Tuesday, October 11, 2005

O dark 30

That's what time I got up this AM! Sleeping on an air mattress is not so fun! anyways SOCKTBERFEST update... See that button? My friend Catherine made it. I love it it's round and fun! So see that funny pix that looks like a suitcase full o yarn? Why that is a suitcase full of yarn! My yarn.... And you can see that there are a lease 4 skeins of sock yarn visible... Enough for 2 pair o' socks. In that red and white bag is more yarn most of it is for a sweater I'm making but there are 2 more skeins of sock yarn enough for 2 more pairs of socks! Since I can't take my knitting on the plane I had to pack it all. There's also a felted bag knitting in there...Well not knitting. Waiting to be knit I should say.
so here's a close up of all my knitting needles and such that I can't take on the plane
I can't leave my needles to the movers and be without them for 2 months. Yes I said it 2 months till we will get our stuff in the states! So here's a progress photo of my DH's socks i'm reknitting from the toe up! sorry the pix isn't that clear it's the best i can get with little light in the AM! lol I'm loving that blogger put their own pix uploader thingy up it helps me out a ton! esp while moving.
Anyways enough of that. So I took a little internet test and this is what they said about my inner hair color. I really didn't know you could have an inner hair color but obviously you can!

Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.
You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices.

and what does my hair look like? Well it's reddish.. My hair naturally is a red but the other day I died it a deep red and I got this awesome funky color reddish purpley pink, at first I was like OH that's bright. for like 5 min that is. then I was like Oh this is FUN! well speaking of fun I've gotta go clean this empty house! I'm sure i'llbe on later b/c there is NOTHING to do but clean so I'm going to get board of that soon!

Have a great Day!!!


Sarah said...

You know you are in military land when you talk about 0 dark 30!

Good luck with the packing!

Let us know where you land in the US.

Catherine Kerth said...

thanks for the props:) man i don't envy you at all! but your coming back to the states! are ya excited? By the way, I am a natural redhead too....i use to dye my hair different colors all the time until i got married...

Lolly said...

Is that a yellow and blue sock?I like the stripes!

Megan said...

lmao @ "0 dark 30"! Only in the military...:) Are you allowed to bring plastic crochet hooks at least? I thought airlines had relaxed their standards on such "dangerous" objects *snort* I hope you guys have a safe an uneventful flight home!!

Allena said...

Lolly sorry that pix was bad light! the stripes are yellow and black it's a regia sock yarn Nation colors.. not sure which nation but here in germany we get sock yarn all over the place! it's great b/c it's pitts colors so my DH is excited!!

megan i sure hope they let me bring the plastic crochet hooks on.. i'll be pissed if they don't!

thanks for all your comments

Journey Queen said...

Wow! I can't believe you are actually coming home to the States. I am so excited. It is weird to see all your stuff packed up huh?!?! I can not WAIT to see you. I am planning a trip in Nov when I have a 4 day weekend. Prolly not Thanksgiving though as I have to work.
By the way - what is 0 dark 30??!!? I am not military! fill me in. what time is it!?!?

Pamela Foreman said...

I'm going to be lik eyou, have one suitcase full of yarn!! Love the hair!

Amy Lu said...

So what's the news???? I heard you might not be coming back here! (SOB, weep, lament) I can't believe that such a cool knitter is moving so far away!!!! Are you really sure you can't just move in with your folks for a few years???

I hope I at least get to meet you in person soon! Take care! Our prayers are with you as you travel!