Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RIP Brother

Before i forget please go and do your BSE and maybe join club 17 while you're at it. I know it's not the 17th anymore. I'm really slow at getting around to blogging. UGH I'm always thinking about it thought and saying to myself oh i so need a pix of that so I can blog about it. LOL I've got to start making my thoughts about blogging and actual blogging connect. Sorry I'm such a slacker.
So last week as I was sewing along making the bub an apron, my sewing machine broke. Yesterday I took it to Jo-Ann's to get it looked at. I'm not sure about your local Jo-Ann's but ours has a sewing machine guy who is (separate from the store) there to fix and sell sewing machines. He's really nice and explained to me why my machine was broken. The timing mechanism was off and it wasn't catching the thread from the bobbin. OK I see you, who do not sew, zoning out and your eyes glazing over. Anyways the cost to fix the Brother machine was about $100. I'm told b/c it's made of plastic and the insides are plastic. So they sewing machine guy showed me this machine (a necchi) that someone had returned b/c they wanted more stitch options. So for just a few bucks ($20) more than it would've cost me to fix the old machine I got a NEW one! Which is wonderful for me b/c I've been wanting a new machine for like ever! But I couldn't justify it until my old one broke. so it was good i haven't used it yet i keep meaning to but haven't had time this week yet. I think the neatest part of the machine so far, b/c i haven't used it yet.... is the removable arm well not that really but the secret compartment for all the gadgets! I even took a pix!
OK that's all for now folks! time to sleep!

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