Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just talking.

Last night was "the" night. LOL not anything that was over the top but the DH and I celebrating our annv. Before our date and night away i got a package in the mail. I received the Whirly Pop popcorn popper that i ordered. I've been wanting it since I'd seen an episode on the food network about popcorn. I think it was the show unwrapped. They talked about this popper and said that you could make popcorn with less than a tablespoon of oil and still have that stove top taste. plus they said almost all of the kernels pop. Since i don't really enjoy microwave popcorn, it's easy and fast but also plasticy. GROSS! anyways I bought it off off amazon, but you can also get it here. they had it in the red so i bought it b/c this girl loves color! Now my DH is sooo upset b/c he ordered a hat the same time i ordered the popcorn popper and he paid more for shipping and still hasn't received his hat. I'm sure it will come on Monday.
With that order we also got two books for us to read to the girls and a DVD, Stranger Safety. it's for kids and parents to watch together so that you can get talking about being safe around strangers. Let me say this movie is GREAT though at parts the voices are quiet and the music loud. but that doesn't really matter. It's a fun way for kids to learn about safety and what to do in different situations. And they did it in a FUN way for kids my DH and I were cracking up b/c it's so silly and funny. really it's fun to watch. The bub loved it and really wanted to "talk" about it and discuss what they "taught" us in the show. Beady (the destroyer) was riveted by the show, she watched it straight thru. And for a 2 year old that's great. So I would suggest it to anyone with kids!
My close friend Pam had her baby boy on Wednesday. He's so cute (I've only see pix). I'm not going to share any pix I'll let her do that. I'm going to go visit her on the 31st it's going to be great!
well with that I'll let you go. thanks for stopping l do so love comments! Hugs!

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Christy said...

I got a Whirly Pop as a wedding gift (8 1/2 years ago). Sadly, it didn't make it in one of our moves. I still miss it but not enough to buy another one. Maybe when the kids are older...

Happy anniversary!