Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An addiction? or Obsession?

I think I may need some help... you see it all started by reading Farmgirl. I loved all the photos of her farm life and then of course her wonderful recipes. Then her blog lead me to Kitchenmage and more recently Seriously Good. All three of them have great blogs. And if you click their "labels" you can find some awesome posts about baking and other fun things. A couple of days ago all 3 of them started another blog together called A Year in Bread. I was sooo excited to see that there are a few posts on the new blog about pizza dough/crust. I'm making pizza tomorrow I'm sure the crust will pass the DH test.
The other day i found some rye flour at the local wally world so i picked it up. B/c anyone who really knows me knows i love rye bread and I thought that it couldn't hurt to try and make some. So Yesterday I made a "sponge" of sorts. I also looked for some recipes online. I found a lot of bread machine recipes but BLAH, i don't like bread machines. when I bake bread I do it by hand in the oven. I had a bread machine for like a week back when my DH and I married, but I despised it and never got it to make a good loaf of bread so I went to the regular bread baking and haven't looked back. anyways i can use the recipes but the one I got calls for molasses, and I thought that I had some but I don't. So I made do. The sponge I made i used the rye flour and yeast and water. Then I set it out, after work I mixed up a basic bread recipe and then mixed in the sponge and let it rise. Well if you're like me Hot fresh bread is awesome. sooo i cut into it before taking a pix of the whole loaf. It was a light rye flavor, I'd also mixed in some caraway seeds for authenticity. I have to say it was good the crust is crusty and crunchy and oh it's yummy! I made it in my loaf pan b/c i wanted to make sandwiches or toast it. Anyways I have to say I'm happy that it turned out wonderfully! I will def be making it again. I do want to try the recipe but I'll have to hit the store first.
To fuel my addiction I've found this wonderful forum.. sigh. it's so wonderful! They even have lessons for baking if you've never made bread before. I hope if i haven't made you hungry I've made you want to bake! If you have any fave recipes LMK!


Stacey said...

Hey, it's Stacey from MOG--love your blog! Not sure I'm going to follow in your footsteps and make homemade bread, I'm terrible in the kitchen. But....at little farther down I see you sew. That, I'm all about! Likin the apron, great job~Stacey

Julie said...

The bread looks fab. I'm with you as I'm definitely not a bread machine fan. What's the point if you don't get your hands messy and squish around in the dough. And of course there must be at least one slice fresh out of the oven. I've been thinking about doing a potato starter sourdough again. I just need to find the right potato flakes and I'll be all set.

jessica said...

looks yummy:) The funny thing is I never baked any bread at home, my job being a baker and all. Weird huh?! I guess I just saw to much of it at work... maybe I'll have to start.

Stacey said...

Hey! Is it Jack the yellow cat? Because we have three, but little Jack Jack is pictured more because he let's us hold him longer, lol! Hope you have a great weekend.

Stacey said...

Oh wow! Jack Jack and Simba could be brothers! He's adorable, love that shot...very simialar to the one of Jack in the window. His name is actually Jack-O-Lantern, we kinda like Halloween and we have a black cat named Boo. My daughter drew the line with hers, wouldn't go the Spook idea, so...she's GiGi. And she carries herself like one, too, tail in the air at all times, pshh such a princess she is!

Pamela Foreman said...

So you use like a meat loaf type of pan to make the bread? LMK b/c I think I'm going to try it sometime! I'm going to check out the one place for hints since I'm not the best at making anything in the kitchen.

Thanks for the homemade rolls!! They are yummy!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love baking bread!
If I run out of molasses I usually substitute honey. In fact, I often do that on purpose if the molasses taste will be strong as it's not my favourite.
I have a few bread books and rather old ones.
And that reminds me, it's almost time for hot cross buns!

Ladyrunner said...

Your bread looks great (and yummy)!!

It took me years to finally bake a loaf of bread that wasn't hard on the outside and doughy on the inside. I loved baking bread after that. There was one problem though. The recipe I had took wheatberries to 3 loaves in 1 1/2 hours. When those loaves were finished I couldn't resist eating at least half a warm-fresh-baked loaf -- with butter of course!