Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Actual Knitting Proof

I'm trying to be more update-ish on my blog b/c who likes to read a blog that isn't updated weekly if not every couple of days? So my goal is to post at least weekly if not bi-weekly. But ever since I got my ravelry invite I've been consumed every waking online hour with getting that squared away. I'm adding my finished projects and the ones I'm working on and I'm now working on my stash! It's so wonderful! I love ravelry! I'm StarKnits there if you're interested in hooking up.

Anyways to prove that I've been knitting I took pix.. OK really I took them to put them in ravelry but I figured since I've got them on flickr I might-as-well blog! LOL So first we have my Toasty Toosties that I knitted for my LYS as a shop model and to adjust the pattern for Cascade 220. 100_2622Here they are in their natural habitat. I took them on Friday when I went to my 1st Knitting night out at the LYS. It was fun! (Remember I now teach knitting at Knit 1 at Blacksmith Exchange.) If you live in J-town the shop is in Moxham. So going to the knitting night was good for business so to speak. It enabled me to meet the people taking classes and let them get to know me. (being the new knitting teacher and all) Though I went to knit for myself I found myself helping a bunch of people with their problems. But that didn't bother me, I'm a teacher. It was a fun night and I got to meet a great bunch of knitters. 100_2629

Sunday I finished the bead's sweater, all I had to do was the sewing Sunday night. I don't think I mind the sewing too much. I actually really like seeing everything come together. The pattern is called Little Luxury Kimono from Lion Brand's website. (you have to register, for free, to see the pattern) Yesterday I got some pix of the bead in her sweater. She was being silly. of course the Bub wants a sweater now too. Yeah I can get rid of that yucky acrylic yarn in my stash that's just sitting there not being used b/c I don't like it. 100_2635
Well I've got to go... ravelry calls.

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Pamela Foreman said...

The sweater looks great! I got Jonathan's out to finish it hopefully this week. I need to check out that pattern! Good luck with the new class!