!

Dawn said...

I loved fraggle rock!!!! So your hair is red now? only lighter than your natural? give us a picture! My roommate Laura thinks you have the cutest girls in the world! I tend to agree plus leah is too :)

Catherine Kerth said...

cute pics! i am a red head too, cursed as a kid. blessed as adult:) I love fraggle rock! do you remember the monchichi's?