Friday, October 19, 2007

Smells Good!

Yesterday when my husband and I got home from work we walked into the house and said "it smells good!" and it wasn't the BBQ chicken I had in the crock pot. It smelled nice and clean, so at first we thought it was the carpet. (we'd just cleaned them with a carpet machine Wednesday) But really it didn't smell like the carpet machine stuff so I continued to search for the smell. I found it when I went upstairs to my bathroom! The culprit: the glade air thingy. (I forget what it's called) Here's the problem... this particular one I have in my bathroom I noticed wasn't working so I'd put new batteries in it about a week or 2 or so ago. Well it still wasn't spritzing the air freshener. So to tell you the truth I didn't give it another thought. that is until... yesterday. The wonderful thing malfunctioned and all day yesterday began spraying every 1 min or so the whole day. It went through that brand new 60 day air freshener in ONE DAY!!! How do I know this? well when I went upstairs I heard it spritzing but not really b/c the can was empty. Then walking further into the bathroom I noticed the floor and counter was wet from the air freshener! It's crazy! sooo i threw away the now empty can and the malfunctioning air spritzer thingy... Bummer. Though it is nice b/c the house smells sooo good b/c our bathroom is now an air freshener all by it's self!
The craziness!

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Pamela Foreman said...

We have these all over the house except they are all empty! I need to get some new ones. I do love the scents!