Saturday, June 3, 2006

Memorial day pix

so as I promised here are some pix from memorial day. we had a lot of fun we went to delgrosso park. It's the kind of park where you can buy tickets for the rides or just buy a day pass. There's also a water park for playing!

the girls really enjoyed the water. The booty didn't like the rides too much but she did ride a few. Bubba loved to ride the rides and she loved the water part too! We'd like to go back there and spend the whole day there.

also what happened over memorial day weekend we bought a house. (well we've still go to close on it) It has 3 bedrooms and a great big back yard. It was totally unexpected to find it. And perfect for us. We went and relooked at it yesterday with bubba, she liked it! We're all excited but we're playing the waiting game. I'm so excited to finally be buying a house. To save money though we're going to wait a little bit before we paint inside. The house was just redone before it was put on the market. So it's in TOTAL move in condition. It was so nice to see this house after we looked at a million others that said they were move in ready but were SO not! Anyways it's nice to know we can stop looking!


Beth said...

Hi Allena - that house looks so cute! I'll keep my fingers (& knitting needles) crossed for you. Good luck!

Sarah said...

Hope everything goes well with the house!!!

So nice to have something that is your own.

Christy said...

Good luck with the house! We're finally starting to feel settled and it's such a good feeling to be in a house of your own. Congrats!

Catherine Kerth said...

i am so excited for you! your buying a house! yeah !!!!!it is really cute. looks very nice.

kmckiernan said...

I really hope everything goes great with you and the house. It's such a wonderful feeling to walk into your own place and know that it's yours.

Karla said...

Hi, Allena! Thank you for not only visiting my blog, but leaving a comment, too! I love how the ladybug coaster turned out, too.

I'm excited to hear your family is buying a house. I can hear your excitement in your post. Your two girls remind me of my own, too! I guess the ages seem familiar.

Enjoy all the goodies you received! It looks like you got a lot of neat stuff!