Thursday, October 20, 2005

Socktober 1/2 way complete

So I have one half of a pair done. I'm a really slow knitter but since there's not too much else to do these days I've been getting things done. see the toe of the next sock next to the sock? Yeah I'm on my way to a pair. So I'm showing you a pix of the words it says go Pittsburgh Steelers. The other one will say go Pittsburgh pirates. That way I only have to make my DH one pair of socks and he can wear them in any season... LOL yeah I'm that lazy but have you see the pix??
You know what they
say about men with big feet right? You have to knit them big socks. and my DH has size 13 feet so that's a big sock. Which is why we're at only one pair of these socks.. Maybe I'll make him another pair soon but for the time being just one pair.
so I'm sure you're asking why do I have tons of time?? Well our orders got changed... Yes so we're here in an empty house with nothing for the next 2 weeks or so! We've been lucky though for some great friends who've let us borrow the things we need. And it gives us more time to spend with our friends! Luckily it's not raining and we can walk where we need to. The girls are of course bundled up in their winter outfits since it's been really freezing. Ok so I wanted to update all of my fans.. Not that there are many of you.
also about the weight loss exchange that is kinda on hold right now b/c I've been soo not being where I was thinking that I haven't given it much thought. sorry.. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment. I think I'm leaning more toward another blog that all the members can post to and then also I'll match members up so that they have an accountability partner. Anyways those are my thoughts I'm trying to leave a quick update since I'm using friend's internet since we shut everything off while we thought we were leaving. UGH the annoying part of change. LOL
that's all for now!


Pamela Foreman said...

Did I tell you that the sock looks cool? I wish I could do that. I'm gonna have you teach me before you leave! Well, maybe not a sock, but a scarf!

Megan said...

Changed orders totally suck! Sorry to hear you're stuck without all your stuff! The socks look great :)

Mrs.Curvy said...

I really like your sock!

Amy Lu said...

Are the red letters on the sock fair isle or duplicate stitch? Your sock is really really cool Allena!

It stinks about your orders changing (I'm being selfish, because that means I have to wait to meet you) but it's great you have such a wonderful outlook about it.

Whenever it starts up, count me in for your weight loss exchange thingy. I'll gladly exchange my weight for someone else's, as long as I get to choose where it goes!

Take care! Hang in there! You and yours are in my prayers!

Becky said...

Great sock(s). You have a very lucky, big-footed hubby. It's no fun being in limbo, but it's nice to get the socks going strong.

jessica said...

hey there big sis!
I know its been like f-o-r-e-v-e-r since i've talked to you... Its a bummer about "the orders" but look on the bright side, we'll still get to see you in november! i can't wait!
My computer is almost fixed...i think i'll have it back by next week! WOO HOO! i'm excited, i've been cut off from the blogging world a bit too long, and can't wait to look everyone up and see how y'all are doing.
send dh and the girls my love and tell them i say hi.
oh and i would love to do the accountabillity weight loss thing . i weigh more now than i did when i was pregnant, arrgh;(

JustApril said...

those things go on forever! wow - good work

Catherine Kerth said...

hello! i am avid fan ;) love the socks.. know what you mean my DH wears 14, but somethimes he can squeeze into a 13... if i make him socks they will be DK weight !!!!